Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 81

Chapter 81 – Brother’s straight ball[1]this just means he’s being straightforward or like going forward/directly.

On the day of the premiere ceremony, An Xumo met Zhou Jinchen whom he hadn’t seen for thirteen days.

The ceremony took place in the central business district of S City and the whole ceremony lasted nearly a full day. The main creative team and key characters of the film were all present. As an important supporting character in the movie, An Xumo stood next to Zhou Jinchen again.

The habit of counting the days of not seeing the person had been retained a long time ago but by now, this habit seems to have somewhat changed. However, An Xumo was still aware of his most important task, and he has never shown any abnormality in front of outsiders.

The day before the ceremony, An Xumo received a notice of the relevant process. The first press conference, followed by a red carpet, and waited until three o’clock when the cinema premiered, and the insiders’ audience attending the ceremony can watch the film in advance. At six o’clock in the evening,《Different Roads》will be released in cinemas nationwide.

Press conferences are a cliché. After so much training and practical rehearsal, An Xumo has become quite proficient in dealing with interviews. The afternoon viewing did not require much worrying. After a brief interaction, they were left with the matter of watching the box office.

The only thing that made An Xumo paid attention to was the red carpet ceremony before the cinema premiere. The sequence of walking the red carpet was not stated in the process, he was somewhat uncertain.

In the end, Tang Tang asked the crew, and the other side said that the others have to wait for Ma Lao and the two main characters to finish walking on the red carpet.

Then there is nothing to worry about.

The weather on Saturday was great, the snow-white clouds brought some shade and the temperature wasn’t so high that it was unbearable. Therefore, the audience and fans waiting in the square were much more relaxed.

The event’s launch was held in a large, spacious conference room, and the enthusiasm of the media in attendance was no less than that of the fans outdoors. The conference hall was packed with people but fortunately, the venue was well organized that the whole conference could go smoothly.

An Xumo sat next to Zhou Jinchen, basically very close in the middle. The shutter sounded one after another and the reporters who had their turn at the microphone were constantly asking questions.

Some of these questions are for the movie and some are for the individuals. Because of the popularity of their relationship, the number of questions thrown to An Xumo was not small, and the content of the questions is not only about the film. In the middle of the conference, he was also asked specifically what he thought about the recently rumored love triangle between him and the two leads.

The eyes in the room were focused and their gaze was as hot as the camera. An Xumo first couldn’t help but laugh and held the microphone for a moment before saying, “This question should be divided into two situations.”

“In the film, my relationship with the two teachers is more complicated. For the time being, it still needs to be kept secret, later on……” He looked around, seeing Zhou Jinchen next to him, he directly turned his wrist and lit up the dial[2]watch’s faceto him.

“En, in another four hours, you’ll get the answer.”

An Xumo didn’t speak fast which is obviously different from his performance when he first debuted. Slowing down his speed can give people a little more time to think, as well as stimulate the appetite of the listener.

“As for off-screen performance, there’s no need to keep this question a secret.”

Everyone’s attention was focused including the others in the creative seat. An Xumo smiled and said. “But the answer is not the love triangle you just said, between me and the two teachers……”

He gestured with his hand to himself and the two main actors on his right, “It should be the single arrow I have for the two of them, the kind that is very thick and coarse.”

There was a burst of laughter in the venue. An Xumo waited, he expressed some more of his admiration for the two main actors, and how well they took care of him. Although it can’t be said to be a perfect answer, it was a quite decent answer for an artist of his age.

When the question was successfully uncovered and he was finally able to put down the microphone, An Xumo quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

He was about to pass the microphone back but the man beside him took it over in advance. Zhou Jinchen did not wait for the next question after he got the microphone but directly said, “I want to make a statement.”

His voice was very recognizable and as soon as he opened his mouth, he attracted everyone’s attention.

“It’s true that there is a very thick arrow between me and Xiao An.” He pointed to himself and the boy beside him, “but this arrow is not one-way, it’s two-way.”

There was still a noisy atmosphere around him but An Xumo felt a sudden silence around him. He was a beat late to make a surprised expression, then smiled embarrassedly and concealed himself.

Zhou Jinchen’s statement made the media present happy. This is the kind of scene that they like to see. Moreover, Zhou Jinchen had already taken a stand, and Lin Rui, the only one left, is supposed to speak up as well. The crowd moved their eyes over to look at Lin Rui on stage, indeed he really picked up another microphone.

But just when the media was expecting Film Emperor Lin’s speech, Ma Lao who was sitting in the middle spoke, “Alright, you guys don’t have to blow[3]boasteach other up. Haven’t you praised each other enough during the filming?”

He directly signaled the staff, “Next question.”

No matter what others think, An Xumo is really relieved.

Even if he knew that his brother was acting, An Xumo could accept his words. However, if it’s the Film Emperor who speaks up……

An Xumo felt that he really couldn’t bear it.

The press conference lasted for more than two hours and the media who had received enough materials and red packets, left with satisfaction. The main creative team went back to recuperate and wait for the time for the red carpet in the afternoon.

An Xumo sat in the lounge to eat lunch and waited for the makeup artist to come. But before the makeup artist came, Tang Tang pushed open the door of the lounge first.

“Xiao Mo!” The lounge was quite small, only An Xumo and Xiao Zhang were inside. Tang Tang closed the door with the back of her hand and directly said, “There was just a notice that the order of the red carpet might change. Remember to follow the instructions ah, don’t miss the order.”

An Xumo was stunned, “What was it changed to?”

“It’s still unclear,” Tang Tang shook her head. “It seems like they’re still discussing over there, so I only talked about listening to the command at the scene.”

An Xumo’s heart could not help but give birth to a premonition.

……no way, right.

In an office not far from this lounge, three people are sitting at a conference table discussing the order of the red carpet.

“The producer who said he was stuck in traffic, looking at the current conditions in the road, it’s unlikely that he will be able to arrive in time.” Ma Zechi pointed his right hand on the table, looking at Zhou Jinchen and Lin Rui. “The producer was originally supposed to go with Jinchen but now he can’t come. In order to balance the position of the two of you, this order may have to change.”

“There are two options now. One is to keep it the same and find someone else for Jinchen and the other is that my Father goes with the others and you two go side by side.”

The first option is obviously riskier and the role of going with the director is definitely more important. Originally, there was a producer who went with another person, and there would be not much difference in their treatment. But now that the producer is not here, Zhou Jinchen who fell off the order will appear a little subtle. 

Moreover, as a dual male lead film,《Different Roads》has to measure the exposure of the two leads. Once there is an imbalance, it’s not just a matter of whether the actor themselves will care about it but in front of the media, any little relevant issues will be magnified a hundred times.

Lin Rui said, “Otherwise, I’ll join with Jinchen.”

“Then, who can we find to join my father?” Ma Zechi frowned. “This candidate is more difficult. There are no special guests in the crew and there is no important female role. It’s really hard to find.”

With Ma Lao here, Ma Zechi himself will not be on the red carpet. He appeared in the crew and followed in the previous journey to substitute for Ma Lao but the film is not Ma Zechi’s work, and he has not left his name anywhere in the film.

Although he has a good temper, in the end, Ma Zechi is Ma Lao’s son. They have the same stubbornness and persistence.

Zhou Jinchen glanced at them, “I’ll find someone else. Teacher Lin and Ma Lao should not be changed.”

Ma Zechi asked, “Then, who will you look for?”

In fact, Zhou Jinchen’s candidate was just as difficult to find. Otherwise, Ma Zechi would not have specifically called the two of them to discuss.

Lin Rui frowned and said first, “This choice is not as good as us together. It might be a bit easier to find someone for Ma Lao.”

“It’s not hard for me either.” Zhou Jinchen did not look at him and said directly, “Moreover, I already have a candidate in mind.”

Ma Zechi froze, “You mean……Xiao An?”

Lin Rui was faintly annoyed and his words were much more straightforward than usual. “Jinchen, no matter what you do usually, this is the premiere ceremony. If you look for Xiao An, his level is so far behind Ma Lao, it’s still out of balance……”

“Moreover, it does not necessarily need the same status to be the reason for walking the red carpet together.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Zhou Jinchen still looked indifferent. Only when he heard Lin Rui accused An Xumo of not being qualified did his eyes sank slightly.

Ma Zechi saw that the situation was so stiff that he had no choice but to say, “What do you mean Jinchen, is there any other reason?”

Zhou Jinchen raised his eyes to look at him, “Previously, when Director Zhang filmed the《Heavenly Affairs》, didn’t he walk the red carpet with Sister Sun Ming?”

Ma Zechi was shocked and couldn’t believe his ears.

“You……this, Sister Sun Ming is Director Zhang’s wife, you mean……It wouldn’t be……”

Zhou Jinchen only said faintly, “Yes.”

Lin Rui’s eyes widened incredulously and the tone of his voice rose uncontrollably, “There’s a limit to joking, right? Do you know what you’re talking about?!” 

The always gentle and elegant Lin Rui finally tore his disguise in pain. Lin Rui thought that he had seen through Zhou Jinchen’s acting and didn’t care about the other party’s disguise with An Xumo. He did not stop the plan to have his agent sent out various displays of feelings on circulars, insisting on using the public opinion in hopes to catalyze the relationship between the two. But now, Zhou Jinchen is moving further and further away from what he wanted, his initiative towards An Xumo is simply more obvious than Lin Rui’s towards Zhou Jinchen!

In contrast, Zhou Jinchen who was sitting on a soft chair was cool-headed to the point of being almost cold.

“I know.”

Lin Rui was so angry that he couldn’t speak, his chest rose and fell sharply, and his fists were clenched extremely tight. In the end, he still failed to hold down his emotions, pushed his chair away, walking towards the door, and slamming it with a ‘clang’.

“……” Ma Zechi who was left behind had some unpleasant feelings inside.

He looked at Zhou Jinchen with a complicated expression, “If you use this kind of reason……do you understand the consequences?”

Zhou Jinchen nodded.

Ma Zechi said, “This is not a problem for you alone. Have you discussed it with Xiao An? Have you thought about what kind of attacks he will face……”

“I haven’t had a chance to discuss it yet but it won’t happen as you said.” Zhou Jinchen lightly said, “I have already prepared a plan.”

After being aware of his own difference, Zhou Jinchen had completely made a comprehensive revision and improved his and An Xumo’s cooperative publicity plan. The plan which was originally used to stop Lin Rui’s plan had changed its most fundamental purpose.

The thing that Ma Zechi mentioned, he had already made a thorough consideration.

Just hearing what he said that Ma Zechi frowned. Zhou Jinchen’s fans’ combat ability is notoriously strong, he obviously didn’t believe it.

Zhou Jinchen did not explain too much and only said, “Things are not what you think; you will know the details when the time comes. I promise it will not affect the crew.”

Ma Zechi was still a bit hesitant, “Even if you can handle it, then, if Lin Rui became impulsive……”

“Even if he is impulsive, Teacher Lin will not make any excessive movements.” Zhou Jinchen’s tone remained incomparably calm. “You should know him; with his self-esteem, he will not allow himself to discredit a junior.”

Even during the period when the publicity was at its hottest, Lin Rui did not take the initiative to attack An Xumo.

Ma Zechi and Lin Rui have known each other for a long time but he could believe this. However, even if he understood this matter, Ma Zechi could not help but sigh a little.

“Jinchen, you, treating Lin Rui like this……” Ma Zechi smiled bitterly “Don’t you think it’s a little too heartless?”

Especially in comparison with An Xumo.

This time, Zhou Jinchen wrinkled his eyebrows. “This is the normal choice ba.”

“As a friend, I will try my best to whatever Teacher Lin needs me to do.” He said, “But only this matter is impossible. All I can tell him is the most straightforward rejection.”

“Forget it,” Ma Zechi shook his head. “I’d better not get involved with the business between the two of you.”

He got up and walked outside, “I’ll notify the receiving staff. You get ready and go change your clothes.” 

Before opening the door, he looked back at the person and whispered, “I hope……Lin Rui won’t do anything stupid.”

Zhou Jinchen watched the other party leave and also stood up from his chair.

He lowered his eyes and looked at his opened palm.

Even if Lin Rui really did something, what could he do?

Zhou Jinchen closed his right hand.

He had absolute certainty that Lin Rui would not harm An Xumo for a single moment.

With a soft sound, the room became empty again. Zhou Jinchen called out to a staff member who was passing by.

“Which lounge is An Xumo in?”


The author has something to say:

Brother’s arrangement will be discussed next; the thoughtful and sensible persona will not collapse. Mua mua


1 this just means he’s being straightforward or like going forward/directly.
2 watch’s face
3 boast

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