Male God is Chasing My Brother
Male God is Chasing My Brother Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – Accompany you to eat, study, and live with you
Three days later, An Xumo got on the plane to B City.
Tang Tang was supposed to follow but this time An Xumo was going to school, not on a holiday and there were still many activities and information to be dealt with. Therefore, An Xumo did not let anyone follow him and left Tang Tang in S City to work at ease.
He could refuse Tang Tang but there was no way to refuse another person.
As soon as he got on the plane, An Xumo began to regret agreeing to Tang Tang buying first class. At first, he didn’t buy an economy class seat because of his current popularity in order to avoid the possible crowd and trouble. However, there aren’t many first-class seats. Even if they aren’t next to each other, they can see each other at a glance.
What’s more, before the plane took off, someone came up to him and politely changed seats with the person next to him.
The change of aisle seats by the window and the change of position was no big deal, the original passenger sitting next to him agreed very quickly. It was only after he agreed did he realize something and with hindsight, he took a few more glances at the man who came up to talk to him.
He looked quite familiar.
The man who had exchanged places sat down beside him and An Xumo could not pretend not to see him anymore. He greeted the man in a low voice and raised his hand to the stewardess to ask for a blanket and a pillow.
Although the person who took the initiative to make the appearance of going to sleep was An Xumo, the first one to fall asleep was Zhou Jinchen who was beside him.
An Xumo without wearing a sleep mask looked sideways at the person. The man’s posture was right, his eyebrows are handsome, but there is a faint emergence of some dark blue under the eyes.
The boy rubbed the tip of his tongue with his teeth without biting it, then turned his head and went to sleep.
The weather in B City was very good; there were no clouds in the blue sky. An Xumo originally thought that Zhou Jinchen came to B City for another reason. He said farewell to the man at the airport in advance. As a result, Zhou Jinchen just looked at him without saying anything, and when he left the airport, he directly stuffed An Xumo into the car with his bag and assistant.
From the airport to the school, it is more than thirty kilometers away, plus the B City’s nationally-known traffic conditions, the journey took down more than an hour. The assistant and luggage were in another car. An Xumo sat in the backseat, less than half a meter away next to the man with a strong presence. He wanted to ask the other party’s schedule several times but Zhou Jinchen only said to send him first, never mentioning his own business.
P University’s reporting time is divided into two days. An Xumo arrived when it was already the second day. Tang Tang sent Xiao Zhang to An Xumo with things together, but after arriving at the school, Xiao Zhang’s work was taken over by another person.
The process of reporting to the school is rigorous; each step is guided by a teacher or a senior brother or sister in charge of welcoming new students. In fact, An Xumo didn’t quite understand Zhou Jinchen’s intention. Although parents were allowed to accompany them, there weren’t many people who could enter the campus, and the new students who were busy reporting wouldn’t be too interested in gossip. Since there weren’t many people around, why did the other party insist on accompanying him?
Moreover, now that the promotional period of 《Different Roads》 has passed, Film Emperor Lin hasn’t made any move for a long time. An Xumo doesn’t know why Zhou Jinchen wants to continue to get along together, even if it’s to use a simulated relationship to treat a disease…… which couple will go together just to report at the start of school?
Perhaps this is the romance agenda in my brother’s mind, maybe I’ll ask him carefully later.
An Xumo couldn’t figure it out so he put the issue to the back of his mind for now.
After completing the accommodation formalities and thanking the senior sister, the two went to the dormitory with the things they had received. An Xumo wore a pair of black-framed glasses today and the simplest T-shirts and shorts, with his unstyled hair, hung down softly, making him look more and more young.
This look is obviously different from the one in front of the camera coupled with the school atmosphere of P University, not many people recognized An Xumo along the way. It was only when receiving the registration card and filling out the documents did people look twice.
The dormitory is a four-person room with bunk beds and the space is not very large. The other three people had already arrived, only the top bunk on the right side was still empty. When An Xumo came in, the three people in the room looked over in unison. The names of his roommates could be found on the website in advance and they clearly already knew An Xumo’s identity.
“Hello, everyone,” An Xumo smiled and greeted the people. The remaining three people also returned the greeting one after another.
It is always inevitable to be formal when you first meet.
An Xumo wanted to make the bed but Zhou Jinchen who was holding his luggage didn’t let go. The man’s expression from the moment he entered the dormitory was somewhat profound and unpredictable. An Xumo was puzzled when he heard the other party say, “Go through the admission procedure first.”

A boy wearing round-framed glasses also said, “Classmate, go first to pay tuition fees to receive a student ID card. It won’t be too late to clean up when you come back.”
An Xumo thanked the round-framed glasses and walked out of the dormitory with Zhou Jinchen. The admission procedure was a bit tedious but not troublesome. After receiving the documents, An Xumo wanted to go back to the dormitory but Zhou Jinchen led him to a tree next to the dormitory.
There was still a boy waiting under the tree and when he saw Zhou Jinchen, he raised his hand and waved vigorously a few times. Once they approached, he smiled and called out, “Brother Zhou.”
“Is this junior brother An?” He looked at An Xumo and introduced himself, “Hello, I’m Qi Liuming, a senior in the School of Management. School just started today so let me show you guys around the campus first.”
As soon as he heard that he was a senior brother from the same school or someone from the School of Management, An Xumo’s attitude became increasingly adoring. Qi Liuming was obviously called by Zhou Jinchen. Although he didn’t know how Zhou Jinchen knew the students of P University, Qi Liuming himself was very talkative. He had lived in the school for three years, and many of the things he mentioned are very useful to An Xumo.
From the respective specialties of the nine cafeterias to how to see the most performances in the Centennial Lecture Hall, Qi Liuming said all very practical advice. During the happy chat, he also mentioned the four major madhouses of P University when passing by the college but before he could finish, Qi Liuming abruptly cut back the second half with Zhou Jinchen’s line of sight. 

After all, the first of the four madhouses is the one where An Xumo lives.
After a general stroll around, it was already past four o’clock, the three of them went back to the dormitory. To An Xumo’s confusion, Qi Liuming also followed them up to the dormitory building. Along the way, there were a few people who greeted Qi Liuming, even before going upstairs when passing the first floor, he also said hello to the person on duty.
When he returned to the dormitory, the other three people were there, and there was another senior from the college inside who was asking them to fill out the forms. He saw An Xumo and didn’t react but when he saw Qi Liuming, he obviously froze for a moment.
“Tianlin,” Qi Liuming corrected him with a smile, “former president.”
Chen Tianlin scratched his head, “It didn’t change until summer vacation ma. I didn’t adjust yet.”
He said curiously, “Brother Ming, why are you here, didn’t you say you were going out for an internship this semester?”
Qi Liuming didn’t look at Zhou Jinchen but pointed to An Xumo and said, “This is my junior from my hometown. I came to show him to familiarize him with the environment.”
Chen Tianlin greeted An Xumo and introduced him to the other people in the room, “This is the previous president of our school’s student union, Qi Liuming, from Guanghua School of Management.”
Once they heard that it was the president of the school student union and the president of a certain college known as the top student reaper, the attitude of the other three people in the dormitory also obviously became different. They took turns to greet Qi Liuming and when An Xumo finished filling out the form, Qi Liuming said to Chen Tianlin who received the form, “Hey Tianlin, does your college still have arrangements for new students tonight?”
Chen Tianlin shook his head, “There’s nothing for the new students.”
“Good then.” Qi Liuming clapped his hands and said to the others, “It’s the first day today, it just so happened that I’ll treat my junior brother to a meal ba, right in front of the school.”
He also gestured towards Chen Tianlin, “Why don’t you come too, ba?”
Chen Tianlin waved his hand, “There will be a meeting of the student union in the evening. Brother Ming, you guys go ahead ba.”
At this point of invitation, several people naturally hadn’t yet eaten dinner. Since it was a treat from a senior brother, there was no reason to refuse, and the other three people looked at each other and nodded their heads in response.
Dinner was eaten at a restaurant near the school and the six people asked for a private room, with every two people sitting on one side of a square table. Qi Liuming not only reported the specialties of the restaurant but also introduced the dining situation around the school, telling them which are the places they used to go for parties on weekdays and which are suitable for inviting relatives and friends to eat and so on.
In addition, because Qi Liuming was the previous president of the school’s student union, the topic gradually opened up, some questions about clubs, student unions, classes, exams, and even college professors were brought up. Qi Liuming didn’t hold back, he gave very detailed answers as long as he knew.
With Qi Liuming in the room, the atmosphere never cooled down, during which several people also introduced themselves separately. Besides An Xumo from S City, the remaining three people also belong to different regions.
The local person in B City is a tall, thin guy named Zhao Yongjing who is much more familiar with P University than others. Nonetheless, when facing Qi Liuming, he also asked a lot of questions, especially about the student union.
Another tall and strong, dark-skinned boy from the inland provinces named Shan Haoxue, looking at his appearance felt very naïve and honest. The remaining person is the round-framed glasses that spoke to An Xumo before. His name is Hu Xiaoxu, a typical southerner with white skin and a babyface. Only when he asked did he know that he was only sixteen years old this year.
As soon as college students enter the school, they know very little about the school information. The information provided by Qi Liuming is particularly useful, coupled with his own social skills, several people admired Qi Liuming during the meal, and their admiration for him was very distinct. Along with it, An Xu Mo, who pays attention to Qi Liuming, is also familiar with a lot.
An Xumo was the last to come to school and he had less time to get acquainted with than the others, coupled with his own special identity. It’s not that he was not worried about getting along with his roommates before. With Qi Liuming’s care, the initial constraint between him and his roommates has subsided a lot.
The host and the guests enjoyed the meal. Before it ended, Qi Liuming got up and said he had to go to the bathroom, and An Xumo thought about it for a moment and followed him.
“Senior Brother Qi!”
He called out to the person, Qi Liuming looked back at him and smiled, “Xiao An, what’s the matter?”
An Xumo said, “It’s already a lot of trouble for senior brother to stroll around campus and the introduction today. Senior brother even came out to invite our dormitory for dinner.”
He was naturally clear that if he had asked for it himself, it was still a question of whether he could invite the three people.
“It troubled senior brother a lot. I really can’t let you spend any more money. I’ll pay for today’s dinner ba.”
Qi Liuming smiled again and was about to open his mouth but he was attracted by the person who also came out of the room not far away.
He coughed lightly then withdrew his eyes and said to An Xumo, “It’s alright Xiao An, you don’t have to worry about this. I also have a pretty big harvest from this day.”
An Xumo didn’t understand, Qi Liuming has been busy for so long but the people he was with were all freshmen. How could it benefit him?
However, Qi Liuming didn’t explain much but only said, “Besides, someone has paid for today’s meal so you don’t have to worry.”
An Xuemo suddenly remembered something that he had overlooked.
There is someone, although he didn’t say a few words all day, he has been following behind him all the time. Even when Qi Liuming appeared, he was the first to greet him.
It was only later that several people were attracted by Qi Liuming’s identity as the president of the student union and senior brother of the school of management that they forgot to pay attention to him.
As expected, Qi Liuming raised his hand and gestured towards the man who approached him, “Brother Zhou.”
He secretly lamented, after looking for an internship for three summers, it was hard to find a position with such agreeable conditions. The only thing he didn’t expect was that the boss, who seemed cold and difficult to get along with, would take the initiative to look for him because of his alma mater.
Recalling his reaction when he heard the request, Qi Liuming couldn’t help but rejoice. He promised that there would be no problem at that time and almost said, “I’m certain I will take good care of them, I need not trouble you to come over again”.
Fortunately, I did not say it.
Not to mention the inseparability he saw during the day, right now, the younger brother hasn’t left the table for two minutes, and his family’s boss has directly chased him out.
This attitude to send people to school……
In fact, you’re obviously ready to eat, live, and study with him, right?
The author has something to say:
Xiao Mo: I’m going to school. Brother, bye-bye!
Brother: No bye
Xiao Mo: ……
About the names of the three roommates, they may appear again in the future. I will help you to remember them. Each name has its own homonym of its own provinces.
B City Man: Zhao Yongjing. Don’t mention Zhao, Beijing is very obvious, isn’t it?
Inland province: Shan Huoxue, Shan: Shaanxi[1]Abbr. for Shaanxi Province
Southerner: Hu Xiaoxu, Hu: Fujian[2]Southeastern province


1 Abbr. for Shaanxi Province
2 Southeastern province

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