70s Young Wife Teased! Black-bellied Officer Loses Control in Jealousy

Raw Title: 七零小妻被撩!腹黑军官红眼失控

Total Chapters: Chapter 706-Completed

Author: 失而

Translator: V

Update: 5 days ago

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Once she time-traveled, Yu Xiangnian became the despised shrew in a military family compound of the 1970s. Her husband didn’t love her, her children weren’t close to her, and the neighbors disliked her. Did she care about their opinions? Not at all! She was knowledgeable, cultured, well-connected, and beautiful. Getting rich and building a career were her priorities!

However… why did her husband look more and more pleasing to the eye? And why did the kids start to seem a bit adorable too? Later, she asked for a divorce. The man who had always been indifferent to her got teary-eyed, “No divorce! I like you. I’ve liked you for a long time… a very long time!”

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