“Atypical Redemption [Quick Transmigration]”

Raw Title: 非典型救赎[快穿]

Total Chapters: 349 Chapters

Author: 小吾君

Translator: V

Update: 1 month ago

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Lin Zhi died in a tragic incident and, after death, was bound by something claiming to be a redemption system.

System: Darling! I’ve detected a large amount of goodwill and merit in your past life. As long as you complete redemption tasks, you can be reborn!

In the first world, Lin Zhi transmigrated into the vain husband of a domineering CEO.

System: Warm him, heal him, and help him stand up again.
Lin Zhi: Alright.
The system watches thoughtfully as the CEO, who couldn’t catch up with his seemingly unfaithful wife due to pushing a wheelchair, embarks on rehabilitation.

In the second world, Lin Zhi transmigrated into the desk mate of a brilliant but silent student with psychological issues.

System: console him, ease him, and make him speak again.
Lin Zhi: No problem.
The system watches tearfully as the studious genius, who couldn’t win arguments with sign language and got angry about sovereignty oaths due to poor signing skills, finally speaks.

In the third world, Lin Zhi transmigrated into the spoiled lover of a powerful figure assumed to be impotent due to coldness.

System: Make him feel the beauty of life. There is no need to force the coldness.
Lin Zhi: I’m very professional.
The system watches in a daze as the powerful figure, lively because the lover wants to find someone else, falls into a stupor.

In the fourth world, Lin Zhi transmigrated into the boyfriend of an intermittently amnesiac artist’s missing brother. The system watches as the artist continues to be mute due to forgetting the first quarrel with the host.

System: How did you earn all these merits, wuwuwu!
Lin Zhi smirks and comforts it: Darling, after all, I am a philanthropic entrepreneur.

*Paranoid loyal dog is sick, healing attack x seductive man-eating flower miraculous healing submissive
*[Highlighted] The submissive is not silly, very high-energy; pay attention to character attributes and details in the first chapter.
*Slice of life/1v1/unconventional sweet

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