Blind Date Mix-Up: Hot Wife Marries Military Officer and Ousts Scumbag Father

Raw Title: 相亲走错桌,辣媳妇闪军婚踹渣爹

Total Chapters: 494 Chapters

Author: 十月霜

Translator: Vertzy

Update: 14 hours ago

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Gong Linglong endured for ten years to finally avenge her parents, reclaiming everything that belonged to her. Just as she was ready to enjoy life, her soul was mistakenly summoned to the underworld by a soul summoner! Damn it! They got the wrong soul? And she can’t go back? She was in the bad mood, she causes a scene in the Hades Palace, argues with the King of Hell, and eventually wins a chance to traverse worlds, seizing some compensation along the way.


Starting anew, the original host arranged a blind date to save her mother for a measly two hundred yuan dowry. Is she really going?


Oh snap, the blind date is handsome and tall, a promising young military officer who helps her in battles against scum. He deserves full marks! However, she soon realizes there’s been a mix-up: What? You’re not my blind date? Did I go to the wrong table?


Well, since it’s a mistake, this man meets her aesthetic standards. She abuses the scum while he hands her the stick. She causes trouble and he cleans up the mess. She scolds and he supports her firmly. He handles the money while she makes a fortune. Such a man is rare in the world; surely the King of Hell sent him specially to make amends, and she must keep him!”

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