No Romance Tonight

Raw Title: 今夜不談情

Total Chapters: 88

Author: 魚不憶99

Translator: Kira03

Update: 2 months ago

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A warm-hearted, seemingly upright and talkative supervisor takes the dominant role, while a cold, glamorous, truly icy senior executive assumes the submissive role.


[From the Perspective of the Younger Party]

After two months of collaboration, Su Yi managed to melt the icy demeanor of the executive after a drunken encounter. The next day, she slipped away while the beauty was showering, leaving a message stating, “I’m sorry, Director Jin. I think we’re better suited for work rather than romance.”


Expecting Jin Yuan to cut ties and distance herself from this “awful woman,” Su Yi found that the alcohol-fueled Jin Yuan either nibbled her ear or nibbled her neck, displaying a habit of tender care towards her. Soon after, a long-lost online friend approached Su Yi to settle an old debt of love.


Caught by Jin Yuan while mingling at a bar, Su Yi retorted, “Are you planning to bring another woman home after drinking again?”


Jin Yuan coldly smirked, “So what if I am? Bring a few more; eventually, I’ll find one who won’t run away.”


Frustrated, Su Yi left the friend behind and coaxed Jin Yuan on the couch.


Her attempt at a kiss was intercepted by her finger, “Supervisor Su, you must decide. Do you want a relationship with me, or just a one-night stand?”


[From the Perspective of the Older Party]

For thirty cold and indifferent years, it was Su Yi who made Jin Yuan realize that she had a heart and emotions. Therefore, she repeatedly showed weakness, allowing Su Yi to have her way with her.


It wasn’t until Su Yi coincidentally discovered a family photo of Jin Yuan’s sister-in-law at her home, combined with the name “Xu Yan” that she finally understood why Su Yi had fled after their one-night stand.


She placed the photo in front of Su Yi, “Is this… your past lover?”


Before dawn, Jin Yuan, who had just been discharged from the hospital two days ago, found herself back in the hospital. However, this time, there was no sign of Su Yi in the hospital room.


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