Starting on a Desolate Island [Doomsday]

Raw Title: 开局一座荒岛

Total Chapters: 178

Author: 余微之

Translator: LeadRee

Update: 6 hours ago

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While Yun Mianmian was scanning the QR code to pay for her popsicle, she suddenly fainted, only to wake up on a deserted island.

【 Greetings, player! Welcome to the global doomsday survival game. At present, the game is still in the early access phase, but as one of the first chosen, you will receive a new player’s welcome package. 】

Yun Mianmian dazedly opened the package.

There was a flash of white light, and she saw several new items appear in her backpack.

【 Obtained: A brand-new fishing rod. 】

【 Wood x 10. 】

【 A bowl of clear noodle soup with chopped green onion. 】

【 Insulated underwear set. 】

【 Cabbage seeds x 1 packet. 】

【 Bottled water x 3. 】

【 Purple rice bread x 2. 】

Players, please work hard to level up! In one month, the official servers will open, and more players will join.

Yun Mianmian took a bite of her still-frozen popsicle and scratched her head. “Am I about to start farming?”

【 Note: This work is purely fictional and not based on the real world. The setting is a survival game; expect daily stockpiling, opening crates, and gathering resources. A light and easy read for your meals. 】

【Doomsday + survival + stockpiling + infrastructure upgrades. 】

One-line summary: Starting with a ship, surviving by stockpiling at sea

This novel is also being updated on Royal Roads.

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