The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory

Raw Title: 失忆后多了的前男友

Total Chapters: 403 Chapters + 5 Extra

Author: 妾在山阳

Translator: V

Update: 3 months ago

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When Ye Sheng was five years old, his father died, and his mother ran away. He grew up in the mountains with a mysterious and unpredictable old merchant. At the age of eighteen, armed with tools given by the old man, Ye Sheng left for college.


However, on the train to school, he got entangled in a supernatural incident and met someone considered eccentric. He thought the train reaching its destination would be the end, but it turned out to be just the beginning of his story.

* Ye Sheng’s biological mother reappeared to marry him off to a local wealthy man for good fortune. In the affluent family, with a hypocritical mother, a cruel younger brother, a malicious older brother, and opportunistic servants, it was a daily struggle. At a banquet, everyone awaited to see him embarrassed. But when the lights dimmed, an elegant and noble young man descended the spiral staircase.


The Qin family member, beyond reach, and the mysterious and dangerous heir of the Ning family approached, the latter with a smile, “Long time no see, my ex-boyfriend.”

Ye Sheng looked up, full of question marks.
Isn’t this the eccentric person from the train?
Did I have a boyfriend before the age of five?

1. It’s an urban supernatural story. The beginning deals with the first boss related to humans, the “Story King,” so there’s a mix of campus drama and melodrama. The story evolves into a world exploration mode, confronting dangers in different areas, including A+ and S-level anomalies. There are many face-slapping scenes, but it’s not a straightforward power fantasy.

  1. The characters include a “homophobic” cool guy as the receiver and a “drama king” as the aggressor. The synopsis is a tiny part of the story, completed in the 17th chapter. Both characters are a bit crazy; the receiver likes to hypnotize himself to be a good person, and the aggressor is a top-level actor with a deceptive personality. Don’t relate any plot or character to reality. The author’s main focus is on their romantic relationship. If you dislike any aspect of the characters, feel free to stop reading.
  2. Unconventional life and past life elements make the story somewhat juvenile, and both main characters are overpowered. If you don’t like the synopsis or the beginning, it’s okay not to force yourself to continue. Thanks to those who recommend the story, but the author believes in maintaining a consistent level. So, if the story doesn’t suit you, it’s possible the next one might. Reading is subjective; your mood matters the most. The author loves this story and hopes both the writing and reading experience are enjoyable.


Emphasizing once again, if you don’t enjoy the early parts, there’s really no need to force yourself. It might just not be your cup of tea – whether it’s the characters, writing style, or plot. Perhaps the next one I write will be more suitable for you. Reading is an extremely subjective experience, and your mood is the most important factor.


I really love this work, so I hope that I write happily and that everyone enjoys reading it.

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