We Monsters Are Not Allowed to Be Single

Title:  We Monsters are not allowed to be single | 我们妖怪不许单身 | Wo Men Yao Guai Bu Xu Dan Shen

Author: Xiu Sheng | 绣生


After the 108th Monster Population Census, The Monster Birth Control Committee issued a new rule: Given the rising single monster population, which pose a security risk to the society and undermine the harmony between human and monster, It’s now forbidden to be a single monster of marriageable age.

So Yinglong And Taotie, two ancient monsters who had remained single ever since their creation, were forced to go on a blind date.
To discourage their date, they both decided to lie about what they truly were.

Here were the lies they told:
Yingqiao: I am an orphan snake monster with no house and car under my name. The monthly wage is 3000 Yuan. Can’t afford social insurance fees.
Taotie: I have a temporary job with 8 brothers living off my daily wage of 80 Yuan.

They both agreed they were not a good fit for each other. But under pressure, they agreed to put on a show to set a good example for the benefit of the new rule. They planned to be a fake couple.

A foreign monster entered their nation illegally and committed several crimes. Jiang City Monster Bureau was put on the first-degree alert, and elite members were deployed on a criminal hunt.

After having his scales polished, Ying dragon spread his wings and went on a mission.
Putting his brother into his pocket, Taotie went out on the same mission.

In the sky above Jiang City, they had a chance encounter.
Curling his tail to hide an expensive Jade tail ring, Ying Dragon said.” I am on a business trip.”
Putting his hand behind to hide his wristwatch worth a million, Taotie said.” So am I.”

Knowing that their lies were exposed, they stared at each other long and hard. They both blurted out.” Let’s settle accounts after getting back.”


Chapter 1: A blind date