Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 119

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After walking out of the airport and getting into the car, Lu Wan received a call.

Zhao Yan was asking her where she was and why she hadn’t seen her.

Lu Wan: “See me? I’m at the airport.”

“Coincidentally, we’re also at the airport.” Haley’s voice sounded from the background and it seems that there were others more with him.

Lu Wan: “……”


What the hell’s going on? She had a not-so-good thought that maybe all her classmates have come.

Zhao Yan’s feelings towards Lu Wan were very complicated, but it wouldn’t be as far as saying she hates her so much.

There’s probably some dislike, some envy…… and a little respect.

She’s envious of the other party who could live freely and bravely, in a way that she dare not and could not do.

People of the Zhao family didn’t like Lu Wan so Zhao Yan felt a sense of satisfaction whenever she interacted with her.

She came to the airport secretly and made the call on her own initiative.

It was a private, silent protest from her heart.

Lu Wan was in Lu Jinye’s private jet and a group of people left directly through the VIP passage.

This threw off the teachers and students who came to pick up her up.

Fortunately, Zhao Yan suggested calling her, otherwise, they would not be able to see the person even if they wait until the early morning.

It happens to be Sunday so many Shangde students came. Almost all of Senior Three’s Class 4 and Class 1 were present.

They all spontaneously made an appointment together to come pick her up.

Everyone knew about the variety show and all of them were resentful!

How could they be bully their top two like this?

Especially Chen Nianqing, the Idol everyone holds in high regard!

What an outrage! Wasn’t this slapping everyone in the face!?

When Zhao Yihang was watching the show, he wished he could rush into the TV and fight that hostess to death! Scratch the other’s face.

Haley hugged Lu Wan. “Welcome back.”

He turned, ready to give Chen Nianqing a friendly hug.

Nestled in the arms of two fierce 1’s at once, what a real genius he was.

Too bad the second target moved away.


Haley kept his smile, silently retracting his open arms.

As expected of you.

The onlookers, who had a lot to say, were inspired by seeing Haley’s hug.

Yes indeed! They also want to give President Lu a healing embrace!

Just as Song Qianqian took a step forward, Chen Nianqing placed his hand upon Lu Wan’s and pulled her to his side.

Without moving, he said, “Thank you all for coming. I’ll treat everyone to a drink tomorrow.”

Although the plan fell through everyone didn’t feel disappointed. After all, Idol would treat them! How rare!

Seeing that Lu Wan and Chen Nianqing were in good condition, everyone was relieved.

Lu Wan: “I’m quite touched that you all came here.”

Song Qianqian: “Then President Lu, at the graduation party, can you invite Lu Buyu to come to the school to sing two songs?”

Just as she mentioned it, the sound at the scene subsided.

In this group of girls, who wasn’t a fan of Lu Buyu?!

Lu Wan really kept her lips tightly shut and hid it for so long!

What else can be done? Forgive her of course!

Lu Wan: “I can. If you don’t find it annoying, he can sing two songs.”

The girls gasped. How could they find it annoying?

If Lu Buyu came to the school to give a concert, they were more than willing!

You’re a well-fed person who doesn’t understand how the starving suffers! Who doesn’t want to see a gorgeous top star every day?

Well, there’s one more reason to marry President Lu!

“Then can I ask for a signed photo?” A little girl whispered.

“I want it too, but…… it’s alright if it isn’t convenient.”

“I also want it.” A boy raised his hand.

“It’s convenient. Lu Buyu also studied in our school. I’ve noted it down, one signed photo per person.” After a pause, Lu Wan added, “Do you want a video? Like the greeting kind.”

Now everyone wanted to scream. Wasn’t this benefit too good?!

Everyone nodded their heads. Was today Chinese New Year?

Lu Wan: “March 8th[1]Women’s day, Qingming Festival, May 1st[2]Labor day, June 1st[3]Children’s day, and the college entrance examination are all coming up. Except for Qingming Festival, I will ask him to record videos for you.”

Dog Lu couldn’t run this time. He needed to be locked in a small dark room to sign pictures and record videos.


Haley coughed. “Not only the International Women’s Day, but also Girls’ Day[4]March 7th, the day before.”

As expected of a straight female.

Lu Wan: “Oh, well, I’ll take note of it so let’s dispersed today. See you all tomorrow.”

It turns out that Lu Buyu could also be used for socializing. Worthy of being a shared boyfriend.

Tomorrow Monday, the school would have a flag-raising ceremony.

It was also the beginning of the 100-day countdown to the college entrance examination and the pledge.

Although only half of Shangde students would take the college entrance examination, this ceremony was held every year.

A group of students nodded in succession. They came angry and left with smiling faces.

Idol said he would treat them to drinks and President Lu would also give them Lu Buyu’s signed photo.

These two were so nice!

Fairy couple!


That evening, Chen Nianqing posted on his seldom updated personal Weibo.

It was five questions for the program group.

And each one hits right to the core.

Although he noticed that something was fishy, Chen Nianqing didn’t explode on the spot.

He was worried about the impact on the contestant behind him.

After him, Lu Wan was going on stage.

But not speaking at that time doesn’t mean he would never speak.

This was tantamount to pushing the program group that was standing on the cusp of the storm one step further.

With the person involved speaking out, netizens would also have more confidence in questioning the show.

This was quickly reposted by over 10,000 people and many helped by @ing the program group’s official Weibo in the comments section, which was very lively.

【Hand holding a rose: Luckily, Lu Wan stood up and the little brother also dare to speak out. If it’s me, I can only swallow the grievances.】

【Taro boba balls: Dude, this kid is sure tough! I always thought you’re great! Sure enough, I wasn’t disappointed! As expected of a top student, his logic is too clear.】

【Cold skewers: This is what ordinary people encounters.】

【Charcoal-grilled durian: I’ve been following this younger brother for several years. This is no ordinary person. Three years ago he won the gold medal in the youth category of an international competition. If he isn’t too smart and good at studying, he will definitely be an excellent cellist. I did not expect the program group to screw him up, f*cking stupid!】

【Spicy chicken claws: Although Chen Nianqing’s family background is not as good as Lu Wan’s, he’s still considered middle class. His father is a well-known neurosurgeon and his mother is a well-known ophthalmologist! If even he can be treated like this, let alone the ordinary people!】

【Thirteen-spices crayfish: I’m grateful to Lu Wan for standing up. After being disappointed, I have hope again!】

【Braised Beef Noodle: I feel like crying after reading this! No matter what, everyone must work hard to move forward! Stay true to yourself and strive to be the person you want to be!】

【Runny Cheesecake: I’d like to see what public relations company can that crappy program group find!】

His Weibo post had been forwarded 300,000 times.

The program caused public outrage. Not only the audience of the show, but even many passersby joined in on the questioning.

They happen to stepped on the sore point of young people.

How many hard working people ended up being squeezed out by those who went through the back door?

Young people have more or less suffered from inequality, and they cover their mouths so they couldn’t speak out against it.

The most important thing was that Chen Nianqing had a very beautiful resume. He’s number one in school since he was a child, good at playing the cello and was also handsome!

He really shouldn’t be treated this way.

Two hours later, the last episode of that variety show was removed from the platform.

The program team did search all the PR companies, but no one was willing to accept even if they offered a high price.

After all, it goes without saying that they had offended the Lu Group and the public. Who would be stupid to take them?

The predecided contestants and the core team of the program team have all been picked clean by netizens. If they accepted this PR job, the next one in line would be them.

In the end, the PR companies gave advice out of good intentions. It was useless to say anything now and the only thing they could do was to apologize.

Sincerely apologize.

But the program team would not do so. If they apologize, it meant that they have admitted everything, so they could only continue to pretend to be dead in order to maintain their life.

When the heat of the news passes, they would still be a hero!

After all, the public was very forgetful. At worst, this issue would lurk for a few years!


Lu Buyu was simply speechless.

In recent days, his manager Xiao Zhang, assistant Xiao Zhao and driver Xiao Wang had been holding their mobile phones whenever they were free.

“It’s gone up, it’s gone up! The stock has gone up again!”

“It’s gone up, it’s gone up, my funds gained 2,000 yesterday!”

“Sh*t, f*cking awesome!”

The Lu Group was already well-funded. Many people found it had great potential after doing a research and began flocking, so it had been in-demand in the stock market recently.

It’s not that people didn’t learn that countless successors were a disaster, but everyone knew that Lu Wan was…… quite trustworthy.

A steady personality meant she wouldn’t be impulsive, and her grades were excellent in science, which show she had a good brain.

With Lu Buyu’s capability of attracting traffic, the attention had never been higher.

Lu Buyu: “That’s enough. Aren’t you afraid of losing money? You can’t throw away almost all of what you earn!”

Xiao Zhang who looked incredulous: “Boss, you actually cursed your own family’s company? Are you okay? Do you have a brain fever?”

Xiao Zhao: “You’re too much!”

Xiao Wang with his hands on his chest: “Brother Yu, I can’t quite understand how you can say that?”

Lu Buyu who was seen as raving: “……I’m just giving you a reminder, nothing else.”

Forget it. The people in his company weren’t normal. He’ll just go home and watch.


As soon as Lu Buyu entered the house, his sight went dark, and the next moment, Taohua had pounced on him into the ground.

He pushed the dog away with difficulty and sighed. It’s better to be home.

But it would be better if Taohua wasn’t so lively.

This dog was so stupid that it couldn’t be returned, so he could only keep her.

Lu Wan was reading a book on the sofa and came over quickly when she heard the commotion.

She looked at him with a smile, her voice was warm and gentle, “Brother, you’re back. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Lu Buyu felt that something wasn’t right. Usually, whenever Cool Guy calls him ‘Brother’, it meant something big was about to happen.

His conditional reflex was to run away.

Lu Wan gave a command, “Taohua, get your father!”

The dog weighing dozens of pounds pounced on him again and Lu Buyu, who was lying on the ground, looked at the ceiling, speechless.

Whose dog was this?

Unfilial girl!

Lu Wan: “Don’t go, Brother, write your signature for my schoolmates.”

Lu Buyu sat up from the ground. “You should’ve said that earlier. Don’t you just want me to sign? It’s very simple. How many?”

Lu Wan pointed to the one cubic meter cardboard box on the side which was full of postcards.

“Brother, you said it yourself. I’ll be troubling you.”

Lu Buyu turned, wanting to run again, but in the next second, Lu Wan grabbed the back of his collar.

“Don’t be in a hurry, Brother. You’re so mischievous. Doesn’t your little sister know that you have three days off? This will not delay your work.”

Lu Buyu: “……”

No wonder Xiao Zhang gave him a vacation so readily and his eyes were quite…… complicated before he left.

It turns out this was waiting for him here!

Lu Wan: “Your very kind, Brother.”

Lu Buyu: “No, I’m actually not that great.”

Lu Wan shook her head, looked at the other person and said, “No, no, no, you must be kind. Brother, are you thirsty? Does Brother want to eat an apple? Your little sister will break one for you?”


Every time Lu Wan talks she would utter the word ‘Brother’, which made his scalp tingle.

No, his team required a proper sweeping!

Hateful. They blended in as Lu Wan’s spies!


1 Women’s day
2 Labor day
3 Children’s day
4 March 7th


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