Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last
Rich Parents and Hot Shot Brother Found Me At Last Chapter 68

At the gracious invitation of several girls, Lu Wan nodded and agreed. In fact, she couldn’t refuse the girls’ repeated coquettish behavior…… Anyway, she had nothing important to do after school.

Thus, Haley and Xu Yao expressed that they would also watch the ducks together.

Xu Yao has his own little plan. After all, he could spend more time with Lu Wan, and he could cultivate feelings—ducks or no ducks was beside the point.

Haley saw through everything. He didn’t want Xu Yao to succeed in his scheme. Although he wasn’t interested in ducklings, he loved ducks in human form.

Song Qianqian received a notification from her friend in Class 4 and came to watch the ducks too. In this way, nine people gathered together.


The coffee shop has only been opened for two days and was located in a non-strategic place. It was a ten meters walk into the alley and was inconspicuous.

The shop hasn’t launched any large-scale publicity yet so there were few guests.

It so happened that a girl in class knew the owner, so she knew that there was such a shop.

When they walked in, they found several students wearing Shangde uniforms. After looking clearly, they discovered that they were familiar faces.

Today was the last day for Lin Niannian to clean the corridor after three months. But although it was over, she wasn’t happy.

Lu Wan was obsessed with the wager agreement and refused to let her go, which actually caused her a lot of trouble.

Many times while she was cleaning, students would pass by and look back at her, making her feel humiliated and ashamed.

Yu Shuai saw that she was unhappy. He heard the girls in the class discussing that there was a nearby coffee shop where you could watch ducklings. Upon thinking of the kind-hearted Lin Niannian who had always liked small animals, he brought her over here.

There were two other boys with them, both of whom were good friends of Lin Niannian.

Lin Niannian lowered her eyes and said softly, “I don’t know why, but I always feel that I can’t get along with other girls. I get along better with boys, probably because boys are more straightforward and generous.”

“Niannian, cheer up. Why make yourself uncomfortable because of other people? This is punishing yourself for other people’s fault.” Yu Shuai’s heart moved and he quickly spoke to comfort her.

The nine-member duck watching team happened to walk into the shop and heard the conversation between the two.

A few girls were very angry when they heard it, especially Chen Sixuan, who was about to go ballistic on the spot.

She was the class secretary and she handles many things.

She could affirm and say that she’s absolutely impartial and treats every classmate equally. It’s to serve everyone that she’d even sacrifice her private time.

What ‘can’t get along with other girls’? It appears like girls in the class were ganging up on her.

Chen Sixuan was disdainful of doing so and she believed that the girls in the class were certainly not so mean.

After all, between studying, participating in various clubs, cultivating hobbies, and studying foreign languages ​​every day, everyone’s energy was mostly already divided.

She was outright displeased. She stepped forward and said, “Classmate Lin Niannian, what do you mean by ‘boys are more straightforward and generous’? Are girls narrow-minded in your eyes?”

Lin Niannian turned her head and was shocked that students from their class were actually there……

Light music was playing in the background, and the few people came in quietly, so she didn’t notice them.

“I— I didn’t mean that.” Lin Niannian panicked and said in a timid voice.

Chen Sixuan didn’t buy it. She gave a cold snort. “It’s okay to earn sympathy, but please don’t drag other girls down. The girls in our class are not that kind of people!”

Yu Shuai said sternly, “Niannian did not mean it that way and she isn’t referring to you either. Chen Sixuan, you’re out of line! Isn’t it because you have a good relationship with Lu Wan so you’re bias towards her?!”

After these words, all eyes turned to Lu Wan, who was named.

Lu Wan was a little confused. What does this have to do with her?

She shouldn’t have done anything. Why did she get shot?

……She and Lin Niannian haven’t spoken for a long time.

Chen Sixuan was pissed, Lin Niannian was about to cry, and everyone else had different expressions. The tension on the scene was in a deadlock.

Lu Wan thought for a while, and said in a calm voice, “I also think that what Classmate Lin said is too biased. The fight between girls is actually not as serious as you think. After all, most of the girls I meet are normal girls. Society as a whole is still harmonious and forward-looking. Furthermore, every time it’s exposed that women have been violated, most of the voices on the Internet are from ordinary girls and female stars. Women can better understand women’s pain and situation, while men may not be able to relate to such level.”

She could say that because someone once told her so.

When Lu Wan was in the second year of junior high, a girl transferred to her class.

That girl was eighteen years old and already looked like an adult. She was very beautiful, quiet and composed. Compared with the thirteen and fourteen-year-old classmates in the class, she seemed out of place.

That girl studied very hard, so she made rapid progress. Lu Wan often talk to her about their subjects and told the boys in the class not to make fun of others.

She could see that the other party really loved learning and her eyes were always bright.

That girl said that when she was in the second year of junior high school, her father forced her to drop out and work. Later when she had saved enough money of her own, she returned to school again.

Because she still wanted to go to high school, and also wanted to go to college.

Well, after studying for half a semester, the girl still left. The son of a local hotel owner took a fancy on her and the other side offered a high bride price to marry her.

Her father, who was greedy for money, was forcing her to drop out of school and get married. Every day, he would come to school to make trouble, she couldn’t read books anymore.

That girl didn’t get married and ran away secretly.

Before running away, she found Lu Wan and solemnly thanked her.

She smiled with tears in her eyes as she thanked Lu Wan for helping her a lot and for giving her courage. She said that even if she couldn’t study, she wouldn’t give up.

With a change of tone, she added that she had already discovered that Lu Wan was a girl. It was not because she exposed a flaw, but because Lu Wan was too good to her, better than all the men she’s ever met. There were some things that only girls could relate about, so she knew.

Lu Wan never saw her since then but she’d always remembered what the other party said.

Everyone in the cafe was stunned. The female boss even turned off the background music.

These words were well-founded and compelling.

As expected of President Lu, her logical thinking was very clear.

Although the three boys around Lin Niannian wanted to argue, they couldn’t think of anything for a while.

Haley tilted his head and smiled sweetly. “Yes~ Classmate Lin Niannian, you are so naive. Not all boys are generous. Like me, some can be more narrow-minded than girls.”

Everyone: “……”

Yes, but not necessarily.

Haley stretched his waist and swept a glance at the opposite four people. “Also, I want to remind you that boys can be zealous. If they are nice to you, there may be something to it. They’re not as innocent and kind-hearted as you are.”

After he said that, he felt that he was awesome. He contained two groups of people at the same time.

Lin Niannian: “……”

The three boys: “……”

Song Qianqian couldn’t help chuckling. Haley seemed to have never lost an argument.

Lin Niannian’s face turned pale then red. Eventually, her voice trembled and said, “I feel a little tired today. I’ll go back first.”

After saying that, she ran out.

Yu Shuai gave everyone an accusing look before hurriedly chasing after her. The other two boys also left awkwardly.

Xu Yao frowned. “What the f*ck is this again?”

His seat was on Lin Niannian’s right and had always felt that the girl was very noisy. Either she was talking, or it was the boys around her, like buzzing flies.

Every time Lu Wan was mentioned, nothing nice would come out from these boys’ mouths.

After Xu Yao lost his temper, these people did not dare talk nonsense anymore.

But after that, every time they mentioned Lu Wan, there would still be a vague meaning behind their words.

Aren’t they all just weaklings?

“Never mind. Forget about those people, we’re here to see the duckies.” Song Qianqian shrugged.

Only then did the crowd turned their attention to the ducklings behind the fence.

Lu Wan’s gaze was very warm, so everyone became clear in their minds. It turns out President Lu likes small animals.

“Wow, the duckies’ little tongues are so cute.” Song Qianqian said with a smile.

Xu Yao: “Heh. Duck tongue with black peppers.”

“The head feels nice to touch ah. The feathers are soft.” Song Qianqian exclaimed again.

Xu Yao: “Spicy duck head. The hair on the head is the most difficult to deal with. It needs to be scalded with hot water before pulling it out.”

Song Qianqian fiercely glared at other person. Slowly, she added, “Time is gone in a flash after walking. It’s really interesting, right, President Lu?”

Xu Yao: “Hot braised duck legs, fat and juicy.”

The ducklings seemed to sense the killing intent and ran to the farthest corner of the wall, unwilling to come over.

Haley rolled his eyes. This foolish straight guy.

Song Qianqian frowned and complained, “President Lu, Xu Yao is being too much!”

Lu Wan looked at the ducks. “Mm, mm, mm, saying that is too much. Even if I think so, I won’t say it! That’s very rude of you.”

Such beautiful and plump ducks…… It seems she hadn’t eaten a duck in a while.

The little ducks in the corner shrank even more.

Everybody: “????”

President Lu, what’s the matter with you?

The self-righteous-double-standard Haley turned to look at Lu Wan. Wow, President Lu is so cute~


The monthly examination results were announced two days later.

Chen Nianqing came first with a total score of 730.

Lu Wan was second with a total score of 724.

Su Rao was third with a total score of 715.

Lu Wan did a good job in Chinese this time, scoring 136 points for the first time ever! But! Chen Nianqing scored 142 points!

The total score difference was 6 points.

In fact, Lu Wan’s mindset was very stable. Anyway, there’s still a year left, and the two people’s test scores were getting closer every time. If she maintained this momentum, she would soon rank first.

Haley: “President Lu, lighten up. No matter what, you’ll always be ‘1’ in my heart.”

Lu Wan: “Zip it.”

Haley shrugged and continued to add in his heart, ‘Fierce 1’.

Xu Yao: “Nice, I went from the bottom third to the tenth. I’ve made great progress.”

Su Rao: “That’s because three people missed the exam this time.”

Xu Yao whistled. With a proud look on his face, he said, “Then you can’t deny that I have advanced a few places. Lu Wan, did you see that? I’m improving, so shouldn’t you consider it? I’m a potential stock!”

Lu Wan: “Go away. Stop talking nonsense.”

Su Rao snapped back to her senses. Such an argument was completely pointless. She turned her head and smiled at Lu Wan. “Apart from Chen Nianqing, you’re the first person to do better than me several times. I am getting more and more interested in you.”

Lu Wan’s heart dropped. “Don’t say that. If I am like you and likes people who do better than me…… then Chen Nianqing, who’s the first place, must be scared to death now.”

Su Rao: “I’m convinced if I lost to Chen Nianqing. After all, there’s no way around it.”

Lu Wan: “……”

You’re ruthless, you’re all ruthless.

After the monthly exam, the students focused their attention on the upcoming celebration of the National Day a week later.

It was said that there were more than 50 programs submitted, but in the end, only 16 programs would be left.

The competition was huge.

Lin Niannian has been having a hard time the past two days…… Suddenly the girls in class don’t talk to her very much unless it was necessary, they were very cold.

The girls in Class 4 all know what she said to some boys in private. Who would dare go up to her and then be inexplicably accused of ‘bullying’? No one wanted to carry the notoriety of bullying a classmate.

After class at noon, the class teacher called Lin Niannian to the office.

The class teacher looked up at her and asked, “Student Lin Niannian, you’ve been here at Shangde High School for half a year. Do you feel used to it?”

Lin Niannian: “I’m adapting well.”

“If you do not feel comfortable, you can choose to return to your original school and we will re-select a suitable scholarship student. It doesn’t matter. Teacher also asked several students from class and they said that you don’t seem happy. Student Lin Niannian, your grades have dropped compared to last semester. You need to focus on your studies.”

The class teacher had no other motive in calling people today. It’s a matter of procedure.

This girl was a soft and weak person. If she doesn’t adapt to Shangde High School, it would be better for her to leave the school and go back to her hometown.

Lin Niannian raised her head and denied without even thinking about it, “No, I will study harder.”

“I see. Since there’s nothing else, you can go. And also, don’t work part-time in your third year. The student allowance should be enough for your daily expenses.”

En, I understand.” Lin Niannian walked out of the room, heaving a sigh of relief in her heart.

No matter what, she will persevere and not admit defeat, even it’s difficult.

Jiang Boyang, who was criticized by his teacher for playing truant, walked out of another office and saw Lin Niannian with a gloomy face.

The relationship between the two has been very close recently. He felt curious, so he stepped forward and asked, “What’s wrong? Why is a good student coming to the office?”

Lin Niannian didn’t speak and just shook her head.

As a result, Jiang Boyang became more puzzled. He asked in a low voice, “You don’t look too happy, did someone bully you?”

Lin Niannian: “No one bullied me.”

“I don’t believe it. Tell me quickly.” Jiang Boyang put his hand on the wall, blocking the other party’s way.

“No, really. Get out of the way.” Seeing that the other party would not let her go and the passing students had already looked over, Lin Niannian was very helpless. After contemplating about it, she said, “The class teacher suddenly asked me if I want to go back to my original school. I suspect it’s…… something that Lu Wan said, but it’s my own fault for not doing well.”


An introvert rabbit who wants to hide in a hole every time.

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