Living leisurely in Tang Dynasty
Living Leisurely in Tang Dynasty Chapter 71

On the day that the imperial entourage travelled to Luoyang, Yuanying brought along letters and was preparing to meet monks in Luoyang for a small lecture on topics related to “Tea and Zen”.

When Li Er saw Yuanying running into temples all day long, he was getting worried that this younger brother now wanted to become monk. But after seeing this same brother nibbling away on a piece of meat knuckle, he put aside his worries instantly. When Li Er heard that all Thousand Gold Tea were being snapped up by Buddhist believers, he didn’t know what to say or how to react.

Looks like the kid’s love for stories had some use after all as he is able to tell such engaging ones that people were left stunned momentarily! Whether the tea trading business will be expanded to the Tibetan Empire still remains unclear but within Chang’an there is now a new trend of drinking tea. The connections that is built from Buddhist believers are unimaginably huge. People like Ouyang Xun has disciples, old friends and a huge network of relationships. Once they start serving guests tea, they will bring about a trend of tea drinking like how the Emperor did when he gave it away as palace gift last year.

Fang Xuanling rode behind the Emperor and sighed: “Prince Teng’s ability is really amazing.” Not only did he sell tea through a medical center but Doctor Sun is willing to endorse it and serve it to patients and students alike. Now that he’s done messing with the clinic, he is setting his eyes on temples. Capable!  

“He just moves his sly brain fast.” (Li Er)

‘If my son has such a crooked mind, I would be very happy.” (Zhangsun Wuji)  

Everyone agreed.

Li Er laughed and was feeling proud.

“You are merely talking lightly about it. If he really is your son, you would definitely want to hit him every day. Besides, if the kid heard all this he will say that you are taking advantage of him!” (Li Er)

Fang Xuanling’s face twitched at the thought of Li Yuanying calling them old man and instantly envied Wei Zheng for having a good granddaughter. With this granddaughter, Yuanying usually shows Wei Zheng some respect!

Li Yuanying  wasn’t aware that the people outside were talking about him. He sat comfortably in the carriage telling stories to the Sizi and the other children.

Since talking to the system the last time, he was made aware that people have been asking for refunds due to the inaccuracy in his library. Yuanying waved his hands to gesture that they will refund everyone who wanted one without hesitation.

Li Yuanying’s quick response and the system’s apology made many more become fans. The attention towards Li Yuanying’s personal library continued to rise and the masses expressed that his style was unique within the Myriad Realm Library.

Nowadays if someone criticize them for sharing “fake” information, fans will defend by saying that a refund and an apology has already been made so whoever who doesn’t wish to view can get lost. There is no need to target a ten year old boy and his silly nanny-like system.  

Silly nanny- like system: “…”

In the past this was an excellent system that has won 10 consecutive rounds in the Ten Thousand Worlds Library Contribution List!

Li Yuanying didn’t care much. After confirming that the children were all going to Luoyang together, he excitedly asked the system to help design a new carriage. . Li Yuanying didn’t care much about carriages before but since Sizi is not in good health, he wanted the girls to travel comfortably.

Li Yuanying requested for the best craftsmen from his brother and remodeled several carriages with the help of the system . The new carriage had sophisticated structure, runs smoothly, and is less prone to wear and tear. Although it is similar in size to the original carriage, the interior is much more spacious almost like a small house inside where everything can be easily found within.

Li Yuanying was satisfied with the improvements and gave the system great praises. Since the system stopped sending him quests, they are much more willing in helping him design things. Last time, the stockade village in Sunflower Garden was something he look forward to!

Yuanying being happy, took the new carriage to show Li Er.

As a result, the Emperor instructed that all carriages used for this trip be remodel similarly.

The group stopped for a short rest at the foot of Li Mountain and Li Er took his people for a dip in the hot spring nearby.  

Remembering Li Yuanying’s bad behavior of telling ghost stories the last time, Li Er ordered his younger brother to take a dip with him.

Li Yuanying had no objection and rushed to sit in the hot spring with his bare bottom.

“Lord Brother, do you want to hear a story?”

Li Er is determined not to give him a chance to be a demon: “Shut up.”

Yuanying swam to Li Er’s side and said unhappily: “What’s the point of soaking if I can’t speak? The last time I told the boys stories. It’s boring spending time with you. I can’t even say A word?! There’s an old saying that goes: ‘To stop a person from speaking is more dangerous than blocking a river from flowing. If the river collapses many things will be destroyed, same goes with people.’ Therefore, water needs to flow and when people want to talk you should let them; or else the consequences will be worst that a burst riverbank!

Li Er’s forehead throbbed with blue veins.

He said to shut up but this kid is not done yet right?

Zhangsun Wuji was delighted when he heard the conversation and added on: “His Majesty has not been sleeping well recently, let’s not tell him ghost stories.”

Yuanying immediately asked with concern: “Brother, why are you not sleeping well? Should we call Doctor Sun to check on you?” Sun Simiao hasn’t left town in a long time and his bones are stiff from the boredom from staying put in Chang’an. He naturally joined the entourage to Luoyang.

“The weather is hot and humid, I’ll feel better after a soak.”

Yuanying observed his brother carefully and concluded that he looks find with no apparent signs of illness, so he felt relieved. Doctor Sun has shared before that a person’s mood greatly affects the body. If you maintain good mood, you’re less likely to fall ill.

Since Li Er has no major sickness, Li Yuanying went back to his playful self again. Since he’s not allowed to tell ghost stories, let’s pick on the ministers present.

“I find that the people in this pool are quite symmetrical.”

Li Er gave him a sideways glance. “What is this symmetry stuff?”

Yuanying pointed to Wei Zheng and Zhangsun Wuji: “Skinny versus fat!”

Wei Zheng: “…”

Zhangsun Wuji said cheerfully: “Yes, Old Wei is a little too skinny.” As for being called fat by a child, Zhangsun didn’t mind it at all.

“That’s right! In my opinion, the only person thinner than him is old scholar Ouyang.” After speaking, he pointed to Yuchigong and Kong Yingda: “Black versus white!”

Kong Yingda pulled off a strand of his beard.

Yuchi smiled respectfully and didn’t care that he was called dark skinned. People in the army should have darker complexion so that they look more intimidating!

Li Yuanying gave his comment about everyone and in the end it was only the Emperor and himself left.

“Big versus small!”

Li Er nodded, indicating that it was quite reasonable.

Yuanying thought for a while and then changed his mind.

“No, it should be an old sly fox and honest child!” He is young, small, and honest. He’s definitely a honest child! As for his royal brother, no matter how you look at it, he is cunning in and out!

The crowd went silent.

Then, they saw Li Yuanying, the honest boy, running bare buttocks before the Emperor could hit him. After a while he was nowhere to be seen.

Zhangsun Wuji and the others couldn’t help laughing and persuaded: “Your Majesty, calm down.”

What can His Majesty Li Er do other than to calm down his anger? He can’t be shameless like his brother and run around without pants on.

That night, Li Er soon fell asleep after his soak. But suddenly he hears sound of arrows flying in the sky . He sat up abruptly and there were already noisy footsteps outside.

Li Er got dressed while his servants when to find out what was happening. After a while, a guard reported that two soldiers accompanying them found the journey hard and no longer wish to escort the group to Luoyang and so they deliberately shot arrows to cause disturbance.

Hearing such an ironic reason, Li Er had a gloomy expression on.

The guards are all carefully selected and their background plays the most important check. Them shooting arrows over complaints that the journey is hard seems ridiculous. The palace is heavily guarded, do they really think they will not be discovered? The Emperor instructed that the soldiers be taken for questioning and that security be strengthen.

At this time, Yuanying was sitting under a lamp and helping Sun Simiao to proofread their medical book <<Thousand Gold Prescription>>. This book is much better than the current medical books circulating outside. Yuanying was a little fascinated by it, and from time to time would ask the system things he didn’t quite understand. Under the guidance of the system, Li Yuanying actually found areas that needed improvements. He took notes and was prepared to discuss them with Sun Simiao tomorrow.

Hearing footsteps, Dai Ting standing outside, stood up vigilantly. On his journey to Gaochang, he developed a habit of being alert like a soldier and he notices almost every movement.

Dai Ting went outside to check what was happening.

Being informed of the Emperor’s instruction, he reported it to Li Yuanying truthfully.

Yuanying put down his book and listened. He inexplicably thought that the same thing had happened in Jiucheng Palace last time. Every time he comes to the same conclusion that being the Emperor is really not easy. At such a time, Yuanying wouldn’t causing trouble. He put away his book and waited for Dai Ting to help him prepare for bedtime.

Early morning next day, Yuanying got ready early and ran to Li Er for breakfast. The other children also came along. The group of little radishes didn’t notice the commotion the night before and slept soundly.

Li Er clearly didn’t sleep well and had dark circles under his eyes. When the group continue on their journey after dinner, Li Er didn’t ride a horse but instead hop onto a spacious and improved carriage. Yuanying didn’t join the children right away, but instead went to Li Er to find out more about last night.

Li Er didn’t shoo Li Yuanying away. The journey was long and boring. It’s good to have someone to relieve his boredom. Hearing Yuanying ask about last night,  Li Er glanced at him.

 “You are quite alert.”

“It’s not me. I was reading when Dai Ting who was outside realized the commotion.”

Speaking of Dai Ting, Yuanying naturally had to boast about his achievements, saying that Dai Ting is more amazing than the general in an army.

Li Er was open-minded and told him everything that happened last night.

Li Yuanying was shocked when he heard the bizarre reason. Because you don’t want to travel to Luoyang you do something that is equivalent to treason?

“These two are crazy, they dare to think about things more ridiculous than me!”

It’s a first for Li Er to hear someone comparing themselves to traitors.

He said lightly: “Really? I see that you are quite bold in your thinking.”

Li Yuanying firmly denied: “No, the worst I have thought about was secretly burning down the library when my teachers forces me to read. At that time, I even found a firestarter but unfortunately before I could learn how to use it, mother discovered my antics.  She didn’t scold me but just sat there wiping her tears.. After that I didn’t dare think about it anymore.”

Li Er never expected that his collection of books would encounter such crisis and said lightly: “Then I have to reward your mother on behalf of all the scholars in the world.”

Yuanying realized that he had accidentally exposed his wrongdoings. He quickly held Li Er’s hands and begged: “No, you didn’t hear me! If you bring this up, mother will cry again!”

Li Er looked at him meaningfully: “It’ll depend on your performance.”

Soon, everyone discovered that Prince Teng had become the best brother overnight. He followed Li Er around everyday and if there was good food, he would offer it to his Majesty first. If there was good wine and tea, he would give it to the Emperor first. The two brothers looked to be on very respectful terms.

Everyone secretly wondered: Why did this little devil king suddenly change his personality?

Notes from the author:

Wei Zheng: Flattery. Shameless person!

Kong Yingda: Flattery, shameless!

Zhangsun Wuji: A flattering, shameless person!

Little Prince: You may not believe me when I say this, but I have no choice!

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