The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 29.2

Chapter 29: Video 2/2

Mercy of God. Is this woman leaving this sentence to convey something? Is she telling him that his “rebirth” is the mercy of God?

Ye Sheng took a deep breath, put the gun back into the box, and then placed the box in the cabinet.


When he closed the cabinet door, Ye Sheng suddenly froze.

He thought of Ning Weichen. He thought of Ning Weichen’s seemingly unreal “past and present lives.” Ning Weichen claimed to know him.

In almost an instant, Ye Sheng rushed out of the door with his phone. Unexpectedly, he had left the Rose Empire Hotel early in the morning, and now he was rushing back. But this time, Ye Sheng chose to take the bus.

He didn’t have enough money; the cost of a taxi ride equaled his daily wages, and he couldn’t afford it.

Ye Sheng arrived at the Rose Empire Hotel and directly informed the front desk of Ning Weichen’s name. Immediately, someone with a smiling face took him to the top floor. The door was opened by Butler Li, and there seemed to be quite a few people inside. Ye Sheng paused, feeling vaguely that he might have come at an inconvenient time.

However, after a slight surprise from Butler Li, he immediately revealed a kind and graceful smile. “Mr. Ye, please come in.”

Ye Sheng: “…”

As Ye Sheng entered, Ning Weichen was sitting at a long table, enjoying breakfast.

A group of people from the Non-Natural Bureau stood opposite him, all of whom Ye Sheng recognized—Director Cheng, Xu Qing, Law, and the baby-faced agent.

On the long white table lay fresh roses, still covered in dew.

Ning Weichen looked indifferent, cutting the food on his plate slowly and elegantly with a knife. When he saw Ye Sheng walk in, he raised an eyebrow, immediately displaying a brilliant smile.

“Why are you back again? Have you had breakfast?” Ning Weichen asked.

Ignoring the group from the Non-Natural Bureau, Ye Sheng walked over quickly, pulled out a chair next to him, and sat down, saying, “I came to ask you something.”

“Oh,” Ning Weichen put down his knife and fork, interlaced his fingers, tilted his head, and smiled tenderly with peach blossom eyes. “I really want to chat with you alone, but right now, I might have some matters to attend to.”

Ye Sheng: “No problem. Continue.”

Cheng and the others looked at Ye Sheng with complex expressions.

Ning Weichen interrupted her gaze towards Ye Sheng, raised his lips, and said, “Director Cheng, continue.”

After hearing what Ning Weichen had said to the Qin family yesterday, almost everyone in the Non-Natural Bureau knew about it. Cheng now has mixed feelings. She had a favorable impression of Ye Sheng, and the thought of such a fragile, resilient, kind, and innocent young man falling into the hands of Ning Weichen made her uneasy.

Ning Weichen wouldn’t stay in Huai City for too long; this was the attitude he had shown from the beginning to the end. This young master’s interest in Ye Sheng was probably just a passing fancy. In her heart, she cursed silently. Ning Weichen had countless pursuers; why did he have to persecute an innocent person?

But in front of Ning Weichen, she couldn’t say these things to Ye Sheng.

Cheng shook her head, quickly cleared her mind, and continued to talk about the events of yesterday.

“After receiving the message from Senior Luo, we quickly went to the main mansion of the Qin family and thoroughly investigated the Western-style building.”

“The ghost child in the Western-style building has been dealt with. We demolished the building entirely and also rescued two men.”

“After interrogation, the Taoist priest was indeed invited by Qin Wenrui himself, and the two deceased wives were forced to be fed medicine by him. Currently, we have handed Qin Wenrui and related personnel from the Qin family over to the local police in Huai City.”

“As for the A-level aberration that Senior Luo found in the Western-style building, the third wife tied to the bed, we haven’t traced any subsequent information. The Chen En Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital closed many years ago and has been expanded into a new shopping mall at the original location. We reported to the headquarters and had Tian Shu investigate the area thoroughly, but no paranormal activity was found.”

“The third wife of Qin Wenrui died in bed, and the A-level aberration probably perished along with her.”

Cheng thought for a moment and continued, “Regarding the Taoist priest who proposed the wedding proposal to Qin Wenrui, he’s a fraud. But the person who forced Qin Wenrui’s two wives to take the medicine forty years ago has disappeared. We only know that this person’s household registration is in the southwest. The southwest is remote and underdeveloped, with a belief in ghosts and gods. The bureau has already sent someone to investigate.”

“That’s all about the Qin family. Qin Wenrui is infertile but was anxious to have a child. He resorted to supernatural means, forcing his wives to drink inappropriate medicine, resulting in the consecutive deaths of two wives on the operating table and attracting a bunch of ghost children to the Western-style building.”

Ning Weichen nodded with a smile. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Cheng forced a smile. “It’s nothing. It’s what we should do. In addition to reporting the results of the investigation into the Qin family yesterday, I also wanted to ask a question during this visit. Mr. Ning, if you and this young friend do indeed have a child, how would the Ning family react?”

The term “young friend” made Ye Sheng say, “…”

Upon hearing this question, Ning Weichen sighed as expected and turned his head. He smiled helplessly and said, “Director Cheng, it’s not important how my parents react; what’s important is this young friend’s attitude.” He addressed Ye Sheng with Cheng’s title, turning his head and blinking his peach blossom eyes. “Young friend, what is your attitude towards our child?”

Ye Sheng was disgusted enough by him but found all the attention of the Non-Natural Bureau on him.

Without thinking, Ye Sheng said coldly, “Get rid of it.”

Cheng: “…”

Non-Natural Bureau team: “…”

As expected, Ning Weichen sighed as anticipated, turned around, and smiled helplessly, saying, “See, thank you for being concerned about my private matters. But I’ve already contacted Andrew, and he will come to Huai City soon to take care of it before I leave.”

Cheng, aware of his scumbag behavior, dared not express her anger but thought carefully. It might be better for Ye Sheng not to have any relationship with the Ning family.

At this point, Butler Li appropriately stepped forward, wearing a smile, and asked, “Director Cheng, is everything settled now?”

It was time to send the guests away.

Cheng didn’t want to stay here any longer, but as she stood up, her phone suddenly rang.

She was surprised to find that her mentor was calling.

“Sorry, I need to take this call.”

Cheng stood up and walked to a distant place from the group.

As she answered the call at the end of the corridor, her mentor’s voice sounded anxious.

“Hurry! Cheng, quickly make Yuan Chun accept the news!”

Yuan Chun was the baby-faced young man who specialized in network aberrations for the Huai City Non-Natural Bureau. Cheng was momentarily stunned and immediately turned around. “Yuan Chun, turn on the computer! Connect to the headquarters!”

Yuan Chun always carried his computer wherever he went. Upon hearing the director’s words, he hesitated for a moment. “Okay.” He tapped on the keyboard, and the computer screen turned black. A window popped up, and a video was transmitted from the headquarters.

 His computer had a built-in screen-sharing function, and Yuan Chun furrowed his brows as he pressed the Enter key.

Suddenly, everyone saw the contents of the video.

People raised their heads.

The video was taken in carriage 1444 of the Yinshan train.

When Ye Sheng saw it, he almost lost his composure.

On the other hand, Ning Weichen raised his eyebrows with interest.

The scene was dark and eerie, with the floor covered in blood, corpses, and moss. The train undulated through the mountains, and the silhouette of a beast-like structure was faintly visible, bathed in the cold moonlight. The deserted restroom, abandoned for a long time, was captured in the video.

In the video, Ning Weichen took a step forward, cornering Ye Sheng against the wall. He extended his fingers, hooking Ye Sheng’s tongue, and slowly stirred it in his mouth. Leaning down, he whispered something with an ambiguous and dangerous posture.

Ye Sheng, pressed against the wall, breathed slightly, his expression cold, his thin lips tightly pursed, and his neck tilted upwards, seemed fragile and ready to break. In the changing light and shadows, his expression was not clear.

Finally, Ning Weichen curled his lips and, without mercy, withdrew his hand.

The video abruptly stopped after a dozen seconds.

Cheng stared at the video in a daze, and her mentor’s urgent voice echoed in her ears.

The mentor said, “Cheng, this is something Turing found recently when infiltrating the monster forum.”

“A video from the God’s Forbidden Zone! Spreading across seven sections! The two people in the video are wanted throughout the entire Aberration Empire!”

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