The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Forum 

A video from God’s Forbidden Zone!

Wanted across seven sections?!

The mentor’s words were like a bomb, detonating Cheng’s mind. She tightly gripped her phone, her pupils dilated, and she turned around, staring at the two people involved with disbelief and fear.

Golden sunlight pierced through the high clouds, passed through the decorated floor-to-ceiling windows with rose bouquets, and illuminated everyone’s faces in the room.

After the video ended, the reactions of the people on-site varied.

The expressions of the Non-Natural Bureau team were indescribable. Their faces went from serious and earnest to shocked, doubtful, and then to twisted expressions, as if riding a roller coaster.

Who would have thought that the urgently transmitted video from the headquarters would contain such scenes?

Is this really not just flirting?

Indeed, this was the three-day and three-night romantic encounter of the Crown Prince.

Extremely excessive.

Ye Sheng also found it extremely excessive after seeing the video. Since he opened that box, his resistance to the non-natural bureau and his aberrations have significantly decreased. Even to the extent that he had a vague premonition that “mercy of god” might be related to the forum that the Non-Natural Bureau had always mentioned,

The other person involved in the video, after watching it, remained remarkably calm—so calm that it was almost eerie. Ning Weichen leaned back, his lips still sporting a faint red color. The casual and affectionate peach blossom eyes gradually cooled.

There was an anxious silence in the room as Yuan Chun, feeling uneasy, was about to ask the director what had happened.

However, Cheng had already walked out of the corner, holding her phone. She looked at Ye Sheng with a complex expression, remained silent for a long time, and then spoke with a bitter tone, “Young friend, you might have to go to the Non-Natural Bureau again this time. Something serious has happened.”

Ye Sheng, who had been accepting things since the wedding with the Qin family, was less resistant to the non-natural bureau. In fact, he had a faint feeling that the “mercy of god” might be related to the forum that the Non-Natural Bureau had mentioned repeatedly.

Ning Weichen interrupted the conversation and spoke with a smile, “Director Cheng, can’t you ask him what you need to know here?”

Cheng’s gaze toward the Crown Prince became even more complicated. Turing must have received information, and the Ning family would be informed first.

She said, “It’s not convenient to ask here. Please pay attention to the news later, Young Master Ning. I believe your family will contact you soon.”

Ning Weichen raised his eyebrows.

Unexpectedly, right after saying that, Ning Weichen’s phone rang.

At this moment, his real contact information was only known to a very few people in the world. The only people who could call him on this number were either doctors or his parents. He took the phone handed over by Butler Li, looked at the contact person on the screen, lowered his eyes, and his expression was unreadable.

After a long time, he answered the call, saying, “Father.”

In the instant Ning Weichen answered the call, Butler Li had already put on a smiling and friendly face, ready to send the guests away.

Cheng didn’t want to stay here and listen to the conversation between the father and son.

“We won’t disturb Young Master Ning anymore. We’ll take this young friend away.”

Curious about what Director Cheng wanted to say to him, Ye Sheng got up from his seat but was suddenly stopped by Ning Weichen, who grabbed his wrist.

Ning Weichen temporarily put the phone aside, raised his head, and spoke with a worried tone, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll come to pick you up soon.”

Ye Sheng wasn’t comforted by his acting. Anyway, even if Ning Weichen didn’t come to pick him up, he would come back to find him.

But everyone was watching the two of them get entangled.

Thinking about his ambiguous relationship with Ning Weichen, Ye Sheng had no choice but to steel himself and nod indifferently, “Okay.”

Ning Weichen revealed a beautiful smile, and only then did he let go of Ye Sheng’s hand.

Cheng watched this scene with complex feelings.

During the drive, Cheng sat in the driver’s seat, and Ye Sheng sat in the passenger seat.

Original Chun and the other two squeezed into the back seat.

“Do you know where this video came from?” Cheng held the steering wheel and asked Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng honestly shook his head.

Cheng sighed and showed him a smile that didn’t look too good. “Young friend, you’ve really gotten into big trouble this time.” She thought of what her mentor had said on the phone, her emotions complex. She said gently, “But for us, it’s an opportunity.”

Cheng sighed deeply. “Ye Sheng, do you still remember the corpse-sewing craftsman and the monsters you encountered on the train?”

Ye Sheng nodded.

“They are referred to as aberrations here,” Cheng said, shifting the topic. “I was quite surprised by your performance at the Huai City North Station. Have you encountered aberrations before?”

Ye Sheng answered without much thought, “I could see ghosts since I was a child.”

Cheng was surprised. “You have Yin-Yang eyes?”

Ye Sheng nodded. “Yes.”

After experiencing the series of events, Ye Sheng also understood that things that seemed strange to ordinary people were not a big deal for the Non-Natural Bureau.

Cheng was momentarily stunned, then turned to Cheng Fadao in the back seat and said, “Cheng Fa, inform the branch. We might have a natural-born ability user here. Let them start the detector’s pre-operation.”

Cheng Fa responded, “Okay, sister.”

Ye Sheng frowned. “Are Yin-Yang Eyes considered a special ability?”

Cheng explained, “It’s uncertain, but ordinary people cannot see wandering spirits and ghosts. The possibility of you being an ability user is quite high.” She intended to talk to Ye Sheng about the forum and convince him to cooperate with them. Cheng considered it and decided to start from the beginning with Ye Sheng.

“Whether it’s wandering spirits or the things you encountered on the train, they all fall under the category of aberrations. However, aberrations also have different levels. The wandering spirits you saw are F-level aberrations. They have very low paranormal values, invisible and harmless to ordinary people.

After E-level, aberrations gain intelligence and take on a ‘form,’ becoming visible to people and gaining attacking abilities. The ghost child in the Qin family mansion belongs to E-level aberrations. Generally, aberrations below C-level cannot kill humans. The Heavenly Axis detects paranormal values and can only detect aberrations of C-level and above.”

Ye Sheng asked, “What is the Heavenly Axis?”

Cheng smiled. “It’s our command center; you can also think of it as a detector covering the entire Huaxia. Once it detects paranormal value fluctuations of C-level and above, the Heavenly Axis quickly notifies the local Non-Natural Bureau to handle it.”

“The last time at the Huai City North Station, it was the Heavenly Axis that issued the order. We detected…,” she paused, hesitated for a long time, and finally said, “We detected the presence of the Storyteller.”

The Storyteller?!

In Ye Sheng’s heart, waves of shock surged, but he clenched his lips and remained silent. Afraid that his acting skills weren’t good enough and his expression would reveal something, Ye Sheng lowered his head and asked in a hoarse voice, “The Storyteller?”

Fortunately, Cheng was focused on the traffic lights ahead and didn’t notice anything unusual about him.

She nodded. “Yes, the storyteller. What I’m about to tell you may go beyond your understanding.”

“Ye Sheng, there are many unnatural things in this world. Some have intelligence, some don’t, but they undoubtedly exist in unknown corners. Initially, we fought aberrations using the ‘Heavenly Axis.’ They had to emerge from the darkness for us to find any traces. However, in recent years, we discovered a vast empire, a stronghold of aberrations.”

“These aberrations are active inside and use a ‘forum’ as a medium. Here, they trade items, plan murders, and even manipulate desperate outlaws in the human world to serve their purposes, resisting the Non-Natural Bureau’s tracking and investigation. The man you encountered in carriage 44, named Li Jianyang, is a ‘pawn’ manipulated by aberrations. Of course, we suspect that in this forum, there are other human beings besides ‘pawns.'”

Even though Ye Sheng had some mental preparation, hearing about this matter still felt absurd.

The absurdity lay in the fact that an empire belonging to aberrations actually existed in the form of a ‘forum.’

Ye Sheng asked, “Have you ever gone inside to take a look?”

Cheng pursed her lips and shook her head. “I’ve been in twice, both times with the same S-level executive.”

“The first time we went in, we officially learned about the full picture of this forum. It has seven sections, each with a moderator. The Storyteller I just mentioned is the moderator of the seventh section. All aberrations in the seventh section are related to events occurring on ‘humans.’ Whether it’s a corpse-sewing craftsman, a ghost child, or a malformed fetus, they are all things related to humans in urban areas. It’s like an origin of urban anomalies. Any ghost story you hear on the radio might have a corresponding story here.”

“As for the second time we went in, it was today. Turing saw this video.”

Cheng didn’t say the rest of her words.

This infiltration was too easy; even Turing found it strange.

He said it was peculiar—like this empire was actively revealing itself to him, as if it wanted him to see this scene.

“If we can crack this forum, we won’t always be in a passive position in the fight against aberrations.”

Ye Sheng remained silent.

Concerned about his safety, Ye Sheng couldn’t help but ask, “Haven’t you ever thought about infiltrating and investigating, pretending to be outlaws like Li Jianyang?”

Cheng shook her head. “The forum’s verification of identity information is very strict. You have to pay a considerable price and get the approval of the moderator to enter.”

“Disguising your identity isn’t allowed.”

Cheng said, “No.”

Ye Sheng asked, “Has monsters’ technology become so advanced now?”

Cheng burst into laughter at his words, and the car happened to stop at a crossroads, waiting for the traffic lights.

“Ye Sheng, if you knew who the moderator of the fourth section is, you wouldn’t ask such a question. Their technology has naturally advanced, and they might even be technology itself.” Cheng looked complex, then said lightly, “The moderator of the fourth section is ENIAC.”

Ye Sheng asked, “…”

Ye Sheng asked, “???”
Cheng laughed and said, “On this internet created by humans, many things that you can’t imagine are active. We call these things digital spirits. The sections of ENIAC are all these aberrations. They might be living data, conscious ‘information.’ There might even be a sinister aberration living in your computer. After all, we have dealt with many cases of computers committing murder before.”

“Ye  Sheng took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and thought about the E-level aberration with thick eyebrows and big eyes in his phone. He felt extremely distressed.

Thinking he was scared, Cheng comforted him with a smile: “Don’t worry. Many years ago, a plan was implemented. Electronic devices that can reach ordinary people now have a ‘protective barrier.’ Aberrations aren’t so easily able to enter your phone.”

But after saying this, Cheng froze.

Because this ‘protective barrier’ came from the hands of the Ning family.

They referred to Ning Wei Chen as the prince because the influence of the Ning family on this world had already permeated every aspect.

To a degree that was unimaginable for ordinary people. Even in matters of secure communication and network infrastructure, their involvement was present. With unparalleled financial power and unknown forces, the relationship between the Ning family, the government, and the Non-Natural Bureau has always been extremely mysterious.

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