The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 31.1

Chapter 31: Yelimir 1/2

Yesheng finally understood the meaning of the section titles in the information pages produced by the “search” function.

The red-eyed creature on his phone was indeed a heretic. It was the only heretic he had encountered so far that did not belong to the Story King section.

Yelimir came from the ENIAC section.

If the seventh section was urban bizarre and the fourth section was digital evil spirits, then what about the sixth and fifth sections?

Yesheng thought about this and directly asked, “Director Cheng, besides this, have you made any other discoveries? Seven sections, but only two sections know their names now?”

Cheng, with a smile, responded to his bold question, “Yes. We only know the names of the moderators of these two sections. We’ve only dealt with other moderators once or twice. The moderator of the sixth section recently appeared in Jerusalem, causing dozens of believers to spontaneously combust near the Temple Mount. If I were to classify it, I think the key word for the heresy in the sixth section should be ‘faith.'”

Yesheng tilted his head. “Faith?”

Cheng nodded. “Yes, faith. We’ve encountered the moderator of the sixth section twice, both times in places with a strong religious atmosphere, once in Mecca and once in Jerusalem. The information from the headquarters also mentioned that the moderator of the sixth section had appeared in Bodh Gaya, India. Bodh Gaya is the birthplace of Buddhism.”

Yesheng raised an eyebrow.

Cheng continued, “Initially, we thought it was a fanatic religious figure. However, we later found out that the moderator of the sixth section doesn’t adhere to any religion. From Mecca to Jerusalem to Bodh Gaya, believers from Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism have all been killed by it. After several discussions in the Supernatural Bureau and organizing and classifying some processed heretical cases, we believe that the heresy in the sixth section may be a kind of ideology. Religion, folklore, faith, and the like. Ghosts and gods that exist because of faith.”

Yesheng gazed at the road ahead without speaking.

His memory was excellent.

When Cheng mentioned the word “religion,” Yesheng remembered the red talisman that the old man gave him to save his life.

The talisman helped him suppress the bloodthirsty, A-level fetus in carriage 44.

On it was a signature with the words “Missionary.”

In the moment the blood-red light licked the three words “Missionary,” a green light appeared, and a fragrance of lotus flowers, from pure to eerie, enveloped him. It was as if he were in a heavenly Buddhist temple.

At that time, he felt that the fragrance was too strange.

Now, thinking back, the origin of that talisman was probably extraordinary and might have come from the sixth section.

So, who was the old man?

Everything left to him came from the heretical empire!

Suppressing the horror in his heart, Yesheng asked in a low voice, “What about the fifth section?”

Information about the forum was top-secret in the Supernatural Bureau, and generally, they wouldn’t tell a child under eighteen. But now, Yesheng was the focus of everyone’s attention, and for smooth cooperation with him in the future, Cheng answered all his questions and shared everything she knew: “The moderator of the fifth section is very mysterious. We only encountered it once, in the Mariana Trench, the deepest trench in the world. However, it didn’t leave anything behind.”

“And the third section?”

Cheng sighed, her gaze complex and difficult to express. “Above the third section is the Divine Zone.”

“Divine Zone?”

“Yes, in the first three sections, we’ve never received any information, so we call it the Divine Zone. But today, there was a major breakthrough. Yuan Chun showed you a video in the hotel, something Turing saw when infiltrating the heretical forum.”

Cheng finally got to the point with Yesheng and said with a bitter tone, “It’s a wanted notice that came out of the Divine Zone.”

Yesheng: “…”

Yesheng: “Wanted notice?”

What? He’s wanted?!

Cheng said, “Yes, although we don’t know which moderator from the first three sections issued this wanted notice. But now, this video has spread throughout the entire forum, and your and Ning Weichen’s faces have been remembered by all the heretics. You may encounter countless troubles in the future.”

Yesheng, upon hearing this, suddenly felt a sense of everything being predetermined. Even if he hadn’t opened his grandmother’s box or decided to seek the truth, his life was probably destined to deviate from the path of an ordinary person from the moment he stepped onto the train to Yinshan 44.

Cheng said, “Ning Weichen is the heir of the Ning family, and we are not worried about his safety. We are more concerned about you.”

Yesheng: “Will they come looking for me?”

Cheng said, “Yes. But don’t worry, the headquarters has already designated Huaicheng as the primary inspection area for Tian Shu. Once there is a high-level heretic approaching here, we will be on high alert. At the same time, the headquarters will send people according to the situation.”

Yesheng: “…”

Cheng said, “Yesheng, do you want to consider joining us?”

Yesheng remained silent.

Cheng continued, “If you are an innate ability user, joining us is the best option.”

Yesheng asked in return, “What if I’m not an ability user?”

Cheng was stunned, seemingly not expecting this possibility.

The car stopped at the main office of the Huai City Supernatural Bureau.

Yesheng didn’t bother looking at the exterior of the building. As soon as he entered, Cheng led him to a room.

Cheng said, “Take him for a talent check first.”

Cheng Fa replied, “Yes.”

The talent check was also a check for supernatural abilities. After Cheng Fa took Yesheng inside, he quietly closed the door.

Inside the room, there was a machine that had been pre-operating, and a silver-white recliner was placed in front of Yesheng.

Seated at the large blue screen was a petite girl.

With waist-length black hair, glasses, and wearing a white coat, she looked at Yesheng with a complex expression and said, “Lie down.”

Yesheng felt that Cheng’s efforts were in vain. He had been alive for so long, and, apart from being unlucky enough to encounter supernatural occurrences, he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with him compared to normal people.

Based on his conversation with Cheng, he also felt that he was not related to the three major types of innate ability awakeners.

He had not evolved physically, gaining extrasensory perception or superhuman speed and strength; nor had he awakened any special abilities, such as manipulating metal, wood, water, or earth, or invisibility and phasing through walls.

As for the rare functional awakeners, he didn’t read minds, predict the future, or understand purification and healing.

After Yesheng lay down, his brain, hands, and feet were all fixed by something special, and a faint electric current passed through his skin. There was a sensation, but it was very faint—so faint that it could be ignored.

When Yesheng closed his eyes, he calmly analyzed everything that was happening to him now.

He knew what Cheng meant by bringing him here. From the beginning, Cheng had said, “Now, for us, it’s an opportunity.”

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