The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 31.2

Chapter 31: Yelimir 2/2

An opportunity to lure the snake out of its hole and thoroughly investigate the entire monster empire.

The condition was that he would be the bait.

If they were really concerned about his safety, the Supernatural Bureau would have sent him to the main office for protection. But obviously, the Supernatural Bureau didn’t intend to do that.

Cheng had told him everything about the forum without reservation, even actively suggesting that he join the Supernatural Bureau. It was probably to make him cooperate with them in the future.

Cheng Director was really considerate—too considerate of his feelings.

He was just an ordinary male college student, now targeted by heretics. Even if he didn’t want to cooperate, he had to.

After half an hour of these random thoughts, the electric current on his body disappeared, and the metal restraining him loosened.

Yesheng sat up slowly and asked, “Can I go now?”

The girl who had been observing his brain scan was obviously shocked by the results and nodded absentmindedly, “Uh, yes, you can.”

Yesheng politely said, “Thank you,” and when he went out, he saw Cheng Fa waiting for him outside.

Unlike the initial cold arrogance, Cheng Fa’s attitude toward Yesheng now was very strange.

Cheng Fa spoke with a strange tone, “Let’s go. My sister is waiting for you upstairs.”

When Yesheng took the elevator to the office of the bureau director, Cheng had just finished a call with her supervisor.

She turned from the floor-to-ceiling window with her phone in hand, and a smile appeared on her beautiful and charming face when she saw Yesheng.

“How was it?”

Yesheng didn’t say anything because he didn’t know the result yet.

Cheng Fa spoke, sounding complicated, “Sis, he’s not an ability user.”

Cheng, with widened pupils, looked shocked. This result was completely expected by Yesheng, but Cheng seemed to find it hard to accept.

She stood still in place, stunned for a long time. It wasn’t until Cheng Fa called her again that she snapped back to reality, waved her hand for him to leave first, and Cheng Fa nodded and closed the door after leaving. The room was left with Yesheng and Cheng.

“Please sit.”

Yesheng knew that today’s conversation wouldn’t end quickly and nodded, finding a seat.

Cheng sat across from him and handed him a glass of water. “Yesheng, what do you plan to do now?”

Perhaps because of his grandmother, Yesheng always had a bit more patience with a female elder who obviously had goodwill towards him. But it was only a bit. He didn’t like dealing with people. Yesheng pursed his lips. He didn’t want to waste too much time here.

“Isn’t it what you want me to do?” he said plainly.

Cheng looked at him in surprise, then smiled bitterly. “You’re indeed smart. The headquarters told me to calm you down first and adapt to the situation.”

Cheng continued, “Those high-level heretics are quite restricted and won’t arrive in Huai City so quickly. The headquarters said, Just pretend you don’t know anything, go to school, and work peacefully. If you notice anything unusual, inform us, and we will protect you in the shadows.”

Yesheng, with his clear black and white almond-shaped eyes, asked, “Will you be monitoring me?”

Cheng was stunned.

Yesheng continued, “I don’t want to live under the surveillance of the Supernatural Bureau.”

Cheng’s lips turned pale, and she didn’t say anything.

The headquarters intended to use Yesheng as “bait.” Since he was the bait, what privacy could he have? The orders from the headquarters were also very cruel. If Yesheng was unwilling, they would force him to “be willing.”

Cheng took a deep breath and advised him softly, “We monitor you to ensure your safety.”

Yesheng looked down at the water in the cup, neither confirming nor denying.

From the moment Yesheng arrived at the North Station in Huai City, he had a clear understanding of the Supernatural Bureau. This was not a national institution; it was a global organization. They had their own rules, and these rules did not strongly respect human rights. Yesheng had no doubt that if sacrificing him alone could open the key to the heretic empire, the Supernatural Bureau would sacrifice him without hesitation.


After all, Yesheng didn’t dare to confirm whether he was even human at the moment.

“He’s caught in the middle, needing to be cautious on both sides.

Ye Sheng took a sip of water, his eyes murky and complex.

Cheng thought he was afraid and reassured him, saying, “Don’t worry, our surveillance won’t affect your normal social life. Little friend, nothing is more important than life, right?”

Ye Sheng calmly spoke, “Director Cheng, may I ask one more question?”

Cheng didn’t expect him to change the subject and was stunned. “Hmm? Go ahead.”

Ye Sheng asked, “Does that forum have a name?”

Cheng furrowed her brows, thought seriously, and said, “A name? It seems so. Turing mentioned it. The forum’s name is… Remiel!” She nodded solemnly and said, “Yes, it’s Remiel, the name of the fallen angel responsible for guiding human souls to the final judgment in the Book of Enoch. Also known as Jeremiel, Yerimyel.”

Cheng added, “The meaning of the name Yerimyel is the mercy of God.”


Ye Sheng suddenly put down the cup, and his heart sank into a biting abyss. The overwhelming waves in his eyes were hidden behind clear black and white irises.

Calm to the extreme, without a ripple.

Cheng asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Sheng slowly closed his eyes and opened them again.


Ye Sheng said, “Director Cheng, I promise you.”

In fact, he never had the choice to refuse throughout the entire matter.

But Ye Sheng’s eyes were still deep, and he said softly, “I’ll cooperate with your plan and lure the heretics over. But for my own safety, I hope you can tell me everything about the investigation, especially about that forum that’s wanted me.”

He was confident that he could deceive the Natural Bureau in his daily life. Now, the most important thing was to find out about that forum.

Cheng didn’t expect Ye Sheng to agree so quickly, sighed in relief, and smiled. “Okay, you can rest assured. Our monitoring will be done discreetly, without affecting your daily life at university.”

As Cheng finished speaking, the door of the meeting room was suddenly pulled open.

Li, the butler, held the doorknob and stepped back voluntarily.

Ning Weichen stood behind, lightly laughing. He lifted his head, and his affectionate and indifferent gaze looked into the room. In a lazy tone, he said, “Surveillance? Director Cheng, what do you intend to do to my fiancé?”

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