The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32: Enrollment 1/2

Ye Sheng didn’t expect Ning Weichen to come. He sat on the sofa, turning his head in astonishment to look at him.

Ning Weichen was followed by a group of people, all executives from the Huai City Supernatural Bureau. Cheng Fa, Xu Qingyuan, and Yuan Chun had grim faces, looking like they dared not speak.

Meeting Ye Sheng’s gaze, Ning Weichen smiled. Then he turned his head, gracefully addressing the people behind him, “Thank you for bringing me up, but for the matters ahead, I may need to have a private chat with Director Cheng.”

Li, the butler, immediately understood his meaning. After Ning Weichen entered, he held the doorknob and closed the door. Blocking the door, he showed a friendly smile to Cheng Fa’s group and said, “Thank you all. The young master and Director Cheng have something to discuss. We’ll wait downstairs.”

Yuan Chun rolled his eyes. Cheng Fa glanced at Li, expressionless, and turned to go downstairs.

After Ning Weichen entered the room, he took a step forward and sat next to Ye Sheng. He came in a hurry from the Rose Empire Hotel; he didn’t even have time to change his clothes, and there seemed to be a subtle and elegant fragrance on the cuffs of his shirt.

Sitting down, Ning Weichen looked at Ye Sheng with worry and apology in his eyes, whispering, “Sorry, I’m late.”


Compared to him, Ye Sheng’s acting skills were like night and day.

Ning Weichen could act even with a piece of wood, and Ye Sheng couldn’t give any expression except a poker face.

To avoid Cheng Fa noticing any flaws, Ye Sheng nodded vaguely and coldly, holding the cup and choosing to lower his head to drink water.

Fortunately, with Ning Weichen here, Cheng Fa didn’t spare much attention to him.

Cheng Fa was puzzled. “Fiancé?” Wasn’t it just a chance encounter on the train? How did it become a fiancé in the blink of an eye?

Ning Weichen, as soon as he arrived, completely seized control of the negotiation. He gave a gentle glance at Ye Sheng before turning to answer Cheng Fa’s question with a smile.

“Yes, fiancé.”

“Just now, my father scolded me during the call. It seems that you guys from the Supernatural Bureau have already told him about what happened on the train.” Ning Weichen smiled ambiguously. “He knows I made someone pregnant, and since I don’t plan to keep the child, he thinks I’m acting inappropriately. Especially with this video surfacing, now the entire Heretic Empire is focusing on me and Ye Sheng. My father thinks I’ve implicated an innocent person, putting him in danger, which is unethical behavior. So, he wants me to take responsibility.”

As he said the words “take responsibility,” it seemed to carry a kind of ambiguous tenderness. Ning Weichen curved his peach blossom eyes, reached out to hold Ye Sheng’s left hand, and intertwined their fingers slowly.

He looked at Ye Sheng’s profile earnestly, thought for a moment, and smiled.

“I think my father is right. Since Ye Sheng is already pregnant with my child, isn’t he my fiancé? I should take various responsibilities for him, including legal ones.”


Sometimes, he really admired Ning Weichen.

He could improvise a play on the spot, and he could unfold countless sequels, all logically coherent from start to finish.

Truly a worthy actor.

Even a glass of water couldn’t extinguish the unnamed fire in Ye Sheng’s heart.

The play was seamless, even surprising Cheng Fa. She never expected that the Ning family’s principles were so strict, even in the private lives of their heirs. Must they provide a formal status for getting pregnant?

Cheng Fa was a bit bewildered.

Ning Weichen curved his lips and said, “So I’m not in a hurry to go back now. My father bought an apartment near Huai’an University for me. If everything goes as expected, I should be going to school with my fiancé.”



 Cheng Fa struggled to speak. “Didn’t you already graduate from MIT?”

Ning Weichen smiled and casually said, “There’s nothing wrong with returning to campus. Isn’t there a saying? Learning is endless.”


Is that how you use the phrase “learning is endless”?

With the capabilities of the Ning family, it wouldn’t be difficult for Ning Weichen to pursue another undergraduate degree in China. However, this also meant that Ning Weichen and Ye Sheng would be tied together.

The Supernatural Bureau could ignore Ye Sheng’s wishes and monitor him, but adding Ning Weichen to the equation was entirely unacceptable.

The Ning family would never allow constant tracking and monitoring of their only heir.

For so many years, they suspected that an S-level heresy might be implanted in Ning Weichen. Despite over a decade of investigation, they only dared to conduct it discreetly, sending elite executives.


It was impossible for them to be together.

Cheng Fa asked, “Have you asked Ye Sheng’s opinion on this matter?”

Yes, Cheng Fa suddenly remembered that Ye Sheng wanted to terminate the pregnancy!

After hearing this, Ning Weichen’s smile deepened. He took Ye Sheng’s hand, turned to him, and asked, “Brother, Director Cheng is asking you a question.”

Finally, in a situation where he wasn’t even thirsty, Ye Sheng finished the cup of water.

He felt like he and Ning Weichen were destined to be tied together.

In the past, Ye Sheng would never have thought that he would one day accept being another man’s partner.

But now, the olive branch extended by Ning Weichen was the optimal solution. Ye Sheng didn’t want to be monitored by the Supernatural Bureau, but he needed to cooperate with them to investigate the forum and uncover the truth about his own identity.

Admitting the identity given by Ning Weichen was the best way.


Mercy of God.

Ye Sheng looked up, frowned, and asked Ning Weichen, “Do you plan to continue studying at Huaian University?”

Ning Weichen nodded. “Yes.”

Ye Sheng continued, “In the same school and major as me?”

Ning Weichen blinked and smiled. “Yes, if you don’t want to move out and live together, we can still share a dormitory.”

Ye Sheng, with no expression, declined politely, “Thank you, no need. I’ll stay in the dorm, and you can live in the apartment.”

Ning Weichen said a little disappointedly, “Okay.”

Watching their conversation, Cheng Fa’s heart sank slowly.

Ye Sheng took a deep breath, calmed his emotions, and asked, “Director Cheng, if Ning Weichen is always with me, does the Supernatural Bureau still need to assign people to protect me?”

Cheng Fa forced a smile. “Yes, theoretically.”

Ye Sheng said, “Then let’s do it this way. You don’t need to arrange people around me. I’ll treat it as if nothing happened and continue to work and study peacefully, waiting for the heretics to come to me. But I will keep in touch with you all the time. If there are any special situations, I will inform you. Also, please fulfill the promised conditions and tell me everything about the investigation into the forum.”

Cheng Fa was stunned. She didn’t expect that after having Ning Weichen backing him up, Ye Sheng still intended to cooperate with them.

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