The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 32.2

Chapter 32: Enrollment  2/2

“Okay. Here is my phone number.” Cheng Fa took out a piece of paper, quickly wrote down a string of numbers, and handed it to Ye Sheng. “You can directly contact me if you encounter any special situations.”

Ye Sheng took the paper, nodded, and said, “Thank you.”

Ning Weichen, watching on the side, said to Cheng Fa, “Director Cheng, is there anything else? If not, I’ll take him away.”

Cheng Fa pursed her lips, frowned slightly, and looked at Ning Weichen, “Yes.”

Ning Weichen raised an eyebrow.

Cheng Fa, after all, was an A-level executive and the director of the Huai City Supernatural Bureau. She said, “This time, the video came from the Divine Forbidden Zone. I want to ask Young Master Ning how your father reacted.”

After hearing this, Ning Weichen’s lips curled up mysteriously, and he said casually, “My father didn’t say much; he just told me to be careful in everything. I think it’s a good thing. We’ve always been dealing with enemies in the open and in the dark. Now is a rare opportunity, isn’t it?”

Cheng Fa pursed her lips and said, “Yes.”

Ning Weichen chuckled lightly. “Then let’s do this. It’s my honor to assist the Supernatural Bureau’s work.”

After courteously saying this, he stood up, holding Ye Sheng’s hand, and left.

The central office of the Huai City Supernatural Bureau was not in the city center but in a secretive area on the outskirts.

When Ye Sheng walked outside, he found that Li, the butler, was not there.

Ning Weichen opened the passenger door for him, revealing a bright smile. “He’s gone to help me with the enrollment procedures. Today, I’ll be my brother’s driver.”

Ye Sheng’s first reaction was, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Ning Weichen nodded. “Yes, I got my license in California when I was sixteen.”

Ye Sheng said coldly, “This is China. Your license is useless here.” Minors in China couldn’t drive.

Ning Weichen was amused. “I won’t drive on the road; just escort you down the mountain.”

Ye Sheng shook his head and said, “No need.”

“Alright.” Ning Weichen glanced at his wristwatch, closed the car door, and said, “Shall we go down the mountain?”

Ye Sheng nodded. “Yes, I also have some questions to ask you.”

Ning Weichen’s expression became a bit strange after hearing this.

After sending a casual message to Li, the butler, Ning Weichen, looked at Ye Sheng, and with a peach blossom smile, he had a teasing tone.

“Brother, don’t you think your attitude towards me is a bit strange?”

Ye Sheng frowned, “Hmm?”

Ning Weichen approached, smiling, “You seem to be a bit too used to ordering me around.”

Ye Sheng said, “…”. To be honest, he wasn’t aware of his attitude.

Ning Weichen showed a playful smile. “But I always listen to my brother. You can ask me anything.”

Ye Sheng exposed him: “Thank you for helping me out in there, but now that no one is around, stop acting.”

Ning Weichen regretfully said, “Okay. What do you want to ask?”

Ye Sheng asked, “Did you know me before?”

Ning Weichen replied, “Yes.”

Ye Sheng asked indifferently, “What kind of person was I before?”

Ning Weichen said, “In what aspect do you want me to answer?”

Ye Sheng said, “Appearance, personality, identity, hobbies.”

Ning Weichen burst into laughter suddenly. His eyes roamed freely over Ye Sheng for a while before he slowly said, “Your appearance and personality are exactly the same as now. As for identity and hobbies, I forgot.”

“Forget?” Ye Sheng was surprised.

Ning Weichen nodded. “Yes, it’s all said to be things from a dream. It’s normal not to remember, isn’t it?”

Ye Sheng was skeptical. “Is it really a dream?”

Ning Weichen chuckled. “It’s so contradictory, brother. You questioned whether it’s a dream, yet you’re the one who dreamed it. What, do you wish it’s not a dream now?”

Ye Sheng didn’t pay attention to his teasing. In a calm and serious tone, he asked, “Ning Weichen, how much do you remember about my past?”

Ning Weichen sensed his seriousness, casually smiled, and said, “Not much.”

Ye Sheng frowned.

Ning Weichen sighed, “I fell in love with you at first sight on the train, and then I did a lot of things against my nature: I came out in front of so many people, got scolded by my father, and now I have to return to school for you.”

Ning Weichen said nonchalantly, “If I really had a clear memory of our past, I would probably have gone crazy.”

Ye Sheng asked, “Then what do you remember?”

Ning Weichen licked his teeth. “Well, I remember we were together, and then you abandoned me.”

“…” Ye Sheng pulled the corners of his mouth and continued, “When were we together?”

He didn’t believe it was at the age of five. Perhaps it was before his “rebirth.”

Ning Weichen, seeing his interest in this topic, lost interest himself.

The mountain path was lined with white hydrangea flowers.

Ning Weichen’s gaze was entangled and torn by the summer light and shadows. After a long silence, he said, “Ye Sheng, you won’t get answers from me about this.”

Ye Sheng remained silent.

Ning Weichen lightly laughed and said, “Because I don’t want to remember.”

Ning Weichen said, “My personal doctor told me that everything bothering me is fake, all nightmares. I’ve undergone three emotional cleansings, and I can’t remember any details. They said that after implanting the heresy, humans may experience some abnormalities more or less. My condition should be a mental hallucination.”

“Don’t ask, darling,” he said lightly. “Now the most important thing is not this.”

After hearing “implanting the heresy” and “mental hallucinations” from him, Ye Sheng furrowed his brows. The doubts in his heart were slowly unraveling.

After all, he always felt that the story Ning Weichen told about this life and past lives was nonsense. Ye Sheng never thought he would fall in love, and he didn’t believe he had the ability to be loved. He only thought of seeking information about the past from Ning Weichen as a desperate attempt.

Perhaps it was really a mental hallucination during the implantation of the heresy.

Knowing about the existence of the sixth forum, it was possible that what Ning Weichen said about “this life and past life” could be true. After all, the teachings of Buddhism include the term “reincarnation.”

Ning Weichen was right; the most important thing now was not this.

With Ye Sheng’s current abilities, he could only adapt to the changing circumstances.

Ye Sheng stopped asking. He checked the time on his phone; it was already nine in the morning.

He needed to ask for half a day off from Xia Wenshi and then go to the haunted house in the afternoon.

Ignoring the 99+ messages in the dormitory and freshman groups, Ye Sheng left a message in the work group.

This morning, he didn’t even have money for the car fare to the Rose Empire Hotel. Something scarier than the heresy was that he was running out of money for food.

Being poor was indeed scarier than being a ghost.

Meanwhile, inside the haunted house, Huang Qiqi and Xia Wenshi were excitedly making preparations. They planned to take the scumbag to Huaian University’s Lover’s Lake tonight and scare him with the recorded audio!

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