The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 33.1

Chapter 33: Revenge Plan 1/2

After descending from the mountain, there was a bus stop, and the No. 87 bus conveniently passed by Huaian University.

Ye Sheng no longer had money to take a taxi back to school. Saving money was saving money, even if this bus only came once every hour. He was willing to wait.

Ning Weichen accompanied him for a while, and soon, a car came to pick him up.

It wasn’t Li the butler; it was someone from the Qin family.

The incident at the Qin family banquet didn’t spread in Huaian City. The Supernatural Bureau’s mysterious identity and the Qin family’s desire to keep their family matters private led to deliberate suppression of the news.

On that night, Qin Patriarch was taken away by the police, but the Qin family still maintained a joyful atmosphere, pretending as if nothing had happened.

The current head of the Qin family, Qin Siyuan, had little filial piety toward the Qin Patriarch. He fought his way out from among his siblings and had never experienced fatherly love and filial piety in a prestigious family.

Compared to his father’s safety, Qin Siyuan was more concerned about Ning Weichen’s opinion. He feared that the absurd farce that night might make Ning Weichen disgusted.

They needed to explain things properly.

“Ning Young Master, Miss Liu Shuang sent me to pick you up,” the driver got out of the car, showing a pleasing smile and respectfully saying.

Ning Weichen nodded, turned to look at Ye Sheng, and smiled. “Do you want to come with me to the Qin family?”

Since he chose to stay in Huaian City for university and the Qin family was his nominal “maternal family” and a local prestigious family, his father must have talked to Qin Siyuan privately.

Ye Sheng declined, “No need. You go ahead; I have to go back to school; I have something in the afternoon.” He was going to work at the haunted house.

Ning Weichen surveyed the surroundings, sighed, and said, “It’s difficult to get a taxi here. I’ll have Li the butler come to pick you up later.”

Ye Sheng declined again, “Thanks, not necessary.”

Ning Weichen looked at him with interest, chuckled, and said, “Why refuse? You’ve now officially agreed to be my fiancé. Don’t you want to enjoy a little bit of the treatment of a young lady?”

Ye Sheng said, “…”


He suddenly realized that the housekeeper, Mr. Li, addressed Ning Weichen as “Young Master.” If that smiling tiger suddenly called him “Madam” now, Ye Sheng had no doubt that he would be nauseated to death.

He wanted to prevent such an embarrassing situation.

“We don’t need to make our private affairs public.” Ye Sheng raised his eyes and said indifferently, “I can take the bus myself; there’s no need to trouble Mr. Li.”


Ning Weichen smiled and said no more, sitting in the back seat of the black car.

Before getting into the car, the driver politely said to Ye Sheng, “Mr. Ye, we’ll be leaving now.”

Ye Sheng couldn’t wait for them to leave quickly and replied slowly, “Hmm.”

Today, his luck was not bad. Shortly after Ning Weichen left, he caught bus number 87.

This was the second stop on the bus route, and there were very few people. Ye Sheng found a window seat and closed his eyes to catch some sleep.

The Qin family banquet, just a short day, felt like he had experienced half a lifetime, exhausted.

The villa, the mischievous child, Luo Xingyan, the bridal chamber, the necklace, the gun, the note, the forum, the wanted notice—from the first message Huang Yiyue sent him after leaving Yin Mountain, everything developed in a dramatic direction.

Ye Sheng didn’t return to the dormitory; instead, he walked to 444 Huai’an Middle Road, planning to continue working.

The summer breeze blew through the ancient street, shaded by greenery.

Ye Sheng looked up at the exaggeratedly haunted house in front of him, feeling a sense of returning to the mortal world.

After Ye Sheng’s photo of the haunted house went viral on Weibo, it briefly gained attention but soon became cold again due to the crude props and straightforward plot. Hardly anyone visited in a day.

When he entered, Huang Qiqi and Xia Wenshi were tinkering with a radio in the hall.

Xia Wenshi held up the radio and asked in confusion, “Qiqi, do you think this thing can be remote-controlled?”

Huang Qiqi rolled her eyes and said, “Boss, that’s a silly question. If it can’t be remote-controlled, why would I buy it?”

“I was just asking. Is it waterproof?”

“Waterproof! Since we want to impersonate ghosts in the lake, we have to put it in the water!”

Xia Wenshi nodded and repeated the plan for tonight.

“Alright then. Tonight at twelve, you take the scum to Lover’s Lake. After walking to the center of the True-Testing Bridge to confess, give me a signal by raising your hand. When you raise your hand, I’ll control the radio to call out the scum’s name in the water. If the scum asks if you heard anything, you must act convincingly and tell him you didn’t hear anything, okay? Hahaha, scare that idiot.”

Huang Qiqi had already come out of her sadness in the past few days and joined in, “Okay, the two of us will definitely scare that scum tonight. Hmph, let him tread on two boats!”

Xia Wenshi nodded and thought of something else, his eyes shining as he asked, “Qiqi, can I live-stream tonight’s event?”

Huang Qiqi widened her eyes in surprise. “Boss, are you still dreaming of being a streamer?”

Xia Wenshi admitted frankly, “Yes, if people don’t have dreams, wouldn’t they be no different from salted fish?”

“Alright, go ahead with your live stream. The scum doesn’t have portrait rights!”

Xia Wenshi was elated. As a small streamer who had been on the Star Art Live platform for a few months, although he wasn’t popular, he had learned quite a few methods to attract viewers.

Despite being criticized every day by various streamers for only sucking the blood of his alma mater, he remained steadfast.

After chatting with Huang Qiqi, Xia Wenshi happily went to Star Art Live and posted a dynamic.

【Tonight at twelve, the graduate senior from Huai’an University will take you to explore the mystery of Lover’s Lake and the True-Testing Bridge, famous at Huai’an University. Those who betray true feelings will swallow ten thousand needles, and those who betray true feelings will be dragged into the water by the female ghost [Ghost] [Skeleton].

As expected, the first three comments were all negative.

【Damn, it’s you again, the graduate senior from Huai’an University [rolling eyes]】

【Can’t you speak without mentioning the name of our alma mater?】

【Not famous, but loves to piggyback on famous things】

Xia Wenshi: “…”

Huang Qiqi: “…”

Huang Qiqi was a kind girl and couldn’t bear to see her boss being scolded.

At the same time, as a current student at Huai’an University, she felt that it was embarrassing.

Taking Xia Wenshi’s phone, Huang Qiqi said, “Boss, let me write a comment for you.”

A few minutes later, this well-versed web novel reader wrote a paragraph.

【Broke up. Boyfriend cheated, best friend betrayed me, one sings the red face, the other sings the white face, playing me around. This morning I secretly learned that the third party and the scum are planning to retaliate against me, recording a video of me to ruin my reputation.

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