The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 33.2

Chapter 33: Revenge Plan 2/2

Alright, I’m ready to break the net with this pair of scum tonight.

At twelve o’clock tonight, tune in to Room 484848 and watch how I retaliate against these scumbags! 】

Huang Qiqi clapped her hands and said, “Done.”

Xia Wenshi: “…”

It had to be said that these two dynamics combined had some effect.

The comments section was finally not filled with insults about him loving to piggyback on things, but rather a bunch of “????”

Surrounded by such mild question marks for the first time, Xia Wenshi felt moved to tears.

When Ye Sheng walked in, Xia Wenshi and Huang Qiqi had just finished discussing their revenge plan. Huang Qiqi, who was in a good mood, saw Ye Sheng and suddenly brightened, waving happily, “Junior, you’re here!”

Ye Sheng nodded and greeted, “Hello, Senior.” As a part-timer with a strong professional ethic, he quickly and honestly said to his boss, “Sorry, Senior, I had some issues last night, so I was late this morning.”

“Having some issues” meant he “got pregnant” and also acquired an “unmarried husband.”

It was really absurd.

Xia Wenshi waved his hand broadly. “No problem, Little Ye, we’re like brothers. Why explain this to me?”

Ye Sheng nodded, checked the time, and then calmly said, “I’ll go to the utility room now.”

“Wait.” Xia Wenshi looked at him eagerly and suddenly whispered, “Little Ye, are you free tonight?”

Ye Sheng raised an eyebrow.

Xia Wenshi immediately stood up and walked over, wanting to give a friendly pat on Ye Sheng’s shoulder. However, Ye Sheng had already stepped back; he was always wary of physical contact with outsiders.

Xia Wenshi didn’t find it awkward at all, considering Ye Sheng as a somewhat introverted, cool guy. Ye Sheng rarely smiled, and Xia Wenshi didn’t expect him to be close to people.

However, Xia Wenshi firmly believed that Ye Sheng’s indifference was just a facade; deep down, he was a good kid.

Xia Wenshi grinned. “Xiao Ye, help your brother Xia out tonight.”

“Ye Sheng’s wages were paid daily, and since he had skipped the morning shift, he couldn’t refuse the “overtime” request from his boss.


Xia Wenshi lifted his selfie stick, smiling, “Tonight, I’m planning to get revenge on the scum with Qiqi at Lover’s Lake. I need to remotely control the recorder and be in the frame. We’re lacking someone to livestream with a raised phone. Can you help me record how it looks?”

“…” As expected, since discovering Xia Wenshi’s interest in paranormal livestreaming, Ye Sheng knew this boss wasn’t reliable. In the past, Ye Sheng would have refused directly, but now his feelings about these paranormal-related matters are delicate.

Moreover, Lover’s Lake and the True-Testing Bridge were on the Huai’an University campus, not far from his dormitory.

Ye Sheng sighed lightly. “Fine.”

Consider being late for work in the morning and working overtime at night. Besides, he wouldn’t be in the frame anyway.

Xia Wenshi clapped happily.

Huang Qiqi was even more ecstatic; her eyes were teary. “Wuwuwu, thank you, junior! Let that idiot see what a real handsome guy looks like.”

Ye Sheng pursed his lips, feeling uncomfortable staying here. “I’ll go clean up; just call me when it’s time in the evening.” Anyway, he would spend the night in the dorm.

“Sure, junior, go ahead.”

As soon as Ye Sheng entered the doll room, he felt Alice’s gaze. Alice sat on the cabinet, and as Ye Sheng wiped the glass with a cloth, she climbed down the stairs with excitement, sitting at Ye Sheng’s eye level, her voice clear and crisp. “Daddy, where are you guys planning to play tonight?”

She heard their conversation in the hall, and both of Alice’s button-made eyes radiated an excited light.

Ye Sheng ignored her.

Alice thought for a moment and cleverly changed her words: “Ye Sheng, where are you guys planning to play tonight? Can you take me with you?”

As Ye Sheng wiped the cabinet, his hand suddenly paused. In the dim light, his apricot eyes became ambiguous. He thought of something: Director Cheng had said that now that he and Ning Weichen were in videos circulating on the entire forum, almost all heretics recognized them.

So what did Alice know? She was also a heretic, belonging to the Story Master section. Did she know about the Heretic Empire and the forum?

But he felt… Alice didn’t know.

Because her level was not enough.

Ye Sheng said, “Stay here for me; don’t go anywhere.”

Alice swung her legs, regretfully saying, “Oh.”

The upheavals among the wealthy families in Huai City did not affect the ordinary people, at least not in the new student group, where there was still a group of people gossiping about Xie Wenci, the little internet celebrity with a million followers. I wonder how shaky Xie’s family is now.

Every year, the new student group at Huai’an University would be particularly active due to two things: the selection of the campus flower and campus hunk, and the selection of candidates for the campus promotional video during the beginning of the school season.

Ye Sheng hadn’t opened the messages in the new student group, but unfortunately, there was a person in his dorm who was enthusiastic about running between the two groups, and these things always reached his ears.

[Chen Can: Brothers, help me with the vote.]

Chen Can sent a link to the registration page for the campus promotional video. He uploaded a video introducing himself, seeking likes everywhere.

[Chen Can: Brothers, help me out.] I’m not asking to be the male protagonist in the promotional video; just showing my face is enough. If I can get the priority to choose a partner for the next four years of university, I won’t forget the great kindness of my brothers! \]

Although everyone had some complaints about Chen Can’s personality, it wasn’t a big problem.

People generally get along amicably.

Everyone was willing to help with this favor.

Under the urging of the other two roommates, Ye Sheng also went in and cast his vote.

Free from Huang Yiyue and the Xie family, free from the surveillance of the Natural Bureau.

Now, his university life could be considered truly beginning.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Room 484848 of Star Art Live had already gathered a crowd.

\[Open the door\]

[I want to see this revenge drama.]

What’s with those two dynamics, leaving Lover’s Lake? \]

[Hurry up, I’ve got my midnight snack.]

I’m the female lead’s friend; she’s already told me the script in advance. Transfer me thirty yuan on WeChat, and I’ll spoil you with the revenge plan.

I’m the best friend in the story; this woman doesn’t know I’ve got a backup plan. Transfer me fifty yuan on WeChat, and I’ll tell you about my plans.

[Scammer, get lost]

[After watching the dynamics, I reasonably suspect the anchor is from the Huai’an University Admissions Office, never mentioning anything other than Huai’an University.]

Stop it; you say he’s from the Huai Li Admissions Office; I might believe it a bit. The scheming Huai Li people can’t match up, so they resort to defamation.

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