The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 35.1

Chapter 35: Those Who Listen to Stories (Part Two) 1/3

After completing tonight’s revenge plan, Xia Wenshi happily opened his live broadcast. Switching to the front camera and adjusting the beauty filter to level ten, he appeared with a messy head of blond hair in front of the viewers, cheerfully greeting, “Hey, hello to everyone in the live chat. I’m back again.”

However, what awaited him was a barrage of hate comments.

“Why are you back? No one wants to see you; quickly let your assistant show up!”

“I want to see a handsome guy! Move aside, Blondie!”

“If you don’t want to lose me as a fan, make your assistant talk, streamer! [Angry]”

“Forget it, Blondie. Xiao Ye will never show his face.”

Xia Wenshi completely anticipated the current situation.

With Ye Sheng’s appearance and voice, starting a live broadcast would easily outshine the top-level streamers in the good-looking category.

This shallow barrage getting enchanted by Ye Sheng’s voice was a common occurrence.

Honestly, Xia Wenshi wasn’t bad-looking, but his temperament was too rough. With his blond hair and ear studs, he engaged in a fierce battle with mosquitoes in a small grove near the lake during the summer, making it hard for people to appreciate his refined facial features.

After all, handsome guys relied on the accumulation of atmosphere.

Sourly, Xia Wenshi thought that there was no future for comedic guys these days.

He held up his phone, reading the barrage while answering, “Is my assistant handsome? Of course, he is. Honestly, without bragging or exaggeration, Xiao Ye is the most handsome person I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, Xiao Ye doesn’t have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. His contact information? Haha, forget it. Xiao Ye looks like he doesn’t know how to love humans. Hey, I said you guys are so boring. In this day and age, only little girls are still infatuated with silent cool guys. Smart girls know that it’s more interesting to date a funny and considerate guy, like me.”

Tonight, his popularity reached its peak, even higher than when he first watched the murder house. After all, the gimmicks were well done, and the “Verification Bridge” and the abusive scum script attracted a bunch of bored onlookers. Combined with Ye Sheng’s voice, a group of people eagerly shared the live broadcast, urging friends to come and watch the handsome academic genius.

However, his heartfelt words did not gain recognition from the barrage.

[“Senior Xia, what you said makes sense, but I still want to see a handsome guy.”]

[“Blondie, the only funny thing about comedic guys is that they call themselves comedic guys.”]

[“Hahaha, hahaha, but the pairing of comedic guys is usually with beautiful women.”]

[“Can you stop teasing people? Just let the assistant show up in a mirror; it won’t cost you your life.”]

“No, no, no,” Xia Wenshi said, shaking his head. As an outdoor streamer, he had his principles. He would never let unrelated people appear on camera without permission. Of course, scum guys were an exception; scum guys had no right to privacy.

“Xiao Ye isn’t interested in the internet. Stop asking about him. I will swear to defend my employee’s portrait rights. If you’re really interested in Xiao Ye, feel free to apply to Huai’an University.”

He chuckled, finally giving his alma mater some positive publicity.

After Xia Wenshi went back, he never expected that this live broadcast would make it to the hot search again.

When Ye Sheng’s photo became popular, a bunch of people went to the haunted house to get a scare.

Although they didn’t see the rumored handsome guy, they had a vague impression of the owner of the haunted house, this little blond guy.

This time, the broadcast at Lover’s Lake gained momentum again, and a few tourists who remembered Xia Wenshi’s face were dumbfounded.

If this broadcaster was the owner of the haunted house and Xiao Ye was his employee, who had a pleasant voice and was a cold and handsome guy…

Hmm? Why does it feel like the truth has come to light?

So, #HauntedHouse and #484848LivestreamRoom both made it to the hot search.

This time, Li Guangyun was truly out of luck, losing face in front of the whole nation.

Ye Sheng was not the type to spend the whole day scrolling through various trash information on his phone. After he went back, he wanted to contact Cheng Ze to ask about the post-scriptum, but the post-scriptum was something he found out about through a search.

Ye Sheng thought for a moment and changed the question, asking Cheng Ze about the Seventh Edition Lord Storyteller.

Cheng Ze replied to his message quickly, saying,

[“The Storytelling Lord is just like its name suggests, capable of turning bizarre tales into reality. It loves writing stories, and the aberrations born from its stories vary in levels, some high, some low.”]

[“The Hua Country Supernatural Bureau has dealt with several stories born from its pen, and I can provide you with some references.”]

Soon, Cheng Ze sent him a few files: “Peeping Lady,” “The Couple Living in the Wall,” “Split Mouth Hanging Corpse,” and “Swinging Person.”

Cheng Ze said,

[“If the aberration is born from the pen of the Storytelling Lord, the Tian Shu will send a special signal to inform us, but ordinary people won’t notice it.”]

[“If you encounter widely circulated ghost stories, be cautious. Because the Storytelling Lord is a moderator who loves telling stories, and no ‘narrator’ wants their stories to be heard by more people.”]

After expressing his gratitude, Ye Sheng began to look through the files Cheng Ze sent him.

The files provided by the Supernatural Bureau were very brief, only mentioning the aberration’s level, ability, and occurrence location. But when Ye Sheng searched these keywords on the internet, he immediately found a bunch of well-circulated ghost stories.

One such story was “Peeping Lady.”

Narrated in the first person:

In our village, there has always been a story circulating. If you see a strange woman with long hair squatting beside a grave on the mountain, never make any sound or look at her. Just quietly leave as if you haven’t seen anything.

Because once you look at her, the Peeping Lady will turn her head to look at you; if you make any sound, it will startle her, and she will turn around.

A person must not be “seen” by the Peeping Lady, for once you are “seen” by her, she will cling to you, watching you until death. The Peeping Lady spends her entire life “watching,” in the bathroom, at the bedside, in the back seat of the car, in the mirror—once she recognizes a person, she will follow them until she “watches” them to death. After death, she will remain motionless in front of your tombstone, continuing to “watch” until the next person passes by, makes a sound, and she turns her head to look.

The information provided by the Supernatural Bureau was concise.

“Name: Peeping Lady

Level: E

Ability: Tracking”]

Ye Sheng looked at the next story with an expressionless face.

“The Couple Living in the Wall”: Before North Bay Community was renovated, I used to live there. I had just graduated and didn’t have much money, so I chose to live in the urban village for its affordability. The sound insulation in the urban village rooms was particularly bad, and I was often awakened by the quarrels of the couple next door. I couldn’t understand how that woman could endure such a rude husband. The woman would cry almost every night, and the man would curse loudly.

The most outrageous thing happened one early morning when I heard the woman’s sobbing and screaming and the man beating her with a heavy object.

Is this domestic violence? I was terrified, and in a panic, I called the police. Soon after, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and found the police with a puzzled frown. They told me that my neighbor had reported that I was being domestically abused.

I was bewildered. What? At this moment, the door of the room next door opened, and an annoyed college student walked out. He scolded me for not divorcing, saying my brain was flooded.

My face turned pale, suddenly understanding that the person living next to me wasn’t a married couple. From start to finish, it was a third-year college student.

Only between him and me was a household.

“Name: Couple in the Wall

Level: F

Ability: None”]

The third story

“Split Mouth Hanging Corpse”: This happened when I was in primary school. I don’t know if you’ve seen those unfinished buildings; the beams, slabs, walls, and roofs were all completed, and from a distance, it looked like a bare cement building. My route to school passed by this kind of building, and one day, I saw a person standing on the top floor. I couldn’t see clearly from afar, but I remembered that the person seemed to have a big mouth and was smiling.

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