The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 35.2

Chapter 35: Those Who Listen to Stories (Part Two) 2/3

 He stood motionless at the window, and I thought maybe the developer had a conscience and came back for an inspection.

When I got back, I told my dad about it. He pointed to the opposite community and told me that it used to be an unfinished building too, and it took ten years before they built it. The developer, that bastard, called it “sharpening a sword for ten years.” I burst into laughter, but when I looked up, I suddenly broke into a cold sweat and couldn’t laugh anymore.

I realized that from my angle, looking up at the rooftop, all I could see was the ceiling. The person I saw in black wasn’t standing inside the room; he was hanging from the ceiling. He wasn’t smiling at me; he was expressionless, just with a split mouth.

[“Name: Split Mouth Hanging Corpse

Level: F

Ability: None”]

These ghost stories happened to different people in different cities. One strange and peculiar story after another, told by various individuals

It’s similar to a publication called “Story Collection” that used to be popular in Hua Country a long time ago. However, “Story Collection” ceased publication decades ago.

Ye Sheng was curious. If he used a search to capture these three stories, what kind of twist would the Storytelling Lord give them?

The first three stories were basically about aberrations that posed no harm to humans, such as F-level and E-level. The Storytelling Lord himself, as the moderator of the Seventh Edition, was an S-level aberration, but in storytelling, he seemed to be stuck in a strange loop, preferring to tell stories that were quite “down-to-earth.”

The last aberration finally had a higher level, a C-level aberration.

The person on the swing

The Person on the Swing: During the Chinese New Year, my best friend and I visited our junior high school to see the teachers. While reminiscing about our school days, we went to the rooftop together. There was a swing on the rooftop that almost every student from Twelve High School had played on.

Swinging on the rooftop was an exciting thing, but there was no need to worry about safety. The swing’s rope was short, and after a few people jumped off the building some years ago, the school had built a fence along the rooftop’s edge.

The swing’s board was very long. Originally, my best friend and I were sitting on it together, using our feet to swing. However, the swing was heavy, and we were a bit weak, unable to swing too high even with all our strength. So, I got off, and I stood behind her, pushing the swing for her. My friend was having a great time.

I pushed her for a while, feeling a bit of pain in my stomach, so I left to go to the bathroom.

Outside the bathroom, I ran into the aunt who cleaned the hallway. She rolled her eyes at me and told me that she had just cleaned the rooftop. She reminded us to take our garbage with us since there were so many people. I disagreed, saying, “Where are there so many people? Just two of us; how much garbage could there be?”

The auntie said, “Two people? Do you think I’m blind? Just now, when you were swinging, I happened to pass by, and at least seven people were sitting on that swing, crowded together.”

Seven people. I was dumbfounded. I ran to the rooftop like a madman and saw a scene that I would never forget in my life. My best friend was sitting in the middle, pale-faced. Indeed, the swing was crowded with people wearing Twelve High School uniforms, their faces blurred from blood and flesh. The swing couldn’t accommodate everyone, so they were sitting on each other, piled on the swing.

The swing swung extremely high! It looked like it was going to throw her off the rooftop!

I saw a person behind her, pushing the swing. It was a hunched old man, against the light, with a kind yet strange expression, holding onto the rope like a madman, pushing the swing towards the edge of the rooftop. I shouted my best friend’s name. When she saw me, her lips trembled, and her eyes turned red. I knew she also felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t move.

In the end, I don’t know how I had the courage to run over and pull her off the swing.

The old man who pushed the swing gave me a resentful look and disappeared in the noon sunlight.

After this incident, I never want to swing again in my life.

“Name: The Person on the Swing

Level: C

Ability: Super Strength, Immobilization”]

These were aberrations already dealt with, born from the bizarre tales of the Storytelling Lord. As Ye Sheng went through each one, his expression was slightly stunned. It really felt like he was listening to stories.

He felt that the Storytelling Lord seemed to pursue a specific “story atmosphere.”

The Storytelling Lord didn’t like creating aberrations with extremely high levels—those world-destroying types. He liked these bizarre, strange, and especially lifelike little stories. Like these four, they happen in a rural graveyard, an urban village, an unfinished building, and a school rooftop.

It was like the short writings you find in the corners of bookstores in “Story Collection.”

You might hear it in dormitory night chats or from a stranger on a train who is eloquent and captivating.

People would feel scared but couldn’t suppress their curiosity because no one thought they would end up as unlucky as the people in the stories.

Although Ye Sheng wasn’t a student at Huai’an University yet, he couldn’t register for campus internet without a student ID, and he couldn’t log into the campus BBS. But he knew—if he logged into the BBS, he searched for the keyword “Lover’s Lake.”

He would definitely see countless first-person ghost stories.

And what about the fetal girl? An A-level aberration, the Fetal Girl Why did the Storytelling Lord go to great lengths to bring it to Huai’an?

The forum was now revealing only the tip of the iceberg.

Suddenly, Ye Sheng felt that if he needed to adapt to the changing circumstances and pretend to calmly study at Huai’an University, then Lover’s Lake might be his breakthrough point to get in touch with the Seventh Edition.

He took out that gun from the cabinet again, gently caressing it. Whenever he touched that gun, Ye Sheng’s heart would inexplicably calm down.

Guns were prohibited in Hua Country, and bullets couldn’t be bought online. Also, Ye Sheng felt that this gun probably didn’t require ordinary bullets.

The next day, he bought a bottle of eye drops and some black thread online.

When he went to work at the haunted house the next day, he unexpectedly found out that he had made it to the hot search.

Huang Qiqi’s eyes sparkled. “Junior, you’re famous! Do you want to open a Weibo account? With your face, you’ll get a million followers in no time. Rely on traffic for a living, and you won’t need to work anymore!”

Of course, she knew that Ye Sheng came from Yin Mountain, and from his dressing, she could guess that his family background wasn’t good.

Huang Qiqi genuinely felt happy for Ye Sheng. Ye Sheng, however, was not interested in such things and shook his head calmly, saying, “Thank you, senior, but I’m not good at managing social media accounts, so I’ll pass.”

He didn’t like anything lively, especially the kind of enthusiasm that surged towards him like a tide.

Xia Wenshi had long figured out the character of this employee of his. He said, “Xiao Ye, I think these people will come crazy to see you again in a few days. These days, let’s go together to set up the scene for the Ghost Bride in the haunted house.”

Xia Wenshi finally managed to create the second scene for the haunted house. He planned to make the theme an ancient mountain village wedding.

Ye Sheng replied, “Okay.”

Although Huang Qiqi was disappointed, she still respected Ye Sheng’s decision. At that moment, the doorbell rang. As the receptionist, she immediately put on a bright and sweet smile, saying, “Welcome to the ‘Scare You Silly’ haunted house.”

However, her smile disappeared when she saw the visitors because they were none other than Li Guangyun, whom she scared into the lake yesterday, and Huang Qiqi’s former plastic friend, Cheng Xiaoxiao.

Cheng Xiaoxiao and Li Guangyun were a perfect match for deceiving each other. They were only interested in each other for a good time in bed, without any genuine feelings.

However, Cheng Xiaoxiao had been scolded and blocked by Huang Qiqi not long ago. Everyone knew that she was playing three guys at the same time, losing all face, which angered her to the point of spitting blood.

Now, she was holding Li Guangyun’s arm just to infuriate Huang Qiqi.

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