The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory
The Ex-Boyfriend Who Lost His Memory Chapter 35.3

Chapter 35: Those Who Listen to Stories (Part Two) 3/3

Li Guangyun had also seen the hot search yesterday and knew that Huang Qiqi had been manipulating him from start to finish. It kept him awake all night.

Since she could place a radio underwater, she probably also used a projector.

The female ghost turned out to be a projection.

Thinking about the spectacle he made yesterday, Li Guangyun wanted nothing more than to tear Huang Qiqi apart.

Cheng Xiaoxiao, with a sly smile, said, “Long time no see, Qiqi. You’re not a local in Huaicheng, and you’re a beauty with wealth. Why are you working here?”

Huang Qiqi, clear-minded after last night’s events, rolled her eyes, saying, “When did I ever boast about being a beauty with wealth? But you, always stealing pictures for your moments to show off, big sister, is it easy being an internet goddess?”

Cheng Xiaoxiao bit her lip in frustration and said, “It’s easy! A bunch of guys are rushing to court me, and your boyfriend is among them. I’m sorry, Qiqi.”

Huang Qiqi retorted, “Wow, you’re so diligent in picking up the garbage I don’t want. Your dedication to collecting recyclables is truly worthy of banners and gratitude from the people!”

Cheng Xiaoxiao: “…”

Li Guangyun now completely understood that he and Huang Qiqi had torn faces and decided not to indulge her anymore.

As a sports student relying on his tall and strong physique, Li Guangyun walked forward with a dark face. He reached out to pull Huang Qiqi out from behind the front desk, angrily saying, “Huang Qiqi, I shouldn’t have given you face yesterday.”

However, before his hand could touch Huang Qiqi, someone fiercely grabbed his wrist.

A beautiful and powerful hand, seemingly capable of crushing his bones.

Li Guangyun winced in pain, his pupils constricting. At the same time, a cold, icy voice sounded in his ears: “Get out.”

Cheng Xiaoxiao was stunned. She looked up and saw a tall and slender youth walking out of the haunted house. The youth was wearing a black T-shirt and black pants, with black hair slightly covering his sharp eyes. Although his thin lips lacked color, the fierceness and coldness in his almond-shaped eyes were enough to intimidate everyone.

Despite Li Guangyun’s muscular build, he was almost crippled by Ye Sheng’s single-handed grip. Li Guangyun stared at Ye Sheng in shock.

“Who are you?”

Behind him, Xia Wenshi came out with a wolf-toothed club.

“I should have hung a sign at the entrance saying, ‘No dogs allowed.'”

Li Guangyun, accustomed to bullying the weak and fearing the strong, swallowed hard, cursed, “Huang Qiqi, you witch!” and dragged the reluctant Cheng Xiaoxiao away.

Huang Qiqi snorted, and then, with tears in her eyes, she moved by the moment, said she wanted to celebrate her return to being single, and warmly invited them to dinner.

Of course, Xia Wenshi had no objections and applauded happily. Ye Sheng, who originally wanted to decline, realized that after buying eye drops, needles, and thread and spending a dozen yuan on printing and school bus fare, he only had five yuan left.

… Well, it’s just a meal.

This time, Huang Qiqi chose a place on the food street near the south gate of Huai’an University.

This was the most popular place for university students in the city.

“Senior, what do you want to eat? Don’t be polite with me!”

Huang Qiqi handed him the menu.

When Ye Sheng took the menu, he felt a strange sensation. He had imagined this kind of lively university life before. He always felt like he was a monster trying hard to integrate into human society.

But the current feeling was not bad; it didn’t make him resist too much.

Huang Qiqi knew that Ye Sheng wasn’t proactive in speaking, so she and Xia Wenshi always brought up topics.

“Junior, do you know about the campus promotional video?”

Ye Sheng: “Yes.” When he went to deliver the application materials for financial aid, the counselor smiled at him for a long time before telling him about it.

Xia Wenshi nudged him, “Junior, are you interested in auditioning for the lead role in the freshman promotional video? Your face is simply the best admission brochure for Huai’an University.”

Huang Qiqi also said, “Exactly, every year the freshman promotional video of Huai’an University is reported by major TV stations and becomes a hot search. It used to be handled by the drama department, but this time it’s different. Junior, I think you are undoubtedly the campus flower and the male lead of Huai’an University.”

[“campus flower” and “male lead” are terms referring to the most attractive individuals on campus.]

Ye Sheng poured cold water on their enthusiasm and said truthfully, “No, I can’t act.”

He had used the same reason to decline the counselor. He couldn’t act, and if forced to smile in a promotional video, it would probably turn into a horror film.

Huang Qiqi and Xia Wenshi exchanged glances and sighed. Well, it was indeed the personality of their junior.

Just as Ye Sheng was waiting for the dishes, a call came in unexpectedly.

A completely unfamiliar number.

Ye Sheng frowned, but he still answered it.

Then, amid the noisy crowd on the food street, he heard the lazy and smiling voice that belonged to Ning Weichen.

“Good evening.”


Ye Sheng clenched the phone. He calmly asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ning Weichen chuckled. “Must there be something for me to call you?”

But he knew that if he couldn’t give a reason, Ye Sheng would hang up the phone in the next second. He sighed, “Andrew is in Huaicheng. I’m coming to pick you up to deal with our ‘child’s’ matter.”

Ye Sheng: “Just  hearing the word ‘child,’ he thought of the feeling of swallowing heterodoxy alive back then, and he couldn’t eat anything at the moment.

Huang Qiqi and Xia Wenshi didn’t know who the person on the other end of Ye Sheng’s call was, but seeing his expression, they vaguely guessed that it might be something serious. Both of them became silent.

Ye Sheng lowered his eyes and said, “Okay, I’ll come to find you.”

Ning Weichen smiled slightly and said, “No need; I’ll come to pick you up.”

Ye Sheng was surprised. “You’re coming to pick me up?”

Ning Weichen: “Yes, I’m currently on the Huaian Road side. Originally, I wanted to go to the place where you work, but it’s closed. I guess you should be having dinner nearby. Give me an address.”

Ye Sheng’s first reaction was still, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

Ning Weichen chuckled. “Thank you for your reminder. I got the paperwork done after that day. Now I have a Chinese driver’s license.”

Ye Sheng straightforwardly said, “I’m at the South Gate Food Street.”

Ning Weichen: “Okay.”

Actually, it was better not to let anyone know about the matter of the unborn child. But Ye Sheng, wary of everyone around him, seemed to have an inexplicable trust in Ning Weichen.

Ye Sheng hung up the phone, looked up, and said to Xia Wenshi and Huang Qiqi, “Sorry, I may need to handle something.”

Huang Qiqi worriedly said, “It’s okay, junior. Is it something serious? Do you want us to accompany you?”

She knew that Ye Sheng was alone in Huaicheng.

Ye Sheng: “…”

He really didn’t want anyone to know about the matter of the unborn child.

Ye Sheng vaguely said, “No need; someone is coming to pick me up.”

Xia Wenshi was stunned. “Relative?”

What kind of relative was he to Ning Weichen?

“Not,” Ye Sheng said. “Friend.”

After that, he stood up and walked out.

“Look outside!”

Suddenly, the whole shop fell into silence. During the process of walking, Ye Sheng vaguely heard people whispering about cars, prices, and brands. Now, whether male or female, everyone was looking outside with a dazed expression.

This was a food street near the university, where it was rare to see a car worth millions. The black car parked on the street, even if placed in the sales gold area full of elite, new-rich second generations in Huaicheng, was still eye-catching.

Xia Wenshi’s eyes widened. “Damn! I know this car, 13 million, Bentley Elegant Limited Edition.”

After hearing Xia Wenshi’s valuation, Huang Qiqi was dumbfounded. Looking at the luxury car waiting quietly amidst the chaos of the food street, her pupils dilated, and for a moment, she felt like she had entered some novel. Being familiar with all kinds of online CEO romance stories, she spoke up.

“Thanks, boss, I’ve passed the crazy proxy. Which CEO is bringing his delicate wife to eat barbecue in the university city, experiencing life?”

At this time, Ye Sheng had already walked out of the store.

Ning Weichen called again, smiling, “I think I saw you. Do you want me to get off the car to pick you up?”

Ye Sheng said indifferently, “No need; I see you too.”

Huang Qiqi’s mind quickly filled with various canary-cage bird stories, from cruel love to sweet campus novels, she murmured.

Until she saw her junior walking towards the car?

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