The Peasant Female Doctor
The Peasant Female Doctor Chapter 51.2

Chapter 51 Part 2

Shiyi has always been very pretty. She doesn’t need to put a lot of effort into it. With a little make-up, Shiyi can already show the beauty that moves people’s hearts. She has snow skin and red lips, which are extremely attractive. It’s like a thorn-apple flower blooming on the other shore, which attracts the heart and soul.

At this moment, the person who was being fascinated was none other than Yang Shifeng, who had been dazzled by the person in front of him.

Shiyi gently raised the corners of her red lips and, with slightly provoking eyes, she seductively said. “Am I beautiful?”

Yang Shifeng swallowed his saliva faintly and looked at Shiyi’s red lips.

Now, Yang Shifeng is like a foolish scholar sucked by a female goblin. Shiyi wanted to tease him even more, so she stood up from the makeup stool, put her arm around Yang Shifeng’s neck, put her lips close to his lips, and breathed, “What’s the matter? Do I not look beautiful? “

Yang Shifeng’s scalp was numb and his heartbeat was beyond his control.

Shiyi held back her smile, tilted her head, gently kissed Yang Shifeng’s neck, and left a delicate kiss mark on it.

Yang Shifeng’s whole body trembled like he was being electrified. At last, he made a sound, but the voice was hoarse, “Shiyi, don’t…”

“Don’t, what?” Shiyi put her hand on his chest. “Why are you breathing so fast? What are you thinking? Huh?”

Yang Shifeng clearly knew that the girl was deliberately teasing him, but he couldn’t control himself. He had to close his eyes, bite the tip of his tongue, grab her arm and carry her down, “Shiyi, be good, don’t play.”

Shiyi didn’t want to let go. She hugged Yang Shifeng more tightly and put a pair of slender, beautiful legs around his waist with strength. Their posture became more ambiguous.

Yang Shifeng’s voice was so hoarse that it seemingly sounded like he was begging and angry at the same time, “Shiyi, come down.”

Shiyi rubbed her face on his face and said, coquettishly, “I don’t want to come down. Hold me quickly, or I’ll fall down. “

What can Yang Shifeng do? He can only reach out to hold his baby’s upturned ass in his arms and dare not move his hand.

He is only glad now that she doesn’t know his reaction “there”.

But how could Shiyi not know his reaction there? She is not one of those conservative women in this era. She has seen things like that on the spot countless times. Well, the people of the end times are not so modest, ah.

Shiyi has never eaten pork, but she has definitely seen a lot of pigs running. Before, she felt very disgusted and didn’t understand why those people were so enthusiastic about it. Now, her idea is suddenly different. If Yang Shifeng did this and that to her, she thinks she would be looking forward to it. Is it possible that… she was hungry and thirsty?

Anyway, she is not a chaste martyr, and she doesn’t pay attention to doing the deed only after marriage. In her opinion, as long as she wants to, she can do it.

Therefore, Shiyi directly followed her heart and kissed Yang Shifeng’s lips, and took the initiative to open the side of his lips and play enthusiastically with his tongue.

Originally, Yang Shifeng was holding back. But now, after being stimulated by Shiyi, the sage couldn’t bear it at all. Yang Shifeng finally broke his perseverance and his reason was suddenly thrown out of the sky. The man who just said ‘be good’ was like a fierce wolf, swallowing the little fox in his arms, swallowing her with unusual intensity.

Shiyi almost couldn’t breathe, so she had to bite on the tip of Yang Shifeng’s tongue to let her go. After being bitten, Yang Shifeng was a little more rational. As a result of his actions, he didn’t know when they had reached the bed. Shiyi, who was underneath him, was only wearing her red undergarments. His snow-white skin stung his eyes and he suddenly found sanity.

He should not do such a beastly thing; she was still not married to him.

Yang Shifeng used all his strength to grab the quilt and cover Shiyi, then trapped Shiyi in his embrace, wrapping Shiyi tightly so that she couldn’t move, just like a silkworm baby.

Shiyi:”……” We took off our clothes, and that’s it?

“Yang Shifeng, I’ll feel uncomfortable if you trap me in this quilt. Let go.”

Yang Shifeng calmed himself down secretly and patted Shiyi on the back to appease her. “Stop making trouble, be good, okay? Otherwise, I can’t bear it.”

Shiyi rolled her eyes. “Who asked you to endure it?”

Yang Shifeng ignored her words. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He held Shiyi tighter in his hands, making Shiyi motionless and unable to make small movements.

This old-fashioned man!

Half a quarter-hour later, Yang Shifeng opened his eyes and touched Shiyi’s face. “Do you want to get up?”

Shiyi hummed and didn’t look at him.

Yang Shifeng smiled and kissed her gently on the eyelids. “OK, I’ll get up first and then get you some water to wash your face, OK?” He thought it was better not to wear this makeup in the future. He should not have bought those things.

Shiyi pouted.

Yang Shifeng got up and blushed when he saw the clothes on the ground. He picked them up and put them on the bed, then quickly went to the bathroom. He waited until it was the right time, and then came out with water.

Shiyi was already dressed and was sitting at the table looking like there was nothing left to live for. [1]This is actually a popular word on the Internet, pronounced shēng wú kě liàn, which means that there is no longer any person or thing to cherish in life, and life has no meaning.

Yang Shifeng secretly breathed a sigh of relief, laughed at the self-control in his heart, and brought the water to the table, “Come on, wash your face. Wash the makeup off your face.”

Shiyi had intended to show Yang Shifeng and wash it, but now she didn’t want to do it, so she simply tilted her face towards him.

Yang Shifeng painstakingly dipped a towel in water to wash her face, and slowly wiped the bright color off her face. Now it looks much easier to look at. In the future, she must not be allowed to wear makeup.

After washing her face, Yang Shifeng went to fetch another basin of water, took off her shoes, put her feet in the water, and squatted down to scrub Shiyi’s feet.

Shiyi looked at the man squatting in front of him. Her unhappiness disappeared slowly again. Forget it, I’ll forgive him this time. I will make him look good in the future.

Although she was teased miserably by Shiyi, Yang Shifeng was still reluctant to give up their quiet time alone. After washing Shiyi, he was not willing to leave at all, so, he simply held her on his lap and kissed the top of her hair.

It’s nice to finally realize the things he longed for countless times before. She will be his wife soon.

“Shiyi, let’s live in this room in the future. You’re used to it, and the bathroom inside is also convenient. “


“My room will be given to Xiao Shitou. I’ll make a double bed like the one you drew for me. In the future, Xiao Shitou will be able to share his room with his little nephew. If she’s a little niece, I’ll build a new room in our backyard. In the future, there will be one room for boys and one room for girls.”

“In the future, you can do what you like to do. If you want to treat someone, then treat them. If you don’t want to treat them, then don’t. You can give me the responsibility of earning money, and I’ll also do the housework. As long as you are happy. “

Yang Shifeng didn’t hear Shiyi’s response. He looked down and saw that Shiyi had fallen asleep in his arms. He looked very lovely.

Yang Shifeng smiled, kissed her on the forehead, held her tighter, and said the things he would never say when Shiyi was awake: “You know what? In fact, I told a little lie. After you left, I didn’t think that I would never see you for the rest of my life. I actually have a plan. I was just waiting for Grandpa to die of old age. After that, I’ll take all my possessions with me to find you. Look for you as I walk, and earn money as I search for you. If one year is not enough, then I’ll look for you for two years, and if it’s still not enough, then, three years. If those three years are still not enough, I will look for you for a lifetime. I will definitely see you again.”

“But I never dreamed that you would come back to me. Shiyi, if this is a dream, just let me keep living in this dream. “

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1 This is actually a popular word on the Internet, pronounced shēng wú kě liàn, which means that there is no longer any person or thing to cherish in life, and life has no meaning.
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