Delicate and Charming Villain Wife (70s)
Villain’s Delicate and Charming Wife (70s) Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

After dinner, the educated youth went back to their rooms.

Everyone was tired and paralyzed. Those who took a bath went straight to bed, and those who didn’t, took a bath in a hurry, and then lay in bed.

When Jiang Yao returned to her room after taking a bath, everyone was already asleep.

She especially looked at the bed in the corner and saw that Du Yuejia had fallen asleep. She could not help but curl her lips in victory.

Obviously, she and Zhao Pengfei were childhood sweethearts. Du Yuejia, a woman who came in between Zhao Pengfei and her, was a bitch.

Jiang Yao glanced away from Du Yuejia and thought that she would be with Zhao Pengfei tonight. She put on the slim, waist-pinching dress at the bottom of the box, and then swallowed the package of powder given to her by Du Yuejiao with cold boiled water.

She doesn’t know how long it will take for the medicine to take effect, but there is a distance from the educated youth point to the small house where Zhao Pengfei lives. She should be almost there now.

She blew out the kerosene lamp and crept out.

At the moment when the door closed, Du Yuejiao, who had been “sleeping”, suddenly opened her eyes.

She had seen Jiang Yao take the medicine, but she was still uneasy and wanted to get up and follow her out, but when she moved, she woke up Du Yuejia.

“Jiao Jiao, why do you keep moving around, can’t sleep?” Du Yuejia asked in a low voice.

“No… why can’t I sleep after a tiring day? I’m just thirsty. ” Du Yuejiao made it up.

Du Yuejia: “Do you want me to light the kerosene lamp for you?”

“Sister, no need.” Du Yuejiao hurriedly said, “I have drunk it. Go to bed now. You… Go to bed too.”

Du Yuejia smiled and said “sleep early”, then closed her eyes and stopped talking.

Du Yuejiao sighed in relief in the dark. Even though her heart was still hung, she didn’t dare get up again. Things will come to naught tonight if everyone finds out that Jiang Yao is not here.

After Jiang Yao walked out of the gate of the educated youth point, she turned on the flashlight and ran excitedly towards Zhao Pengfei’s small house.

She didn’t know whether it was the violent running or because the medicine had taken effect. Her body felt hotter and hotter, and her heart was full of Zhao Pengfei’s figure. Especially whenever he went down to the field, he wore a white vest, revealing his thin, but not lacking in strength, arm.

If she can be held in her arms by such an arm… At the thought of this, she can’t wait to jump on Zhao Pengfei at the next moment, and the speed of running under her feet can’t help accelerating.

Suddenly, she tripped over something, and the whole person rushed forward uncontrollably.

Jiang Yao seldom drinks, but her alcohol capacity was not too bad. Anyway, it’s just a cup of wine. But after only two drinks tonight, she felt drowsy.

What’s more, there is a 25-degree air conditioner at home. She is wearing cool pajamas, but her whole body feels very dry and hot. This feeling made her very uncomfortable. Jiang Yao wanted to go back to her bedroom to sleep, so she got up from the sofa, but when she raised her foot, she hit the tea table.

The carpet was laid under her tea table. She thought it wouldn’t hurt too much if she fell, but when her body touched the ground, it was unexpectedly really painful, and it took her a long time to get over it.

When Jiang Yao opened her eyes, the originally bright living room became dark.

Is this a power outage? She moved and suddenly felt the soft carpet under her body. It made her hurt all over. She looked down and found that the carpet had become a pothole of mud.

Jiang Yao sat up and looked around when her eyes adapted to the darkness.

This is not her large flat floor apartment in Jiangjing, this is clearly in the wilderness.

What the hell happened?

Her professional quality of being calm in the face of danger made Jiang Yao not panic. She forced herself to calm down and analyze her current situation.

But she didn’t wait to figure out what was going on, but the hot feeling in her body was getting stronger and stronger.

The strangest thing is that she has an increasingly crazy idea in her mind, that is, she wants to hold a man very much.

Being single for 30 years, it was the first time for her to have a crazy desire for a man.

Extrapolating from past cases she had been exposed to, the odds were that she had been drugged.

Jiang Yao remembered that when she left the court last month, the defendant who lost the lawsuit pointed at her and yelled at her, making her wait for the day when she was ganged up by thousands of people.

She had no idea if she had been sent to a group of men, but she needed to save herself as much as possible before the other party took action.

She looked around and caught a glimpse of a glowing white pond not far away and immediately had an idea.

She stumbled over and jumped-in in a rush.

The cool pond water eased her screaming/clamoring body slightly. Just when she wanted to submerge her whole body into the water, the river suddenly shook badly.

Just when she wondered if it was an earthquake, a man came out of the water.

Jiang Yao’s eyes widened with surprise, but when she saw the man’s wet clothes plastered all over his toned muscles, the fire in her eyes gradually drowned out her surprise, and the body temperature that had dropped slightly rose again at a rocket-like speed.

Her brain was probably burned out because there was only one idea at the moment, which was to jump on him.

She thought so and did so.

“I feel so bad. Please help me. ” Jiang Yao knew she was out of control, and she could only use her remaining shred of sanity to send a plea to the man for help.

Lu Che just wanted to catch a fish tonight and cook a fish soup for his grandma tomorrow to replenish her body. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t able to catch a fish for a long time. Instead, a “mermaid” came to the door.

The “mermaid” hugged him and kept moving around, and his eyes, which had always been cold, became icy and fiery.

At the moment she asked for help, he raised his hand and hit the back of her neck.

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