Zhe Zhi
Zhe Zhi 13.1

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was shocked and looked at him in unison.

Du Feng’s expression changed at first, then he burst into laughter and said, “No need to bluff anymore. Did you think I wouldn’t know? Your martial skills have long been crippled.”

Lu Xiuwen’s fingers were slender and fair, resembling the hands of a chess player rather than a swordsman. Yet, he held the treasure sword in his hand with remarkable stability and said, “Just because someone loses their martial skills, does that mean they can’t start over from scratch? I’m not like a useless waste like you, who hasn’t made any progress in the past ten years.”

Du Feng half-believed and half-doubted his words, saying, “Even if you manage to retrain your skills, you’re already under the influence of the Soul Chasing Incense’s poison!”

Lu Xiuwen chuckled and said, “If it weren’t for the Soul Chasing Incense, would I have allowed you to live until now? But look up, daylight is approaching.”

Du Feng was startled, only to realize that after a fierce battle, a faint light had appeared on the horizon.

The effect of the Soul Chasing Incense only lasts for three hours, and it would dissipate as soon as dawn broke!

Lu Xiuwen walked toward Du Feng with the sword in hand. As he approached, he asked, “Do you still remember why I blinded one of your eyes back then?”

“Hmph, isn’t it just because I made a move against your precious little brother,” Du Feng said, his feelings a mix of hatred and fear. Unconsciously, he took a step back.

Lu Xiuwen glanced at the injuries on Duan Ling’s body and said, “Then you should understand that in this world, there are people you can mess with, and there are others… you can’t even touch.”

His expression was calm, his tone was plain, not much different from inviting someone over to drink and admire flowers. The only difference was his deep and bottomless pair of eyes, sending a chill down Du Feng’s heart.

For many years, being defeated by Lu Xiuwen and having his left eye blinded has always been a deep resentment in Du Feng’s heart. He hesitated for a moment, unsure whether to directly fight against Lu Xiuwen or to capture Duan Ling as a hostage first?

But at this moment, Lu Xiuwen said, “If you’re afraid, why not turn around and run?”

Upon hearing these words, Du Feng instead calmed down and chuckled, “Lu Xiuwen, you bluff quite well. I almost fell for it.”

Having said that, he no longer paid attention to Duan Ling. With a light step, he gracefully leaped in front of Lu Xiuwen and thrust his sword forward.

Seeing him make a move, a barely perceptible smile appeared on Lu Xiuwen’s lips.

The two exchanged several moves in an instant.

Du Feng’s swordplay was incredibly fast, leaving people dazzled. On the other hand, Lu Xiuwen seemed to wield his sword effortlessly, lifting it slowly and striking slowly, yet every strike’s timing was impeccably accurate. The gleaming tip of his sword always aimed directly at Du Feng’s right eye.

Du Feng clearly intended to kill him, but in order to protect his right eye, he had no choice but to defend with his sword. Lu Xiuwen flicked his wrist, swiftly avoiding the strike. Surprisingly, from start to finish, their swords never once clashed.

During the fight, Lu Xiuwen’s footwork shifted, stepping back one step at a time. Du Feng’s continuous attacks inadvertently led him to step forward, and the two of them battled their way from outside the Wei residence’s entrance all the way into the courtyard.

After failing to land a strike for some time, Du Feng suddenly exerted a fierce force. He switched his sword to his left hand and delivered a palm strike toward Lu Xiuwen’s shoulder.

Lu Xiuwen didn’t have time to change his move and was struck by his palm. The treasure sword in his hands fell to the ground with a “clang.” He staggered back a few steps and crashed into the stone table in the courtyard.

With this palm strike hitting its mark, Du Feng’s suspicions were confirmed. He shouted, “Lu Xiuwen, as expected, you’ve lost all your martial skills. You may have sword techniques, but you have not one bit of internal energy.”

“Yes,” Lu Xiuwen chuckled and said, “I lied to you.”

Du Feng was enraged, he swung his sword and aimed to take his life.

Lu Xiuwen did not dodge or evade. He reached out and caught the blade of the sword with his hand, while his other hand moved behind his back, turning the chessboard on the table.

Only a “clack clack” sound was heard as the stones on the ground slowly shifted and a dark opening appeared beneath Du Feng’s feet.

Du Feng hadn’t anticipated that there would be a mechanism in this little courtyard. He was stunned for a moment, only to realize that he had fallen for Lu Xiuwen’s trap once again. Regaining his martial arts skills was fake, and his bluff was also fake. They were merely used to lure Du Feng to this stone table.

Du Feng’s body rapidly fell, and he was on the brink of falling into the secret chamber beneath the ground. However, being a seasoned individual, he didn’t lose his composure even in such a critical moment. With both palms slamming onto the ground, he was about to push himself back up.

How would Lu Xiuwen allow him to escape so easily? He exerted all his strength and gave him a forceful push.

Du Feng’s expression twisted into a grimace as he grabbed fiercely onto Lu Xiuwen’s hand.

“Lu Xiuwen, even if I’m going to die, I’ll make sure you die with me.”

“Then, as you wish.”

Lu Xiuwen smiled, and with a cold expression in his eyes, he jumped into the secret chamber with Du Feng.

“Clack clack…”

It’s unclear who triggered the mechanism of the secret chamber, but the stones on the ground began to shift once more. The opening slowly closed, leaving no trace behind.

This sudden turn of events happened in a flash. From Lu Xiuwen provoking Du Feng, to their swordfight, and then to Lu Xiuwen activating the mechanism on the chessboard, it all occurred within a few moments. By the time everyone regained their senses, both of them had already fallen into the secret chamber.

“Lu Xiuwen–!”


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