After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 2.3

Song Yi was moping around at home for days, just being in a comatose state. 

Three days later, his agent Liu Zhenzhen came to see him, holding a pile of scripts.

Entering the house, he saw Song Yi’s desolate state and shouted at him: “The crew is meeting this afternoon, why are you looking like this?” 

Song Yi went to the bathroom to wash his face.

The cold water helped him a lot, he felt and looked much better.

He then said: “I have a cold.” 

Liu Zhenzhen stared at him for a while.

Though he looked sick and weak, he was still very good looking.

Even though their agency had a bunch of good artists, Song Yi was without a doubt the best looking out of them all.

He is the kind of person who would steal your soul with a single glance.

Thinking about it this way, Liu Zhenzhen’s tone softened and asked: “You’re usually quite healthy, why did you suddenly get sick?”

Song Yi didn’t want to talk about it.

He picked up the script on the table and flipped through the pages, his brow suddenly furrowed and asked: “This is my next movie ?”

Liu Zhenzhen sat on the couch facing him and slowly crossed his legs: “The Company has temporarily rearranged your schedule, so we’ll shoot the movie “Hot Love Era” first.”

Song Yi’s looked up from the script and said: “I clearly remember I have turned down this movie.”

The “Hot Love Era” is a movie adaption of a currently popular webnovel.

The original plot is very simply and sweet, it’s the classic story of two men chasing after the same woman.

Song Yi went to audition for the second man lead three months ago.

There was nothing wrong with the plot actually; it is the female lead that was the problem here.

They had casted a popular young actress for the role. She was very famous for being a hot commodity and always brought the ratings up but unfortunately she wasn’t a very good actress.

She had a tendency to get into scandals with the male actors that work with her.

She also has a large fan base, and after speculations of the male star and her being in an ambiguous relationship, the male co-star would get attacked by netizens and would be labeled as a scumbag.

Song Yi’s own personal reviews were not very good at the moment, so he would rather not get himself involved with such a risky business.

Liu Zhenzhen genuinely smiled and said: “This was decided by the company. Urban romances are selling so well nowadays so I’m afraid you’ll have to keep working on such films for years to come.”

Song Yi had a clear idea about what’ was going on.

His contract with Star Entertainment will expire in three months, so if they can make big money with this film, why would they not?

Even if Song Yi would have to go through some troubles, they would not care since he would no longer be one of their people.

“You go tidy up. I’ll take you to get your hair done and I’ll go get you some medicine later” Liu Zhenzhen said as he stood up.

Song Yi changed into the clothes provided by the sponsor in the car. It was a dark, casual suit.

Since he was naturally slender, with long-legs and a narrow-waist, he really looked like a model. Whatever he wears, suits him.

Today is the first crew meeting. The chief director has arranged for all departments to meet and get acquainted with each other.

The official start of filming will have to wait another month though.

The meeting was at a hotel in central city. The crew made reservations for a small meeting room.

Once there, the two got off the car. Liu Zhenzhen went to talk to the head of the crew while Song Yi went straight to the meeting room. 

Song Yi pushed open the door and stopped.

With one glance at this person’s back, he could tell who it was.

He had his Half-length hair, which was dyed in the currently fashionable gray, pulled into a messy little bun and looked quite hip and cool. 

Gu Xingchuan heard the sound of footsteps behind him so he took off his white headphones and turned around to look only to be met by Song Yi’s cold stare.

The person in charge of the program hurriedly stood up to save the day and said with a smile: “We are finally all here, Song Yi, this is Gu Xingchuan. You know him, right?”

Being an actor for a such long time, Song Yi had learned how to always act professional so he quickly adjusted his expression, he then smiled and said: “First time meeting him actually.”

Gu Xingchuan stared at him for a few seconds, looking him up and down.

Song Yi’s heart burst into flames, not to be outdone, he just stared back at him without flinching.

Gu Xingchuan’s jaw tensed. He stood up and extended his hand: “Hello, I’m Gu Xingchuan.”

They were a pair of pure masculine hands, with faint blue veins on the back of the hands, long, strong, well-boned and clean fingers, and a rose gold diamond ring on the index finger.

It was Cartier’s new model for this season.

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