After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival
After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 6.1

Song Yi came out of Gu Xingchuan’s house and walked to the parking lot.

Just as his hand was about to pull open the car door, the phone in his pocket buzzed and vibrated.

Song Yi took it out; the caller ID showed [Song Jie] on the screen.  

The time on the phone showed that it was eleven o’clock, usually people calling at this hour was not a good thing. Song Yi frowned and answered the phone.

“Xiao Jie, what’s wrong?”

The phone was quiet for a few seconds then a small voice slightly sobbing choked out: “Brother…”  

Song Yi took a guess and sighed silently in his heart: “Did you guys have a fight?”

Song Jie was Song Yi’s younger sister, only two years younger than him.

 They grew up together and had a good relationship; usually Song Yi was the first person Song Jie thought of when she encounters a problem. 

“Well…” Song Jie kept crying and almost out of breath said: “Brother, can I please come to you?”  

“Where are you now, I’ll pick you up.”

Song Jie gave him the address, it was a downtown hotel.

Song Yi drove to the door of the hotel, and from afar saw Song Jie crying with red and swollen eyes, sitting on the roadside in a mess.  

The early autumn season has started to get cold yet Song Jie was only wearing a loose purple sarong dress, her arms and legs were fully exposed as she shivered from the cold.

As soon as Song Jie got into the car, Song Yi kindly switched on the warm air inside the car and took a look at Song Jie.  

Just now it was pitch black and he couldn’t see anything, but this time there was light, and the bruises on Song Jie’s face and neck were in full view, scrawled with a layer of purple medicine.

The sight made Song Yi’s heart skip a beat.  

“How did this happen?”

It’s better if Song Yi hadn’t asked.

As soon as Song Jie heard the question, her originally dried up tears started to flow again. She pushed her head into Song Yi’s chest and sobbed:

“I’m so sorry I didn’t listen to you, I shouldn’t have married him.”

His clothes felt warm and hot because of her tears, Song Yi gently patted Song Jie’s back and softly coaxed her to ask: “Did he do this to you?”  

The first time Song Yi saw his brother-in-law, he knew what kind of person he was.

He was a rotten man who couldn’t support himself, so Song Yi advised his sister against this marriage, but Song Jie was truly blinded by love and decided to marry him anyway.  

It hadn’t even been a year since the marriage, and a whole bunch of moths[1]A lot of trouble had come out.  

“Hmm” Song Jie nodded and took the tissue handed over by Song Yi, wiping her tears as she cried and said: “He had gone to gambling and owed three million. It was too much to hide so he dared to tell me and even asked for the baby’s education money to pay off his debt.”

Song Yi gently touched her face, the scars were shocking and the original innocent face is completely gone; this made Song Yi’s heart torn apart.

He could not wait for this ruthlessly scum to get a good beating. 

Song Jie said: “I hid the bank card and he rummaged around looking for it. When he couldn’t find it, he beat me. He was like a madman, how did he become like this…?”

“What do you want to do now?” Song Yi gently nibbled on his upper lip.

Song Jie was startled and dumbfounded, she even forgot to wipe her tears: “I don’t know.”

Song Yi took a few tissues and gently wiped away the tears on her face: “This isn’t the first time, there’s no point in continuing to hold on to a marriage like this.”

When she was first married Song Jie often quarreled with her husband.

There was a time when Song Jie run barefoot, with blood all over her thighs to Song Yi’s house in the middle of the night. Song Yi was very scared for her.  

“I… “Song Jie paused and whispered: “Brother, I’m scared, the baby hasn’t been born yet and if he grows up without a father…. “

“What you need to think about now is yourself.”

Song Yi stroked her long hair with his palm and said softly: “Xiao Jie, you should know very well that letting a child grow up in such a family is the most irresponsible act for him.” 

Song Jie looked at him blankly and sniffled a few times: “Brother, then what do you think I should do?”  

It has become a habit to ask Song Yi’s opinion on things, not only Song Jie, the family’s relatives and friends did too.

Whether it was a matter of buying a house, investment or work, all of them would make a phone call to ask for Song Yi’s opinion, after all, Song Yi was the most successful person in the Song family.  

Song Yi thought about it and said with a clear and strong voice: “Now I can give you two choices, the first one, you divorce him, I will introduce you to a good divorce lawyer, and as your brother I will help you with the baby’s matter as much as I can. You will never see this man again.”

“Second, if you choose to stay married, you will call me as soon as this happens in the future. If it is money he wants, give it to him and I can make it up to you, but you are not allowed to get yourself hurt, is that clear?”


1 A lot of trouble
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