After Being Marked By A Powerful Love Rival Chapter 7.1

By the time Song Yi saw that message, it was already evening. He instantly gave a call to Song Jie telling her to spend a few more days there and wait until the end of the month to come back.

Song Jie seemed to have sensed something but said nothing. She obediently agreed.

Song Yi made a screenshot of the message and sent it to his lawyer to keep as evidence to show the judge later on court.

It clearly shows how that is using Song Jie to blackmail money from Song Yi.

If he expected him to easily hand him his money, he is sorely mistaken!

The next day, Gu Xingchuan felt agitated.

He could not imagine himself staying home any longer. Since his leg injury, he has not been out of the door for more than a week.

He was getting suffocated in the villa and felt really bored like he was just wasting his days away.

Song Yi used to go to the countryside and stay in a B&B or an inn. He would go fishing, riding horses and feeding bunnies. It was quite suitable for a short vacation, and the most important thing is there would be less people around. 

He assumes this season the countryside won’t be too much crowded so they probably won’t meet any fans or reporters.

 “Go fishing?” Gu Xingchuan repeated with a snort, “Song Yi, tell me, are you a middle aged man?”

He meant that this was a very boring activity. Fishing was not something that young people would choose to play.

Gu Xingchuan, on the other hand is a very active person, he usually loves to play basketball, ski, surf and occasionally go parachuting. His life was full of excitement.

To him to go fishing meant sitting in one place for half a day, without moving, being careful when talking as to not be too loud. He would surely die of boredom. It was no different than letting Zhang Fei[1]He was a fearless military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty do embroidery.

Song Yi prepared a small bag with light clothes for him. Since they were only staying for one night, he didn’t bring much, “Fishing can be fun; you’re just too worried.”

“What? Where’s the fun in fishing?” Gu Xingchuan was not impressed.

Song Yi was too lazy to explain about how it will help him cultivate his mind and body and instead chose to say: “Since you don’t want to go, then you should stay here to recover from your injury and I will go on vacation by myself.”

“You would go by yourself?” Gu Xingchuan pointed to his chest, “What about me?”

Song Yi noticed that Gu Xingchuan became too dependent on him. If you break the porcelain of course you need to compensate with money but Gu Xingchuan wants him to be his free babysitter for life.

He can’t figure out what deadly sins he committed to deserve this!

“Isn’t your injury almost healed? I don’t need to take care of you anymore, right?”

Gu Xingchuan glared at him and hummed lightly, “No it is still not recovered. Actually I’m in pain and you’re not allowed to leave me alone.”

Song Yi could not see a bit of pain on his face, he was just being annoying, almost like a sticky candy clinging onto people’s clothes.

He seriously reasoned with him: “I hit you, this is my bad, I have the responsibility to take care of you, but I also have my own life, I can’t spend all my time on you.”

“What’s wrong with spending all your time on me?” Gu Xingchuan retorted, slowly holding his arms and glaring at Song Yi with a taut jaw: “I made a net profit of twenty million for three hours of singing, you made me lose twenty million, is your time worth that much?”

Hearing him talk like that made Song Yi angry, Gu Xingchuan really hasn’t changed at all, he used to treat people like this in high school, and after so many years, he’s still such a stinky guy.

“If you are going to act like this then we have nothing more to say.” Song Yi took a deep breath and pressed his eyebrows.

Gu Xingchuan’s dark and beautiful pupils stared at him. 

He really thinks that Song Yi looks very interesting when he was angry. His neatly trimmed eyebrows would furrow, and his cheeks would bulge slightly because he was gritting his teeth. He looked like a cat with bared teeth getting ready to attack you.

“Am I wrong tough?” Gu Xingchuan snorted, ” The time spent on me made you earn this much money. Think about it you earned 20 million this week; usually to make this much you need to do a year of filming, right?”

Song Yi angrily laughed. If he were to take Gu Xingchuan’s logic, then the caretakers at the hospital would be the richest men in the world, “Until you learn to respect others, we’d better stop talking.”

After considering everything, Gu Xingchuan blinked a few times and looked at Song Yi innocently: “Didn’t you say you were going fishing?”


“My dad quite likes fishing.” Gu Xingchuan added.

Song Yi sneered, still not forgiving, “What a coincidence! I have the same hobby as your father.”

Gu Xingchuan frowned, looking unhappy, “Don’t push it.”

Song Yi told himself that he won’t stop getting back at him. No matter how much money Gu Xingchuan has or is willing to throw, he will never treat him as his master! He better get used to this because he will make him give up in the end.

The scenery in the suburbs was beautiful with green hills, clear water, blue waves and gentle breeze blowing on people’s hearts and souls.

This beautiful scenery could always sheer people’s up.

Song Yi rented a boat and leisurely rafted on the lake. The evening sunlight put a layer of gold on the lake. Without the hustle and bustle of the city, the only sounds you could hear are a few faint frog calls.

Song Yi stretched his back and counted the small fish in the basket. There were exactly seven fishes no more and no less. This afternoon’s harvest is quite rich.

Gu Xingchuan lazily leaned back in his chair, basking in the comfortable sun, his cell phone WeChat message kept ringing. He reached out and pulled up his phone to read his notifications.

“Take a picture of me and send it to my agent.”

A popular and trendy artist like Gu Xingchuan needs to release an update from time to time to keep up the heat, and Song Yi fully understands this.


1 He was a fearless military general serving under the warlord Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty

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