After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife
After Being Rejected, I Brought the Cute School Beauty Home to Be My Wife Chapter 107.2

Chapter 107: Can’t Even Beat a Middle school Student? (2/2)

Li Jianjun nodded and then led the board members, including Lao Zhang, to the Shangri-La Hotel to book a large suite. They planned not to go home for the next few days and to study the specific details there.

For Li Jianjun, convincing the shareholders was far more important than Manager Zhang’s minor interests.

As the chairman of the company, besides having power, there were many hidden benefits, such as networking and ways to make money, though these were not openly discussed.

History is a lesson.

In the past, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang pretended to be mad and was thrown into a cesspit, enduring it for thirty-six years, all for the sake of becoming the emperor, right?

Thus, no one in power really wants to step down from their throne because the feeling of having power is too hard to give up, which is the great magic of power itself.

Now, Li Jianjun was the emperor of the Erlunsi dynasty.

The shareholders were the indecisive ministers, and Wang Yang was the treacherous official plotting to usurp the throne. He wanted to unite them in an attempt to impeach, but Li Jianjun was determined to secure his position.

The group soon arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel.

After booking a large presidential suite, Li Jianjun ordered everyone to call their families to inform them of the situation and then to ‘retreat’ to collectively develop a perfectly detailed plan.

“From today onwards, no one is allowed to leave.”

“We’ll eat and drink here. This is the most critical period for our team. Whatever important matters you have, put them aside!”

“I’m making it clear.”

“Even if someone dies at home, no one is allowed to leave!”

“I’ll lead by example. If anyone disagrees, it’s not too late to leave now, but never come back.”

“Don’t worry, we are all comrades in the same trench. As long as we successfully stabilize the shareholder members this time, I, Li Jianjun, will definitely reward everyone.”

With a combination of strict orders and promises of rewards, he boosted the morale of the board members.

To fight with our backs to the river!

It’s just about coming up with a viable set of detailed plan measures, right?

There’s no way we can’t come up with something after fighting day and night for these few days.

“Whatever materials, information, or personnel you need, contact driver Li,. He’ll arrange for people to come and go, and there’s another room next door.”

“Everyone, get some rest early today.”

“Tomorrow morning, we’ll officially start.”

“Manager Zhang, your task is the heaviest because this proposal was initially yours. So you need to think the most and do the most. Don’t worry, if we can convince the shareholders to carry out a comprehensive reform, I will definitely not let you down!”

After Li Jianjun finished speaking, he immediately started studying.

The other board members did the same.

Only Manager Zhang was distracted, sweating profusely.


He sat on the bed with a worried look, really wanting to call Zhao Qingfeng.

But then he thought better of it.

What if the chairman found out? Wouldn’t that ruin his future?

At that point,

The things he worried about might actually happen.

What if the chairman promoted Zhao Qingfeng to the sales manager position? Where would he go from there?

“I’m not useless…”

Thinking this, Manager Zhang gritted his teeth and decided not to sleep.

Forget the receptionist and the beautiful secretary, he cleared his mind of them.


“Let me think…”

“What do the shareholders want to know?”


“Write it down first, then think. I can’t be worse than a middle school student, can I?”

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