After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 102

Chapter 102: I firmly think I’m right

Robb was not wrong at all.

A few days ago, on the day the three adventurers set off for Westwind Town with the beet seeds, more than 2,000 skeletons attacked Stone Canyon. Because of the huge combat gap, Stone Canyon surrendered easily under the threat of the necromancer.

The first thing the necromancer did after occupying Stone Canyon was to destroy the statue of the God of Light and replace it with a statue of the God of Darkness, and then he forced the mayor to light the fire and burn the 《Bible of light》 sealed in the church.

Then the necromancer took out the thick 《Dark Bible》and placed it on the chapel table, and told the people to “study” it for an hour every morning.

Under the threat of the skeletons, the townspeople had no choice but to do so one by one.

Now when asked by Robb, the townspeople all trembled with fear, fell to their knees with a bang, and confessed all the “bad things” they had done these past few days.

Robb’s face was still smiling, but Little Yi could not help but smack the table heavily and say angrily, “how could you do this? That is preposterous.”

The townspeople dared not argue but continued to kneel, “We ask the God of Light for forgiveness.”

Little Yi said angrily, “forgiveness? How could you be forgiven? You have made a big mistake in the company of the undead. You destroyed the statue of the God of Light and burned the Bible of Light. No matter how kind the God of Light is, he cannot forgive villains like you. “

The townspeople were too frightened to raise their heads when they saw the nun get angry.

Only Lillian’s aunt dared to say, “We had no choice. We’ll get killed if we don’t do what he says.”

“Can the mere threat of death cause you to abandon your faith in the God of Light who has been helping you?” Little Yi said angrily, “isn’t your belief in the God of Light worth defending with your life?”

At this point, she was so angry that she could not speak clearly, and her whole body trembled all over.

Most of the townspeople bowed their heads and looked repentant.

Only Lillian’s aunt shouted, “what has the God of Light done for us? Why should we defend him with our lives? We don’t even have a priest in Stone Canyon, only churches. When did the God of Light cover us with grace?”

She probably risked everything. Either way, her group had already committed a great crime and sinned heavily. It would be better to say what she wanted to say. When a violent woman is already sentenced, what dare she not say?

Her remark choked Little Yi, who could not speak for a while.

Time seems to have become static, space also seems to be frozen, and only the cicadas in the mountains desperately crying reminded everyone that time is still passing…

It’s unknown how long it took for Little Yi to say weakly, “see for yourself, the people of Westwind Town are not as weak as you are. They chose to side with the God of Light and Father Robb when faced with the strong enemy. They’re not as weak as you are. “

“With all due respect.” Xuelu suddenly said, “If it hadn’t been for Mr. Robb, the townspeople would have surrendered. They were not fighting for the God of Light but because they trusted Mr. Robb and wanted to follow him. Only because of that did they choose to fight to the death with the army of the undead. Haven’t you noticed? Recently, more and more townspeople will not speak the nonsense of praising the God of Light before praising Mr. Robb.”

“Ah?” Little Yi was startled and froze all over.

Xuelu added, “anyway, Baldr, the God of Light, is already dead. Hodr, the God of Darkness, has killed him by shooting a mistletoe arrow. What you believe in is nothing but a thing that has passed away.”

“This is heresy!” Little Yi is angry, “Father Robb, listen to what they are saying. They have completely become heretics.”

Robb suddenly reached out and caught Little Yi’s wrist. Golden magic light came out of the palm of Robb’s hand and spread along Little Yi’s arm, wrapping her body up. It was a spell that made Little Yi, who had just fallen into a state of anger and forced her to calm down.

“Little Yi, don’t talk yet.” Robb said faintly, “it’s a good thing to listen to other people’s opinions. Don’t let your own inherent opinions blind you.”


“Don’t say but.” Robb suddenly turned to Gorda and said, “Please go to the basement and bring the necromancer we captured.”

Gorda went and soon came out with the necromancer tied up in a twisted manner. The necromancer had been locked up in the basement for several days now. His hands and feet were bound. Robb silently cast a silencing spell on the necromancer, which made him incapable of chanting or speaking.

Now that he was suddenly brought out, he thought to himself, [I may be going to be burned to death.]

When he got to the courtyard, he found that the apprentice left in Stone Canyon had also been captured, while the townspeople of Stone Canyon had already come to Westwind Town and knelt beside them.

He was dazed, not sure of what was going on.

Robb pointed to the apprentice and smiled, “Throw them side by side.”

Gorda shook his hand and threw the necromancer and his apprentice side by side.

Robb smiled at the necromancer and said, “I brought you up to sit in. What I’m going to say, whether it’s you or Little Yi, listen carefully and don’t raise any objections. I firmly think I’m right, no matter how big your opinions are, so I won’t accept any rebuttals.”

When he had finished saying this, he turned his head and said to the people from Stone Canyon who had knelt all over the floor, “stand up and stop kneeling. I forgive you. Ah, I can’t say forgive because there’s nothing wrong with what you did! Since it is right, there is no need for forgiveness. “

“Huh?” Little Yi wanted to protest, but thinking of what Robb had just said, “Don’t raise any objections,” she had to keep her mouth shut.

The people stood up nervously, thinking to themselves, [Is it that easy for us to be forgiven? What is the priest thinking? Ah, He deliberately took off his priest clothes and changed into this strange costume. Is it possible that what he is trying to tell us is that he is not a priest anymore?]

Robb turned to Little Yi and said, “you just told the townspeople from Stone Canyon that they should not be threatened by mere death and give up their belief in the God of Light. Have you ever wondered? Why should they believe in the God of Light?”


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