After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 105

Chapter 105: You’re very handsome

The arbitrator of the Church of Light is, to put it bluntly, a peacemaker.

It is generally held by high-ranking archbishops, bishops, and cardinals of the Church of Light.

When there are wars between kingdoms and disputes between the two sides, the Church of Light sends a powerful archbishop to act as arbitrator.

They’ll bring the two sides of the war to the negotiating table and sit down and talk calmly.

There, it is best to shake hands and agree with each other when the big matters become small, and the small matters become nothing.

The peace treaty signed by the two parties in the presence of the arbitrator is sacrosanct and can’t be broken easily.

Otherwise, you’ll not only have to face your enemy but all kingdoms with faith in the Church of Light.

Because of this, the ability of an arbitrator of the Church of Light is great. As soon as the arbitrator comes forward, the war will end.

This is also one of the good deeds of the Church of Light, which is very popular with peace-loving people.

Little Yi continued, “Our arbitrator is the kindest, wisest, and fairest man in the world. He had a good reason and told Mandra that it was wrong to usurp the throne and that the royal inheritance of the little princess was sacrosanct. He told Mondra to stop usurping the throne immediately. But Mondra responded that the little princess is only four years old and simply cannot manage a kingdom well. Suppose she is allowed to succeed to the throne. In that case, she will only be controlled by powerful figures, and the mutual exclusion and struggle for power and interests between powerful figures will lead the kingdom into chaos. The succession of the royal family is indeed important, but whether the people can live and work in peace and contentment is even more important. It is better to set up a new king to make the whole kingdom take on a new look.

Robb clapped his hands and said, “I think Mondra is right, too.”

Little Yi said, “Yeah, you also think Mondra has a point, don’t you? At that time, the arbitrator considered the issue carefully and finally agreed with Mondra. The new king Mondra did not embarrass the little princess and instead gave her a fief to live a carefree life. “

It was supposed to be a happy ending.

However, the necromancer suddenly turned to look at Little Yi and said with a sneer, “where is that fief?”

Little Yi, “In… huh? Where was It again?”

As soon as these words came out, Robb and the three adventurers could not help laughing again, “I see!”

Hearing the laughter of Robb and others, Little felt something was wrong in her heart, and her face slowly sank, “what’s the matter? Necromancer, when you talk, please finish.”

The necromancer said coldly, “I have nothing to hide. I was one of her Royal Highness’s attendants at that time.”

With that, he brushed the floor and pulled open his black robe, wearing short clothes, his arms and thighs exposed, and a strange pentagram magic pattern was on his arm.

Little Yi recognized it at a glance, “It’s the symbol of court magicians.”

“Right! I was one of the members of the court magicians who protected the little princess and went to seek help during the civil strife sixteen years ago.” The necromancer said sadly, “while avoiding the pursuit of Mondra and the White Lion Cavalry, we went to great pains to find the arbitrator of the Church of Light. We thought we would be treated fairly and justly, and at least as you just said, we could get a fief and live happily.”

At this point, his face darkened, and his tone became heavy, “As a result, what arbitrator? What templar knights? They put on a show of justice for small kingdoms, but in the face of a big kingdom like the Kingdom of Gran, in the face of the powerful knights of Mondra and the White Lion Cavalry, the arbitrator sold the princess in a blink of an eye.”

Little Yi was startled by the revelation.

There was an “I knew it” expression on Robb’s face.

The necromancer said, “fortunately, we were vigilant and sent a man to eavesdrop on the conversation between the arbitrator and Mondra, and heard Mondra promise to the arbitrator that he would vigorously promote the faith of the God of Light in the Kingdom of Gran and build more churches. He also promised to build a large-scale Church of Light on Bright Road on the condition that the church secretly handed over the little princess to Mondra for disposal. And declared to the outside world that the result of the arbitration was to give the little princess a fief so that she could live happily.”

He looked at Little Yi and said, “Did you hear me? That’s what you just said.”

Little Yi’s face turned dark.

Robb replied, “then you’ll just have to run, right?”

The necromancer said heavily, “Yes! When we found that the Church of Light was unreliable, we had no choice but to flee immediately. Fortunately, with the help of the Church of Darkness, we forged the princess’s body and finally got rid of the pursuit of the Church of Light and Mondra. Finally, through the Black Pine Mountain Range, we escaped from the western border of the Kingdom of Gran and fled to the Lost City in the southwestern corner of the continent. “

Robb said, “that Lost City sounds like a place for outlaws.”

The necromancer nodded and said, “Yes, it is a city built by exiled nobles, demi-humans, and all kinds of people. We have lived there for more than a decade, gathering strength while waiting for her Royal Highness to grow up.”

Rob pinched and calculated, “Sixteen years ago, the princess was four years old, and now the princess should be twenty years old. Sure enough, she has grown up, so you began to rise up and make trouble. I think that your goal is not to destroy the Kingdom of Gran but to take back what’s hers, so it is reasonable that what you want is not to destroy and kill, but occupy and dominate.”

Little Yi couldn’t help saying, “How will you prove that what you just said is true? What if what you just said was a lie? “

The necromancer sneered and said, “the moment you see the princess, you can confirm it, because she looks exactly like the queen who died 16 years ago. No one can imitate that kind of beauty. She has that noble aura and beauty that only the royal blood can produce. “

“Bang!” Robb gave him a hit on the forehead, “Don’t talk nonsense! She may be beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that ordinary people can’t be more beautiful than her, as if the royal bloodline is so great. Doesn’t she still have two eyes, one mouth, two ears, and two legs? “

With that, Robb especially stressed, “Don’t you think I’m handsome? So because I’m handsome, is it appropriate to say I’m of noble blood?”

“You’re very handsome but don’t look like someone with noble blood at all.” The necromancer honestly said, “Just a handsome slacker.”

Robb, “somebody, drag this guy out and shoot him for ten minutes.”


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