After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 107

Chapter 107: I have another invention

Robb finally released the necromancer and his apprentice since he didn’t have a reason to kill them.

Neither does he want to keep people he won’t kill locked up, lest there would be two more messy people in the family and have to waste Lillian’s time to deliver food to them.

In normal times, Little Yi would never have agreed to release the two followers of the God of Darkness, but today’s Little Yi is a little different. After constantly hearing all kinds of things that she does not want to hear and dares not hear, her state of mind has also undergone a subtle change.

She had no objection to the release of the necromancer. She climbed to a big rock on the hillside and looked up at the sky. It was unknown as to what she was thinking.

Robb finally told the necromancer, “go back and inform your princess that what she does to avenge her country, avenge or even overthrow the Church of Light has nothing to do with me. As long as she does not send someone to attack Westwind Town, I will consider being friends with her.”

The necromancer took a deep look at Robb, “your friendship means nothing to us, but your Westwind Town is stuck in the middle of Stone Canyon, the White Birch Town, and Bright Road, which will threaten us strategically.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Robb smiled and said, “who knows? I do not think I am a threat, and whoever gets my friendship, that person’s future life will be very happy. Come, this bucket of Coca-Cola is for you. Drink a small cup. Give the other to your princess!”

The necromancer took the cup with a bewildered face and took a sip. His thin face was immediately filled with inexplicable comfort. He quickly hugged the bucket handed over by Lillian and thought, “this drink is amazing. I’ll take it back to her Royal Highness. She’ll love it.”

“Oh, right!” Robb suddenly thought of something, “Don’t go yet. I have another invention coming out soon. It isn’t too late for you to try it before returning.”

The necromancer and the apprentice sat beside him without knowing why.

Robert called over a carpenter from White Birch Town and told him, “I need a wooden mold. Its top should be filled with many rectangular grooves, a size smaller than a palm.”

As he said that, he made a small drawing.

The carpenter understood at a glance, “So it’s just making a lot of rectangular holes in a piece of wood. This is very easy to do. I can make it for Father immediately.”

“Very good.” Robb called another carpenter, “make me some sticks, each about the length of an index finger and the width of a little finger.”

The carpenter said respectfully, “at your request, I’ll make it for you immediately.”

The two carpenters responded while the necromancer and his apprentice could not help asking, “what on earth is this going to do?”

“Don’t panic. You’ll understand soon.” Robb smiled and said to Lillian, “boil a small pot of water and take a few pieces of candy into the boiling water. That makes sugar water. Then, add a little bit of fruit juice. You don’t need to put too much, as long as it has a fruity flavor, mhm… just put orange.”

Lillian hurriedly went to prepare.

Before long, orange-flavored sugar water, wooden molds, and sticks were all ready.

Robb smiled at Lillian, the two carpenters, the necromancer and apprentice, and the three adventurers who had just come to watch. “Time to witness a miracle.”

He poured the orange-flavored sugar water into the mold, filled every groove in the mold, and placed a small stick in each of the rectangular grooves with its tip sticking out.

Then, with a wave of his hand, ice magic brushed the whole mold, and the sugar water in the groove instantly froze, freezing the stick in the middle within.

Robb took the tip of the stick with a slight effort, took the ice cube out of the mold, and said with a smile, “ta-da! Orange-flavored popsicles, production complete.”

【Robb acquired popsicles】

Everyone: “……”

Robb said, “Why are you all in a daze? There are many popsicles in the mold. Take one for yourself and taste it.”

With that, he stuffed the popsicle in his hand into his mouth. The feeling came… ahhh, eating popsicles that he ate back in his childhood gives off a completely different feeling from Coca-Cola.

Lillian, who was beside him, was startled. “Huh, why is master crying?”

Rob snorted, “what’s so strange about being moved to tears when eating popsicles?”

Lillian carefully picked up a popsicle from the mold and tentatively put it into her mouth. Then, her little face bloomed like a flower.

The three adventurers next to them also stopped being polite. Each of them picked up a popsicle and put it into their mouths. The three immediately bloomed with delight.

After each of the two carpenters picked up one and licked it, they were unexpectedly reluctant to eat, so they hurriedly ran to their home on the hillside and shouted, “wife, son, come out and eat some good food. I got it from the priest. Come out and have a taste. “

The necromancer and the apprentice watched the group act strangely, their thin faces bewildered.

Robb said, “You still dazed? Again, I’ll eat your share.”

The necromancer wiped his sweat and said, “the princess sent soldiers to Bright Road, and now the whole kingdom is in turmoil, and the endless war has begun… You… how are you still in the mood to make snacks?”

Robb snorted, “You fight, your business. Why can’t I have snacks while you fight? If I hadn’t been too lazy to walk, wouldn’t it be nice for me to go to the battlefield where you were fighting with an umbrella while eating melon seeds and peanuts?”

Necromancer: “……”

“Eat or not eat? If you don’t want to eat, it’s mine.” Robb reached for the last two popsicles.

The apprentice of the necromancer finally couldn’t help it. He picked up the popsicle first, put it in his mouth, and then cried out, “Master, this… This popsicle is delicious. Oh, my God! It’s so delicious, please try it. It’s a delicacy you have never enjoyed before. “

When his apprentice said this, the necromancer could not help but pick up a popsicle. He gently licked it, and then fell instantly.

Even bad guys can’t resist the charm of popsicles.

The necromancer bowed his head and said, “Dear sir, can you give me one more popsicle, so I can bring it back to her Royal Highness? Her Royal Highness will love this kind of thing, too. “


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