After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 111

Chapter 111: The Black Earth Knights are here

A priest from the templar knights in heavy armor and a hammer in hand looked up at Little Yi from a distance. It was Bishop Elsie, 43 years old, who worked in the Church of Light in Bright Road. He was a bishop.

More than a month ago, under the archbishop’s orders, he led 300 members of the Templar Knights into the Black Pine Mountain Range to purify more than 1,000 skeletons in the depths of the mountain range. However, they did not know that the skeletons had been taken away by another necromancer. On the way home, they found that Bright Road had been occupied by the army of undead.

With only three hundred men in his lead, it was impossible to recapture Bright Road or even to return to the capital of the Kingdom of Gran. The road ahead was cut off and couldn’t be crossed.

They were soon discovered by an army of undead. They turned around and attacked him and his men.

The templar knights weren’t afraid, however, and easily defeated the small army of undead, but then the Black Earth Knights, the princess’s army, came.

Humans are humans. It was difficult to gain the upper hand. Coupled with the disparity in their size, the battle was doomed, and Bishop Elsie had to run away with the templar knights for days, bypassing several places controlled by necromancers and all the way to Westwind Town.

Bishop Elsie did not expect to see Sister Ishir on the town wall.

A nun can’t survive in a town occupied by the Church of Darkness, yet now he saw a nun bouncing on the town wall in her nun clothes. It means that the town has not yet fallen into the enemy’s hands.

“Take refuge in Westwind Town. This is our last hope.” Bishop Elsie gave a loud order.

The weary templar knights rushed towards Westwind Town. The townspeople opened the gates and let them in.

Bishop Elsie roared as soon as he entered the town, “how many soldiers do you have? We need to consolidate the city defenses. The Black Earth Knights are coming. We need soldiers, a lot of them.”

Little Yi, the mayor of Westwind Town, the mayor of White Birch Town, and the mayor of Stone Canyon greeted him. They saluted Bishop Elsie and then said respectfully, “Your eminence, there are no professional soldiers here, only a small number of armed men.”

“Huh? Then… how did you survive?” Bishop Elsie was confused.

“Of course, it’s because of me.” A lazy voice sounded at the right time. Robb came with Xuelu in his right arm and Gorda and Jike beside him.

Bishop Elsie felt angry at first sight of Robb, who was dressed in a priest’s robe but looked lazy. The most abominable part was that there was a scantily dressed woman on his arm. The woman’s oppais deliberately squeezed the priest’s upper arm, which was absurd.

However, Bishop Elsie was very cultured and did not show his anger but slightly amplified his volume, “are you the priest of this town? You… You… Why do you look like this? Don’t you have any self-discipline as a priest?”

“Well, I still have that.” Robb smiled and said, “so, aren’t I here to save you? If I had no self-discipline as a priest at all, I would order the town gates to be closed and then sit on the walls and watch the Black Earth Knights chase you around. “

Bishop Elsie: “……”

He did not speak, but behind him, a Paladin was furious and stepped forward, “Father, you are talking to a bishop, the bishop from the Church of Light. It’s not the same as a country priest like you. Please pay attention to your tone and speak carefully.”

Robb said with a smile: “Bishop, pronounced as bishop, but I am a priest, read as father, which side is more powerful, isn’t it clear? No matter how good he is, he has to call me father. “

Everyone: “……”

Seeing that these people were confused, Robb stopped fooling around with them and climbed the town wall with a smile, “well, I still have to clean up the mess for you fugitives. Alas, hard work.”

Father Elsie does not seem angry on the surface. After all, the clergy of the Church of Light needs good self-management in order to show a friendly and benevolent appearance in front of the lower classes. He turned calmly to Little Yi and said, “what’s wrong with this priest?”

With embarrassment on her face, Little Yi leaned over to Bishop Elsie and whispered, “your Eminence, this priest. Cough… He is very capable. It is only because of his presence that this town hasn’t been captured by the undead. He is the soul of this town. Please respect his opinions. Otherwise… cough… this town will fall.”

Little Yi was about to say, “Otherwise, you’ll be hung on the ceiling fan to spin.” But she felt that that’d make the bishop angry, so she said, “This town will fall.”

A Paladin nearby complained, “No matter how capable he is, he should still respect the bishop.”

Little Yi thought to herself, [It’s over. It’s over. Something big will happen if it goes on like this. No, we mustn’t let them make a scene; otherwise, these people will be hanged and beaten by Father Robb.]

In any case, the archbishop wrote to the pope to inquire about the identity of Mr. Robb. The ordinary bishop should not know about this. Bishop Elsie should also be in the dark.

However, now that the war has begun, the pope’s reply may not be delivered, and in order to eliminate the hidden dangers, I have to put forward the idea of him being a heretic judger again.

Pretending to be mysterious, Little Yi whispered to Bishop Elsie, “Bishop, I can only tell you this, Father Robb, is probably a heretic judger secretly sent by the Pope. His status is very high… cough… but it can’t be exposed, so he disguises himself as a priest in this town. The archbishop knows this too, so I was sent to assist him.”

“Is that so?” The dissatisfaction in Bishop Elsie’s eyes instantly disappeared, and since Robb was a heretic judger secretly sent by the Pope, his status was much higher than Elsie’s. It was only natural for him to show an arrogant attitude.

He quickly stopped the paladin who was still trying to talk next to him and shouted, “Do as the Romans do. Now that we have come to Westwind Town, we should respect Father Robb’s opinion and cooperate well with him. From now on, no one is allowed to be rude to Father Robb.”


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