After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 112.5

TL: Note, idk why the author didn’t just make it chapter 113. It is literally as long as a normal chapter. 
Chapter 112.5: Magic Swordsman

Emotionally, Robb hated being troubled by others and having them ruin his lazy life.

However, Robb also understood the knight’s reasons.

He’s sheltering the fleeing knights of the Church of Light. He’d also be unhappy if he’s placed in the knight’s position.

The knight had never even seen with his own eyes how strong Robb was and at most heard a few things from the necromancer he had released, in which case it was impossible for him to get down on one knee and admit defeat to Robb as soon as he stood in front of him.

The knight dismounted, took a few steps forward, and deliberately came within range of a normal arrow.

At this distance, if the archers on the town wall fired arrows at him, he could be killed. Yet he deliberately dismounted without taking any of his men, which was a sign that he had no malice.

Robb sighed, “I want to be lazy, but I have to persuade this guy to quit?”

Gorda came out and said, “Mr. Robb, let me play a few tricks with him instead.”

Robb shook his head and said, “most of you can’t beat him. Even if I give you a BUFF so that you can defeat him, you may not be able to win gloriously. If you can’t get a one-sided victory and completely eliminate the enemy’s desire to attack, then you won’t be able to shock the enemy enough. Such a guy will repeatedly appear, just like hitting a child, then his father, and beating his father, then grandfather, and hitting his grandfather, then another ancestor.”

At this point, Robb said with a smile, “But then, you have to directly beat his ancestor on the ground, so his big family will collectively accept it and never come to your door to bother you again.”

Gorda said awkwardly, “That seems true.”

Robb smiled, “Last time we beat the necromancer, but only one necromancer knew how strong I was. What he said, the other didn’t believe. That’s why we’re encountering such trouble today. But today, the situation is different; more than a thousand people are watching outside, so now I have to go out and let these thousand people know how strong I am.”

Gorda nodded and took two steps back.

But Bishop Elsie, who was next to him, didn’t want to accept it and leaned over and said, “Father, do you really want to go out and fight him? This… is too risky. I don’t know how strong you are, but I know that that knight is the first captain of the Black Earth Knights, and he’s a very strong swordsman. It’s dangerous to fight him. It will be safer to stay inside and defend the city wall.”

Robb smiled and said, “Thank you for reminding me, but I’ll still go out.”

With that, he stretched his hands on the edge of the town wall, jumped an athlete, and turned in the air for two and a half rotations. Then, he stood firmly on the ground and raised his hands high to claim credit from the referee.

However, people in this world could not understand his actions and looked at him like he was crazy.

Robb said, “Boring!”

He walked slowly forward and stood in front of the knight.

There was only a distance of two meters between the two men, which was enough for one to hit his opponent in an instant, but Robb was in no hurry to attack, and the knight stood still.

Robb smiled, “So, what do you want to compete in? I’m just certain it’s not writing poetry.”

“Swordsmanship! Magic!” The knight said solemnly, “Together!”

The knight looked proud, “Yes, I use both magic and swordsmanship!”

“As you said that, I thought of two things. It’s truly 666, “ Robb sighed leisurely. (TL: 666 is a game slang that could be used for saying that something someone did is impressive.)

The knight said, “Don’t talk nonsense that I don’t understand, and draw your sword.”

His eye looked at the ground and immediately found a branch. He held it in his hand and shook it. He started his skill, and the branch suddenly turned into a wooden knife.

Master blade in hand, he smiled, “I will use this as my weapon.”

The knight said angrily, “are you looking down on me? How can you use this to fight me? “

Robb said, “I’m afraid I’ll accidentally hack you to death with an iron weapon, so I used wood, which has less attack power. This knife only has 1 attack power.”

In fact, even with a weapon with only 1 attack power, Robb could still hack the man to death with a single swing. Therefore, he had to control his strength and act carefully so he would not accidentally kill him.

But the knight did not understand his painstaking efforts to not kill him. His face was covered with anger. He wanted to prove himself and hit him in the face. With a stroke of his right hand, his sword was pulled out of the scabbard. The sword’s tip pointed at Robb, “you will pay for your arrogance.”

Robb smiled, “I’m not arrogant. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins! I never commit any of the seven deadly sins.”

“Nonsense!” The group of people on the town wall shouted, “What is this lazy priest talking about?”

Bishop Elsie on the town wall and the members of the Templar Knights were now so embarrassed that they didn’t know what words to use to describe their inner fear. Where did this psychopathic priest come from? Why does he have to pick up a wooden knife to play with the enemy? Is it that he doesn’t take his life seriously?

Moreover, he is definitely fooling around, but why are the townspeople still in the mood to complain and play with him?

At this time, the knight was ready to attack, and his empty left hand pointed at the long sword in his right hand, which burst into flames with a bang.

“Flaming Sword!” Father Elsie exclaimed, “be careful of his sword. It has a flame attached to it. It has become a magic sword. Ordinary armor cannot stop it at all.”

Robb didn’t need him to explain. He has already seen that magic sword used in the old game Diablo II ten years ago. Of course, it was also found in Dark Blade. Robb can do it, but he has never bothered to use it.

The knight stepped forward and waved the flaming sword at Robb. Interestingly, as he waved his sword, his mouth was still chanting…


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