After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 117

Chapter 117: The demands of the merchants

Gugu and Jiji looked at each other with an odd expression on their faces and asked, “Why did sir priest meet us blindfolded?”

Robb said angrily, “then I have to ask you why you wear silk stockings. If you don’t wear silk stockings, do I have a reason to be blindfolded?”

Gugu, “Huh? We heard that these stockings were invented by Father Robb and are also a specialty of Westwind Town. Wearing this to see you shows our respect for you.”

Robb said angrily, “I designed this thing for women, not for bearded men like you.”

“Huh?” he said. “But… This thing is only worn by men in Bright Road. The eight pairs of stockings that the dwarf merchant bought from you last time are all men’s hands. We thought this was supposedly worn by men. In fact, it is better than the stockings we usually wear, and it is very comfortable.”


Robb’s reply to them was a vomiting sound, “forget it, let’s not talk about it. So, what’s the purpose of this visit?”

The two merchants bowed together, and in the middle of bowing, they remembered that Robb was blindfolded and could not them, so they straightened up awkwardly and said respectfully, “We came here on orders from her Royal Highness. The main reason is to buy a lot of candy.”

“Oh, you’re here to buy candy.” Robb smiled and said, “it seems that after I asked the necromancer to give two candies to her Royal Highness, she was very satisfied.”

The two merchants nodded and said, “Her Royal Highness likes the popsicles made of the candy very much, but it is a pity that you have given too few two pieces of candy. After making more than a dozen popsicles, the princess expressed deep regret and thought she would never have a chance to eat them again. She tried to use fruit juice instead of candy to make popsicles, but it wasn’t as good. When she heard that you wanted to do business with us, she immediately opened trade and asked us to come to you to buy candy on her behalf. We have brought a lot of gold and silver coins, salt, cloth, and some seafood that are not available in inland cities. This is a specialty of the Lost City. “

Robb’s spirits rose, “Seafood? Yoyo, what do you have?”

Gugu said, “this is our first visit, so we only brought some dried fish and shells. If you have a demand for seafood, just tell us what kind of fish you want, and we can get it.”

Robb can’t help but be overjoyed, “very good, it seems my menu can become even wider, hahaha! I’m glad to meet you. “

The two merchants thought, [You said it was nice to meet us blindfolded. We don’t believe it. You don’t even remember what our faces look like.]

The happy negotiation was soon over. Robb sold a lot of candy, and he called in the people from Stone Canyon who had helped him make the candy and gave them the chance to sell their candy to the two merchants.

The people from Stone Canyon earned a lot from this and will be able to live with confidence for the following year to come.

Then Robb made a list of seafood he wanted and gave it to the two merchants, who afterwards, left with plenty of Coca-Cola and candy.

As for the traveling merchant, he bought a lot of pepper from Robb, and when he saw that the newly produced stockings were only twenty in quantity, he sighed in disappointment, “Mr. Robb, your stockings are very popular with the nobles. The last eight stockings were bought by the nobles in an instant. I was hoping to buy a few more this time and take them back to make a lot of money, but how come there are only twenty? “

Robb said, “there are only four spiders, they are exhausted, and they can’t produce more, but you can rest assured that my little spiders have been thriving for dozens of days. When they can spin silk, the silk stockings factory can be put into operation. So, when you come next time, we will be able to supply you with large quantities. “

The traveling merchant was overjoyed, shook hands with Robb, and left happily.

In the end, there was only Pobo. He never sold consumer goods that could only be sold for one gold or two gold. He sat down on the stone stool opposite Robb and said with a smile, “how many pieces of equipment have Father Robb made this time?”

With that, he scanned Lillian’s neck next nearby, and he knew at a glance that Lillian’s “Magic Reflection Amethyst Necklace” was worth more than the flying dragon leather armor that Robb sold him last time.

Blindfolded, Robb could not see what he was looking at but felt Lillian hiding behind him. Her little hand was on his shoulder. He felt as if she were hiding from something. He immediately understood it and said, “Hey, Pobo, if you stare at my maid again, I’ll gouge out your eyes and give them to the spiders to eat.”

Probo hastened to explain, “No, I’m not hitting on your woman. I just think if you sell me the necklace around her neck, I’ll give you 150 gold coins, no. 200 gold coins.”

“Forget it.” Robb said with a smile, “it’s not for sale. My Lillian loves it. No matter who comes for it, it’s not for sale.”

“Is that so? That’s a pity.” Pobo sighed.

Of course, Robb can’t sell that necklace. The “magic reflection” enchant is so abnormal that even Robb’s magic can bounce back from it. It is best to let it stay on Lillian as an ornament. If he really wants to sell something, he’ll only sell equipment that poses no threat to him.

He asked Lillian to take out several other necklaces and rings from the warehouse, all of which are made of amethyst. The enchantments on them are relatively common, such as “Magic Defense,” “Magic Power,” “Fire Magic Power” and the like. It is meaningless to Robb, but they are very rare pieces of equipment for the magicians of this world.

He threw the pile of rubbish in his perspective in front of Pobo, “choose from here.”

Pobo was overjoyed, “Wa? This much? This… These I am willing to buy all of these for 200 gold coins each. How great. Please sell all of them to me!”

“Take it then.” Robb smiled and said, “It’s all yours.”

He smiled, pointed to the back of the hillside, and said, “anyway, this town has opened up a gemstone mine. The gemstone miners have dug up a lot of good gemstones and polished them. You can also visit them. Maybe you’ll get a lot.”


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