After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Lay’s Potato Chips

Robb and the two nuns talked long about “getting rich through labor” and “hard work deserves to be rewarded.” However, in the end, it was useless. The two nuns unswervingly said that they would not get a single penny. In the end, they’ll give all the money back to the chapel, that is to say, to Robb.

Even Robb’s flamboyant and pleasant-sounding speech could not move them this time.

After all, the three vows of nuns are no joke, saying that if you are poor, you must be poor. It is a great sin for them to have even a copper coin.

Robb had to compromise, “forget it, then you can just return all the money from selling salt.”

The two little nuns each carried a large bag of salt, and soon the whole town became lively. Although Westwind Town was not worried about hunger or thirst, it had no way to produce salt. Not to mention that they’ve been running low on salt supply recently. So, finally, a large amount of salt came, and the townspeople immediately took out the money they had saved for a long time to buy it.

In a twinkling of an eye, the salt brought by the two nuns was sold out. Afterward, they returned and had to get another two large bags of salt…

“I didn’t expect all the townspeople in this little Westwind town to be rich.” The two nuns could not help sighing, “they all look like poor townspeople, but they are actually so rich that they don’t even frown when buying salt.”

Robb couldn’t help laughing. Isn’t that a matter of course? With the help of Robb’s inventions, Westwind Town’s townsmen made a lot of money. It’s not as obvious right now since the road’s cut, but now that trade is allowed again, they’ll bring out the money in their hands.

If merchants continuously arrive, all the forces of the Westwind Town will be mobilized, and the limit for the future’s unknown.

However, it’s still early, and Robb has more important things to do right now.

He took out a bag of seeds from the pile of goods sold to him by the merchants and laughed mischievously.

When Little Yi saw his weird smile, she couldn’t help sweating, “What are you planning, laughing like that?”

Robb hummed, “You know, this bag of seeds in my hand is something the Lost City merchants brought.”

When Little Yi heard that it was from Lost City, she didn’t think about it in a good way, “The people of the Church of Darkness sell things? It must be sinister and evil.”

“Oh, here we go again. Are you still lying to yourself that the Church of Darkness is bad?” Robb said, “Don’t choose between each other and don’t talk badly about the other. I’m telling you, this bag of seeds is called soybeans! Mhmm, this is essential for countless delicacies.”

“Delicacies?” When Little Yi heard these two words, her cold face melted a little.

After arriving at Robb’s chapel, she felt that Robb is usually lazy to death but will become diligent in drinking cola, eating candies, popsicles, steaks, and lamb chops…… She doesn’t know how many he’s made, but now, as soon as he talks about good food, Little Yi can’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

“Anyway, let’s plant it all today.” Robb said leisurely, “for my mouth, I’ll start farming again. Alas, why am I so miserable?”

As a result, Robb, who had not moved much for several days, began to become diligent again today, sowing hard in the private reserve in the yard with the bag of soybean seeds and then watering all the seeds with a small kettle. It was a real pain for him to exercise so much.

The next day, Robb paid a lot of money and called over a large group of townspeople to help with the harvest.

Then the warehouse was filled with soybeans.

Lillian, Little Yi, the three adventurers, and even Bishop Elsie and the mayors all came to see what Robb would do this time.

“Well, I’m going to teach you today how to extract oil from soybeans.” Robb said solemnly to the townspeople on standby, “after you learn it, you will be able to make ‘soybean oil.’ Using this oil and potato chips, you can make a delicacy indispensable for a fat and lazy life – Lay’s Potato Chips. (TL: Do I have to change the name so to avoid copyright?)

Xuelu couldn’t help raising her hand and asked, “Why does the name of this thing sound a bit Coca-Cola?” (TL: Just to make it clear, the author used the slang terms “肥宅快乐水: Coca-Cola” and “肥宅快乐事: Lay’s Potato Chips”)

“Right!” Robb said solemnly, “Lay’s Potato Chips should be eaten with Coca-Cola, so you can get double happiness.”

You still don’t know what Lay’s Potato Chips are, but it is really delicious. Now that we can make it and that it’s compatible with Coca-Cola, we must seize the opportunity.

Everyone bowed their heads respectfully, listened attentively, and prepared to learn.

“Alright… Now, townsmen, follow my orders. Take the soybeans out.”

(The process will not be written in detail. You’ll find the steps to get soybean oil with a quick search. Hope that helps.)

【Robb acquired Soybean Oil】

After a while, Robb held a large bottle of hand-extracted soybean oil in his hand, which is a very precious thing. There are no additives in it. The only worry is whether it will be a little genetically modified. After all, he planted it with the abnormal rules of Happy Farm. (TL: Just in case you forgot, Happy Farm is mentioned in chapter 48)

But he didn’t bother with it. For now, his first priority is to make Lay’s Potato Chips.

As soon as he ordered her, Lillian picked up a knife and quickly peeled a few potatoes, cut them into thin slices, soaked them in water to remove starch, drained the water, sprinkled salt, stirred so that the salt was evenly attached to the potato chips, and then put them in a bowl.

Afterward, he set up a large pot, poured the soybean oil into the pot, and heated it.

Robb shouted to the onlookers, “well, the miracle will happen soon.”

The crowd looked confused. At this age, they had not even started to use vegetable oil. So, of course, they never ate fried food. When they saw the pot with oil boil, they could not imagine what would happen next.

Robb picked up the bowl of potato chips and poured it onto the pot!

*Deep Frying Sounds*! The sound startled the onlookers.

All the potato chips in the frying pot began to bubble, tumbling and jumping, turning into golden potato chips in a blink of an eye.

Robb picked up a piece with recently made chopsticks, blew it, and threw it into his mouth.


How comfortable!

How nostalgic.

He couldn’t help but be a little moved.

【Robb acquired potato chips】


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