After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 123

Chapter 123: A pack of wolves attacked

Tik tok tik tok, time passes by…

A lazy life is the best, and time passed by quickly.

As Pobo predicted, it would be difficult for the princess’s army to take another step forward after occupying Bright Road. If she tried to march eastward, she would be attacked by the Knights of Mondra, the White Lion Cavalry, the Ardent Flame Knights, the Trembling Ice Knights, the Thunder Knights, and the Templar Knights.

On the other side, the morale was unstable, facing the rightful successor of the Kingdom of Gran. Since the army wasn’t united, they would not be able to fight Bright Road, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack.

The two sides were on a seesaw battle in the vast area between Bright Road and the Capital of Saints. Today you attack my village and town; tomorrow, I will attack your village and town.

The battle was very complicated.

Fortunately, both sides wanted to win the hearts and minds of the people and be the true justified ones, so they did not lay their hands on innocent people.

Otherwise, the people in these villages and towns would have been burned to death by the Church of Light today, turned into zombies by the Church of Darkness tomorrow, and will not survive at all.

After more than a month of tug-of-war, both sides felt tired, so the war stopped briefly.

The princess took advantage of this hard-won truce to throw away the title of the princess on her head, ascended the throne, called herself Queen Elizabeth VII of the Kingdom of Gran, and declared war on the rebellious Mondra.

However, Mondela was not to be outdone, calling the Queen a fake and claimed she was a rebel. The Church of Light was also on the side of Mondra, inviting countries from all over the world to join the army to uphold justice.

Later generations called this period of upheaval the “Battle of Light and Darkness.” The great Kingdom of Gran was divided into two, and all areas from the west of the Bright Road to Lost City were under the command of the Queen, historically known as “West Gran.”

On the other hand, the land to the east of Bright Road is under the command of Mondra, which is known as “East Gran” in history.

The struggle between East and West Gran is still far from over.

In this war, there is a strange town, which neither belongs to the territory of West Gran, nor can it be called a vassal of East Gran. Historians have racked their brains to think about their position. Finally, all historians unanimously call it the West Wind Dominion.

It was a typical morning.

When Robb got up, he collapsed on the stone stool in the courtyard, which he used every day, and now it had become as smooth as a jade chair.

Little Yi also got up and swept the chapel hall with a broom.

Two young nuns came early, too. They found a thick Bible of Light from the basement of the chapel. They removed the dust from it and placed it solemnly on the offering table in the middle of the chapel. Then the two nuns looked at Robb with disdain, obviously wondering how long it had been since the priest had read the Bible of Light.

Lillian made Robb a cup of black tea, put it on the stone table in front of him, and ran to fry some potato chips with a smile.

Although potato chips are delicious, they can’t be kept for a long time. They will become soft and lose their crispness after a long time.

In this world, there are no plastic bags to guarantee the crispness of potato chips for a long time, so it is troublesome to always have to fry them when you want them.

Robb was waiting for Lillian’s potato chips when he saw Xuelu in an open-rimmed robe, black stockings on her long legs, and her hot red hair fluttering out of the room.

His eyes were locked on Xuelu’s thighs. He smiled and asked, “Ah? You’re going out today to fight, wearing that robe again? I haven’t seen you wear black silk stockings for days. Truly a sight I’m willing to look at for a thousand years.”

Instead of hiding, Xuelu deliberately lifted the edge of her skirt to make Robb feel happier, “Don’t just look, touch it!” she smiled. “But if you touch it, you have to take responsibility.”

Robb shook his head like a loud drum, “I don’t want to get into a marriage grave yet. I can’t bear this responsibility, so I’ll just have to look at it and not touch it.”

Xuelu, “Alright, time for business. The mayor of Westwind Town has run out of natural rubber, so he asked us to get him some more, so the three of us have to go to the mountains today. We can also pick up some goblins and sell them to the other mayors. It really isn’t easy to earn money.”

Robb smiled and said, “Oh, don’t they send their own slaves to catch Goblin? Will they really buy what you bring back? “

Xuelu said with a smile, “Goblin sightings are getting less frequent. Your stockings factory has been grabbing goblins to feed the spiders, and the mayor is also trying to catch Goblin for labor. Because of that, the goblin tribes closer to the town are forced to move to the depths of the mountain range.”

Robb: “……”

Capitalism is truly so bloody! Robb gave a moment of silence for the goblins.




After only three seconds of silence, he gave up. Forget it. He’s too lazy to observe silence.

If you think about it again, if it goes on like this, it is estimated that goblins will soon become rare monsters, and then ogres and trolls will become like that as well. Capitalism will eventually sweep away the monsters around Westwind Town. At that time, the living environment of Westwind Town will also become better than ever before.

Townspeople who go to the mountains to collect herbs no longer have to be afraid of being attacked by monsters, which is actually a good thing.

Xuelu winked, turned, and walked up the hillside. Gorda and Jike came out of a wooden house on a slope, and the three walked into the mountains.

Robb watched the three of them with his range of 5000 yards until they were completely out of sight. When he was about to withdraw his eyes, he suddenly saw a large pack of giant wolves.

The number of these giant wolves is not small. At least four or five hundred, all of them look sleek. They seem to be the kind of wolves who have enough to eat and get along well.

Robb thought to himself, [A pack of giant wolves? Did they come to the edge of my Westwind Town and want to eat people? I advise you not to. You’d better not come to Westwind Town. Wolfskin is quite good for equipment.]

The giant wolves climbed over a cliff and could see the gemstone mine of Westwind Town in the distance. The giant wolves in front glanced at each other. He could see the appearance of delight in their movements, and then they waved their paws. The four or five hundred wolves behind quickened their speed rushed to the edge of the cliff and looked at Westwind Town at the foot of the mountain.

Robb knew that it was inevitable that there would be trouble. The wolves seemed to have locked on to Westwind Town.

But now, the town of Westwind Town is not protected by Robb alone. Bishop Elsie and his three hundred Templar Knights not only build roads but also take charge of guarding the town. Bishop Elsie and the Templar Knights will surely deal with troubles like this.

So Robb stayed paralyzed on his stone stool and did not move at all, intending to see how Bishop Elsie would handle the matter first.


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