After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 131

Chapter 131: A Fallen Angel Descended

Robb poked his head out of the town wall and looked at the body of the necromancer blow. “this is too embarrassing. How can you be so stubborn!”


The priests and the nuns dressed in black began to cry again.

“Why are you crying?” Robb said, “can’t you see that he is dying of his own volition? This kind of teasing is worse than being killed forcefully. You shouldn’t cry, just laugh.”

The people from the Church of Light could not help laughing.

Although there were only 32 people from the Church of Darkness, under such circumstances, one of them stared without showing weakness and said angrily, “how dare you laugh? If it wasn’t for your angel, how could would Master die repeatedly?”

The priests of the Church of Light continued to laugh, “he was already dead. If it were not for our angel, he wouldn’t even have the chance to die twice.”

“This…” The people from the Church of Darkness were rendered speechless.

Seeing the pitiful group, Robb sighed, “forget it! Since I saved him twice, I’ll just save him to the end.”

He shrugged and said, “just now, I also blamed myself for using the wrong resurrection spell to resurrect a necromancer. It was really thoughtless. Well, I can always switch to dark resurrection.”

The crowd was a tad confused by his words.

Then, Robb waved his hand, and another pillar of light fell from the sky, shining on the necromancer’s body like a spotlight on the stage. However, this time the pillar of light was not gold but black.

Black air lingered in the pillar of light, and the clouds in the sky darkened. After a moment, the black clouds separated, and an angel in a black robe with a pair of black wings appeared in the middle.

“Fallen Angel!”

“Is that a fallen angel?”

“Oh, my God, this is the first time I’ve seen a fallen angel.”

All the people from the Church of Darkness fell to their knees.

Black feathers fell along the pillar of light and spiraled on the necromancer’s corpse. After a few seconds, the necromancer’s broken body returned to normal, and he sat up with a brush. Startled and confused.

“I… Why am I alive again?”

The necromancer screamed, “No, I don’t want to be resurrected by light resurrection. I want to die.”

He jumped up and tried to hit the wall again.

Several priests and nuns from the Church of Darkness shouted in unison, “Master, don’t look up at the sky. Look at the sky.”

The necromancer looked up at the sky and said, Oh, my mother, fallen angel! Wasn’t it an angel with white wings? How did it turn into a fallen angel? The feathers around me also turned black.”

He knelt to the fallen angel with a splash.

Robb said angrily, “you won’t kill yourself now, will you? You are simply ungrateful. I have resurrected you three times. You owe me a lot. If you don’t help me carry 100,000 bricks, I won’t forgive you easily. “

The necromancer looked blankly at the fallen angel in the sky and then at Robb: “Yes… Did you save me? You… How can you invite a fallen angel to bring me back to life?”

“Cut the crap and get down to business,” Robb said.

The farce was finally over. Robb could finally sit down and talk with the Church of Darkness.

The thirty-two people sat in a row in front of Robb, eating fruits, while the three hundred Templars looked at them with evil eyes, but with Robb sitting here, the Templars dared not move rashly. They now understood that Robb’s position in this war was “absolutely neutral.”

He is not partial to either side. He will help either side. He is such a strange guy.

According to him, this is called “humanitarianism”, but in everyone’s opinion, this guy’s real purpose is definitely not that simple.

Robb looked closely at the 32 Church of Darkness members, a necromancer, two priests, two little nuns, two mage apprentices, and then a group of low-ranking believers, people who do odd jobs, entourage, and so on.

“Well, let’s talk about your lives now.” Robb said with a smile, “as you have heard, I promised the guerrillas from East Gran not to let you out in exchange for him not attacking my town. Fortunately, he agreed to my terms because he was a reasonable man. So, you should also be reasonable and don’t think about going out to make a mess for me again. “

Everyone thought, [White Moon is reasonable, my ass, he was obviously driven back by Bishop Elsie together with the Templar Knights, and Bishop Elsie was, of course, forced to do so by you.]

The necromancer immediately said, “Yes, we’re only alive thanks to Mr. Robb’s kindness. We can only stay here in Westwind Town….” He glanced at the Templar Knights nearby and whispered to Robb, “the living environment here is a little bad.”

“Don’t worry,” Robb said with a smile. “They will only stare at you and scowl, not hit you. Bishop Elsie will certainly guarantee that.”

Bishop Elsie immediately said, “Yes, I promise.”

Robb said to the necromancer, “See, he said he promises. Therefore, you must do the same. Otherwise, I’ll have to call someone over to the ceiling fan.”

As soon as he heard the word ceiling fan, the faces of everyone changed. The necromancer’s face also had a big “囧.” It turned out that he had already heard what the ceiling fan was from number 42.

Number 42 has repeatedly stressed to all his colleagues the phrase “Don’t be hung by Robb on the ceiling fan,” which has spread all over the Church of Darkness members.

The necromancer took it as a warning, and he quickly replied, “of course, we won’t look for trouble. There are only 32 of us. In any case, it is impossible for us to take the initiative to attack 300 people.”

“Just don’t look for trouble.”

“Well, also…” The necromancer said awkwardly, “Mr. Robb, since we can no longer leave this town, we have to solve the problems of food, clothing, and shelter. Do you have any opinions about this?”

Robb said with a smile, “you are not refugees. You were chased here. Each of you has horses and must have brought money. You don’t need my assistance much. If you take out your money and sell your horses, won’t you be able to raise a lot of money? Use this money to ask the townspeople to build you a chapel. I think it should be next to my chapel, and then open some land for cultivation next to your chapel so you can have a good life.”


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