After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Not much to choose between the two

More than ten days passed in a blink of an eye.

Lillian sewed some thicker clothes for Robb so that he could sit warmly on his beloved stone stool, while Little Yi, who was determined to defend her poverty, could not bear the cold weather, was forced to apply to the chapel (Robb) for a thicker nun dress.

Of course, Robb would not mistreat the sister. He took out a sum of money and ordered a new nun dress for Little Yi, fit from autumn to winter.

Oh, right, there are also the two little nuns who often come to the chapel. Like Little Yi, they also defend their abject poverty to death. They used to rely on the Church of Light to support them, but now they have no one to take care of them, and they can’t save money.

Robb also prepared thick clothes for them and asked Little Yi to deliver them.

The two little nuns smiled sweetly at Robb but dared not get too close to him when they thought that Robb might play his harp and “charm” them to his bed.

Holding the thick clothes they had just gotten, they walked back towards the chapel.

Robb smiled and said, “doesn’t it feel bad just to wear a nun’s dress? Shall I give each of you a pair of white stockings?”

“Huh? Is that alright?” The two little nuns were overjoyed, but half a second later, the two women reacted simultaneously, shook their heads, and said, “We can’t wear that….”

Robb smiled and said, “well, just forget it.”

The faces of the two little nuns showed regret at the same time, but they didn’t take back words, firmly defending their proud little self-esteem, and went into Little Yi’s room to change into thicker clothes.

Robb sighed, “it’s a pity they won’t come out in stockings to show me.”

After a while, two little nuns came out in their new clothes.

Their new nun dress is made of fine cotton cloth, thick, warm and beautiful in style. The two little nuns were already young and beautiful before, but they looked a bit cuter after putting on the new clothes.

They turned around in front of Robb and said with a smile, “Thank you, Father, for the new clothes.”

“Of course!” Robb said with a smile, “you often come to help me clean up, sell salt, sell sugar, and so on, yet never get paid. It’s only right for me to give you some benefits.”

The two little nuns smiled and said nothing.

Just then, all three heard a noise. When they turned around, they saw two little nuns in black nun skirts standing by the fence of the construction site next door, looking their way.

Robb knew that the two nuns were forced into Westwind Town by White Moon’s guerrillas. Over the past ten days, he also learned a lot about the believers of the God of Darkness who had fled into the town. He knew that the two nuns had joined the Church of Darkness since childhood and had grown up there. They were only 16 or 17 years old this year. Their situation was very similar to that of the two light nuns.

They stood by the fence, looking with envy at the new clothes worn by the two light nuns.

However, when they found the two light nuns turning their heads, the two dark nuns immediately raised their faces, hummed to the light nuns, and turned their heads away.

“Yo!” The two light nuns were happy, “what are you looking at, villains on the dark side? Do you envy us since he sends new clothes to us nuns? Haha, come here. If you have the ability, come here.”

“Don’t talk nonsense there. It’s not that we don’t have any clothes. It’s just that all the money we have was spent on building the chapel. When the merchants, Gugu and Jiji, come, we’ll get help.” The two dark nuns puffed up their cheeks and wrinkled their noses, “besides, the wealth of your Church of Light was obtained through deceiving the common people. Our high priest said that you pretend to be good people, so you are rich. Although we in the dark Vatican are poor, we do not steal nor deceive people.”

“You guys only rob, right?”

“You guys rob. You rob things and burn people to death.”

“After you kill people, you turn them into zombies or skeletons.”

“After you burn people to death, you expose their bodies publicly.”

“After you turn people into zombies, you use them to fight.”

“You burned a whole village!”

“You turned a whole village into zombies!”


All of a sudden, they were all spitting out each other’s dark history. Many bad things were done by the Church of Light and the Church of Darkness. Robb sweated coldly. Both sides were too bad for him to understand.

Robb was so sick of this that he wanted to arrest all four little girls and spank them.

Then, the two dark nuns began to talk about themselves, “We often help lonely and needy old people do housework!”

“Well, we often help the disabled do things, too.”

“We send winter clothes to the poor but can’t even wear them ourselves.”

“We deliver food to the poor but don’t have anything to eat.”

“We also pay for the construction of roads and bridges for the common people!”

“What a coincidence. Our Templar Knights are building a by-pass in Westwind town.”


Both sides boasted themselves up, and all they said was what they had done.

Hearing them, Robb smiled. [Not bad, not bad. Both sides are good.]

But still. Damn…

Robb jumped up from his stone stool with a brush, “shut up!”

The four nuns turned to look at him at the same time, blinking, not knowing what Robb was going to say.

Robb said angrily, “haven’t you noticed that you guys have been quarreling for a long time? The Church of Light and the Church of Darkness both have their own advantages and disadvantages. There’s the good and the bad. Kind at the lower ranks, corrupt at the higher ranks. Think about it yourselves, eight taels for half a kilo.”

The four nuns had thoughtful looks on their faces!

Robb thought to himself, [It seems they understood.]

As soon as he thought of it, the four raised their heads at the same time and asked foolishly, “what do you mean?”


Robb fell back onto the stone stool. “When you were thinking, was it about the idiomHalf catty eight taels’ ?” (TL: Half catty eight taels’ means that there’s not much to choose between the two.)


“Can’t you get to the point?”

“We have gotten the gist of it, but if we don’t understand your words, we won’t be able to understand what you’re saying.”

Robb: “……”

Just then, a cold wind blew suddenly. The two light nuns who now had thick new nun skirts were unwavering, but the two dark nuns were timid, hugged themselves with their hands, and huddled together. After a few seconds, the wind stopped, and then they straightened up again.


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