After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 138

Chapter 138: We need to make money nationally

The two merchants came to the stone table in front of Robb and sat down.

As soon as they sat down, both of them glanced at the big water tower in Robb’s house.

Robb looked at the two men’s eyes and could not help but be happy, “Why? Do you like my tap water system? “

The two merchants nodded, “the last time we visited you, we saw that as long as you twist the tap, clear water will come out. We saw it again just now, and it’s truly a great invention.”

It turned out that the Chapel of Darkness under construction had already gotten a pipe connected to the mayor’s water tower and was ready to use water.

The mayor is also a clever thief. He charges ordinary townspeople at the price of “twenty copper coins a month,” but for “large buildings” such as the dark chapel, he charges them at the price of “two gold coins a month.” The reason, of course, is that there are many people living in the chapel, and many people will come to use the public water, so he must charge more.

As soon as the reason was out, the necromancer couldn’t complain and obediently paid the money.

Many townspeople wash their hands and faces at the tap when they finish their work.

Just now, when the two merchants arrived weary with dust, the necromancer asked them to wash their faces and wake up.

The two merchants naturally felt comfortable with it and came up with their own ideas.

“Mr. Robb, can you teach us how to make this thing called tap water?” The two merchants said respectfully, “if we go back and put this in her Majesty’s temporary palace, she will be very happy.”

Robb smiled and said, “it’s not just for the queen, is it? You must have seen the mayor collecting money from the chapel of darkness and smelled the business opportunity to build this thing in Lost City and Bright Road. After the waterworks are built, you can make a lot of money, and then it will become one of her Majesty’s most important sources of military expenditure. I have heard that her Majesty is implementing tax exemption in many villages and towns for at least two or three years. If she does not think about how to make money, she is just killing herself.”

The two merchants embarrassedly said, “sure enough, nothing can be hidden from Mr. Robb, and you are right. Her Majesty is not short of military expenditure for the time being, but after two or three years of tax exemption, there will certainly be a shortage of military expenditure. But even so, we can’t stop implementing tax exemption, so… We need to find a way to make money nationally.”

There is no doubt that waterworks are a national income-generating method!

This kind of thing can still be done by a mayor of a small village, but in a huge city with a population of hundreds of thousands of people like Bright Road, it is impossible to do it without the presence of the state. This is typical of the money that should be earned by the state.

Robb smiled and said, “well, let me give you some advice, too. First of all, I have to warn you that it is impossible to rely on one water tower to supply the entire Bright Road. Such a water tower is impossible to implement with current technology. You need to partition the city first.”

At this point, Robb used the goose feather fan and painted the city on the ground with the fan handle, and then drew several horizontal and vertical lines to cut the city into large pieces. Then he drew a sign saying ‘water tower’ in the center of it all and said with a smile, “first calculate how many people a water tower can supply, and then divide the city into many districts according to the population, and build a water tower in each district.”

“Each water tower will be managed by a separate team.” Robb said with a smile, “divide the employees into several categories. One is the management team, which is responsible for managing all the water tower operations. The second is the operation team, which is responsible for pumping and filling the water tower. Third, the maintenance team is responsible for repairing broken pipes and faucets. Fourth is the promotion team. The promotion team will go door to door to persuade everyone to install water pipes, negotiate fees, and so on. “

With that, Robb took back the goose feather fan and slowly fanned himself, “do you understand?”

The two merchants gave Robb a big bow on the spot, “Sir, you are a genius! The original vague concept in our minds suddenly became clear when you say this. You are really an unborn genius and a hero! On behalf of her Majesty the Queen, we extend our deepest thanks to you. After going back, we will immediately invest in the construction in Bright Road and Lost City, starting from the rich areas and slowly extending it to the whole city.”

“It’s a good deal. I’m flattered.” Robb said with a smile, “now that you have decided to build a water tower, I have a small proposal. You probably don’t know how to build water towers, water pipes, and faucets in Bright Road. However, I have a lot of such talents in Westwind Town. The masons and blacksmiths here all have the skills. I suggest you send a cart and spend a lot of money to hire masons and blacksmiths in Westwind Town to guide your craftsmen to build water towers. The pay can not be low. After the guidance, send a cart to send them back. “

The two merchants said with great delight, “Mr. Robb has even figured out how to fix our lack of knowledge on the matter. Thank you, Mr. Robb.”

Robb was secretly happy, [These technologies are not so difficult. Sooner or later, you’ll figure it out. I’ll send someone to send them to Bright Road to make money. The craftsmen will make a lot of money at Bright Road but will use it in Westwind Town. This is called “earning foreign exchanges.”

The two sides shook hands and cheered.

When Robb finished talking about their stuff, he asked with a smile, “well, now it’s time to talk about me. Did you get anything corresponding to the purchase list I gave you last time?”

The two merchants hurriedly said, “you have so many on the list that we won’t be able to gather everything for a while. This time, we only got one thing for you.”

The two men waved, and their entourage delivered a large parcel.

They put the parcel in front of Robb and said with a smile, “I got it from the seafood merchants in Lost City. It’s not much. I can’t put any more with such a bag.”

As he spoke, he opened it.

What appeared in front of Robb was a dry, yellow gel-like substance.

Robb could not help but rejoice, “not bad! Fish maw! The merchant who sold it to us said that it can only be used by pharmacies in a small amount, but it is useless otherwise. What on earth are you going use it for, especially with such a big bag of it?”


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