After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 154

Chapter 154: I won’t hang up today

The kitten girl held the plate in her hands and didn’t know what to do for a moment. However, as soon as she smelled it with her small nose, she was moved unnecessarily by the steamed fish in her hand. It was so fragrant.

She used to eat fish, eating it raw, roasting it, or throwing it into a pot for mixed stew. She never thought that fish could be cooked in this way. This kind of thing called “steamed fish” really opened up a whole new world for her.

Robb said with a smile, “I won’t force you to use chopsticks, just use a spoon. In this way, gently remove a piece of fish from the belly of the fish and roll it in soy sauce. That’s it. Now try to put it in your mouth and try it.”

The kitten girl carefully put a spoonful of steamed fish into her mouth. Her lovely little face stretched out in all directions.

Her Majesty saw the expression of the kitten girl on the other side of the crystal ball. She didn’t even need to say that it was delicious.

The Queen turned to look at her side. There is no soy sauce, only white steamed fish. The melancholy in her heart is almost indescribable. She then turned to look at the crystal ball. Lillian, Little Yi, and others have begun to taste steamed fish, and everyone’s expression brimmed with a sense of satisfaction after eating this thing.

At this moment, who can tell the sorrow of her Majesty?

She said coldly, “that’s all for today’s diplomatic talks. I’ll see you next time.”

With that, communication was cut off, and the crystal ball was restored to its original appearance.

Robb pointed to the crystal ball and laughed. “Don’t you have a disease that will kill you if the phone hangs up? Hahaha!”

The next morning!

The manticores of the Royal Air Force came, along with the merchant Guguu, who respectfully handed some pieces of ginger to Robb with both hands and then said awkwardly, “Her Majesty has asked me to come to you and buy some….”

“Soy sauce, right?” There was a hearty smile on Robb’s face, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it ready. Here’s a box of soy sauce, one gold coin per bottle, no bargaining.”

Gugu said, “Mr. Robb, you seem to have a lot of money. Why are you so crazy about taking a girl’s money? Hey, Majesty is really strapped on military expenses right now.”

“You don’t understand,” Robb said with a smile. “It doesn’t matter if I have more money or less money. Most importantly, I like to see your Queen’s elegant, dignified and calm face become angry. She brazenly stole my cooking recipe. Can someone just steal a recipe?”

Gugu: “……”

Robb laughed, “Please go back and tell her that countless other delicacies can be made with soy sauce. I’ll teach her slowly. Hehehe!”

Goo Gu understood that this guy would use soy sauce to earn more money from her Majesty in the future, so she could be taught more kinds of food. Oh, my God, why are there such crazy guys in the world?

That evening.

Bright Road, her Majesty’s palace.

A big steamed black fish was sent to her Majesty.

This big black fish is exquisite, cut incomparably precise, reflecting the perfect craftsmanship of the royal cook.

Her Majesty, holding a bottle of soy sauce that had just been flown back by air, excitedly opened the lid of the bottle and carefully poured a little on the steamed fish. When she saw that the white fish had been stained with a beautiful color by soy sauce, her heart twisted and jumped nervously.

Several seconds later, she put down the soy sauce bottle and picked up the spoon.

When the fish with soy sauce was put into her mouth, almost all movable points on her Majesty’s face were squeezed into the middle and then stretched out in all directions.

“Ah! So that’s how it tastes!”

The Queen smiled shallowly, with a touch of pride and complacency. Slightly raising the corners of her mouth.

She opened the crystal ball, and the pesky man opposite her was taking a bath again. Well, her Majesty was used to it. Every time she finishes government affairs and can relax, it is just when this man takes a bath, so she can only watch this guy play hooligans naked in the crystal ball.

However, because of her past experiences with escaping, she didn’t care much about it. She climbed dirty ditches and mountains, drilled through dark forests, and met countless heroes of different classes.

She put away her smile and said with a straight face, “I have tasted steamed fish dipped in soy sauce. You made me interested in it, but I think it is just so-so, hmph!”

Robb, on the other side, smiled and said, “your Majesty, you have soy sauce on your lips.”

“Huh? Really?” The Queen stuck out her tongue, licked the corner of her lips, and then wiped it with her hand, which was so amorous that Robb almost froze.

“That’s all for today’s diplomatic talks.” Her Majesty has nothing to say to Robb today. She just contacts Robb at this time every day recently, so it has become a habit. She made contact as usual today. But after the steamed fish topic, she can’t find anything to talk about.

Of course, it had to end.

Robb smiled and said, “is the day over so soon? What a pity. I thought I could talk to you more.”

Her Majesty really wanted to say, [You also thought it’s a pity?]

However, she didn’t say it, so she just said faintly, “all right, it’s time to hang up.”

Robb smiled and said, “you hang up!”

The Queen said, “I hang up every time. It makes me feel a little rude. This time you hang up.”

Robb smiled and said, “No, I don’t want to hang up.”

Hearing this, the Queen felt a little happy, but she didn’t understand where the happiness came from. She calmly said, “I won’t hang up. You have to hang up today.”

Robb said with a smile, “I’m not hanging up. You’re a girl. If you don’t hang up voluntarily, you’ll suffer a loss. I’ll see if you dare not hang up when you take a shower, change clothes and go to bed. I don’t mind staring at you.”

Queen: “……”

there was no reason to talk with such a deranged man. She finally had to throw in the towel and obediently hung up on her own initiative.

Then, she put her hand on her chin and thought to herself, [We have to prepare a topic in advance next time, or we will have to hang up. It’s truly hard to understand that there’s a person who’s fine with talking with me so unscrupulously, without involving the exchange of interests at all.]

【Robb acquired an online friend (internet friend) 】


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