After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 158

Chapter 158: A noble fugitive

By the time number 8 knew there was going to be a war, several days had already passed. Gugu and Jiji came to Westwind Town to restock. Robb gave them a gingerbread house and a large number of goods. The two royal merchants also revealed the situation outside.

On the second day of Christmas, her Majesty used the strategic portal scroll given to her by Robb. Two demi-human armies and two undead armies went through the portal to Fengjing Cave, where they could form a line of defense against the western army of the kingdom of Kerte.

On the other hand, the East Army of the Kerte was left completely ignored. There were no West Gran troops on their way, only a few small villages, and towns.

The Queen only sent the Royal Air Force to inform these small villages and towns to let the people in the villages and towns evacuate immediately, and as soon as the people heard the evacuation order, they did not hesitate to pack up, drag their children, and run away!

The incoming army is not from Mondra, but the Desert Kingdom!

Foreign armies are much harder to get along with.

Armies of the same kingdom will only occupy and force you to change your faith, but as long as you do so, you can be as usual.

But foreign armies are different. They are very likely to burn, kill and loot the place. No matter what you believe in, they’ll hack you to death. No matter how much you pay, they’ll drag your daughter away, turning her 18.

Of course, the people are well aware of this, so after packing up all the belongings they could take, they ran as fast as they could.

More than ten days later, Westwind Town welcomed the first batch of people who fled.

The number is small, only around 150. This is a small border noble living near Crystal Canyon.

When the Crystal Canyon was captured by the Kerte Kingdom, the nobleman immediately began to flee. He abandoned his castle and took his wife and children, two uncles, seven paternal aunts, six maternal aunts, nieces, a large family, plus nearly a hundred domestic servants and private soldiers, who carried all their belongings in a horse-drawn carriage and ran south along the official road.

Along the way, however, all he saw were villages and towns the size of sesame and mung beans, and there was no one who could fight. Even when he passed through Stone Canyon, he found the whole place empty. God knows what happened there.

The noble ran quickly in a panic, and it was not until they reached Westwind Town did they finally feel relief that they could stay for a while.

The noble looked at the wall of Westwind town in front of him and felt that it was quite reliable when he saw that there were still human soldiers guarding the town. An old servant leaned up and whispered beside him, “Master, when I was young, I companied the previous generation head here. This place is called Westwind Town. It is a remote town with a population of about 800. The people inside are very poor.”

After listening to the servant, the noble asked casually, “can we rest here? I have run thousands of miles along the way, but I have not been able to get a good sleep in a safe place. I just want to fall asleep in a serious place surrounded by human laughter. I don’t want to listen to the sound of wild animals and sleep nervously. “

The servant said respectfully, “it should be possible. It is not far from Bright Road and should be under the control of her Majesty the Queen. We are now members of West Gran, and there is no problem in entering here to have a rest.”

Mr. Noble pointed to Westwind Town and said, “good, then I will rest in Westwind Town tonight. A human town I haven’t seen for a long time… I will surely sleep soundly tonight.”

He said to the servant, “take out the silk coat I bought from the tailor, the high-end coat I bought for a hundred gold coins.”

As soon as the servant heard this, the servant understood that the Master was trying to put on a show. He must not want the people of Westwind Town to see the humiliation of his escape, so he had to tidy up his clothes, put on one of the most expensive coats in his collection, and go into the town dressed up. He needs to shock the hillbillies in the town with gorgeous clothes and show them his noble demeanor.

This is all so when the mayor of the town sees the arrival of his noble Master, he’ll receive him well.

The servants acted at once to help their master dress up.

After a while, the noble was dressed handsomely, wearing a silk coat made by a master tailor with a faint blue at the top. He wore the most popular bloomers and stockings on his lower body. He put on leather shoes, looked energetic, and held a birch staff with precious gems engraved at the top.

He twirled the staff in his hand twice and was secretly happy, [A noble magician like me should be rare in such a small town.]

“OK, let’s go!”

The nobles and his party sped towards Westwind Town, and in the twinkling of an eye, they arrived in front of the town.

The Templar Knight in charge of the lookout wasn’t in armor today because it is too uncomfortable to wear during winter. If you turn your head a little, your face will touch the cold iron armor.

Besides, does Westwind Town even need him to fight in armor? No! It doesn’t!

Father Robb hated having the shrimp soldiers under his hand to go to war, fearing that these people would hurt themselves or die and that he would have to work to cure and resurrect them. In the end, he decided he’ll just deal with them. It would be easier for him to fight directly from the beginning.

Therefore, the sentinels in Westwind Town are only responsible for using their pair of eyes. The Templar Knight on guard today is in “Non-Combat clothes,” wearing a fox fur coat and a fox toil bib coiled around his neck.

When the noble and his party stopped hundreds of yards away from the town gate, the noble stood at the distance and sent only a loyal servant to the front of the town since he couldn’t be the one to do the talks. He shouted to the sentinel on the town wall, “is this Westwind Town?”

“Yes!” He tightened his fox tail bib and exhaled a cold breath, “Whoa! I’m freezing to death! Who are you guys? Did you guys escape? You fled to the right place. I specialize in receiving fugitives in Westwind Town. Father said that if fugitives are willing to settle in Westwind Town, you only need to buy a property. They are offering preferential services right now, so those who buy properties will be accompanied by a freebie and an invoice. Although I don’t know what the place looks like or what an invoice is, just hearing it should be fine.”


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