After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 169

Chapter 169: The vanguard of the desert kingdom

Robb thought about it, and right! The mayor has a point.

Those nobles and fugitives are unstable and want to escape at any given moment.

They haven’t taken root in Westwind town and don’t regard themselves as locals at all.

It is only natural that they were cheated by locals for some money. They are to blame for not integrating into Westwind Town’s rhythm.

Robb said with a smile, “all right, then it’s settled. I’ll fight this slowly and make it look like a movie to make the audience happy. You tell the townsmen to be diligent, sell more snacks and earn the money of those men.”

The mayor of Westwind Town rejoiced, “Thank you very much!”

In short, everything is ready. Only the arrival of the army of the desert kingdom is left.

A few minutes later…

The first ones that appeared in everyone’s eyes were several scouts. Interestingly, these scouts rode not war horses but camels, big, strong camels. With headscarves on their heads, light armor on their bodies, machetes hanging around their waists, and two axes on their backs, they look like they can fight both in range and close combat.

Bishop Elsie appeared out of nowhere and whispered beside Robb, “Father, this thing is the characteristic army of Kerte of the desert kingdom, named Mamluk (TL: 马穆鲁克), also known as Mamluk (TL: 马木留克). It is the nemesis of our knights that ride horses.”

Robb asked curiously, “Oh? So this is their cavalry?”

Bishop Elsie whispered, “A horse is smaller than a camel, and when it comes to war, it will be crushed to death by the camel, and of course, our knight will not be able to do anything afterward.”

Robb couldn’t help laughing and said, “I see, but I do like camels. They are hard-working, and they are easy to use for business.”

Bishop Elsie thought, [Father’s favorite thing is to do business! Everything revolves around business.]

He immediately turned his head and told the templar knight next to him, “after the battle is over, everyone immediately rushes out of the town gate to bring back the camels and present them to Father!”

Everyone: “……”

Robb smiled satisfactorily at Bishop Elsie, “Good job!”

Bishop Elsie said respectfully, “Your subordinates will do their best and do their part.”

The strangers watching from a distance thought to themselves, [Who is the bishop and who is the priest? The relationship between superiors and subordinates is completely messed up.]

The Mamluk camel cavalry that came to scout made a circle in the distance outside the town, and some of them went back while the rest watched the town from a distance. The townspeople in the town did not show weakness but glared back at the group.

The scouts were a little surprised. After all, throughout the way from Crystal Canyon into West Gran, the people of the small villages and towns they met abandoned the village and fled. It was the first time they had encountered a town with resistance, and they didn’t seem to be afraid of them at all.

This is so weird! Is it true that there are strong troops in this town?

They really can’t be blamed for thinking too much but speculate from common sense that there must be a large number of troops; otherwise, the townspeople could not have such attitudes.

The scouts whispered, and soon the vanguard group arrived.

This is an army of more than 3,000 men, half of whom were from the Mamluk camel cavalry and the other half were infantry, which looked completely different from the swordsmen and knights of the Kingdom of Gran.

They were dressed in chainmail, cloaks, and headscarves, and they all looked villainous with machetes hanging over their waist.

Robb also saw in the distance several skinny guys in cloth robes dangling around after the battle, with strange head ornaments on their heads, bristles around their necks, and strange voodoo dolls in their hands.

Robb couldn’t help laughing, “Yo, aren’t those the witch doctors?”

“That’s right!” Bishop Elsie whispered, “there are many witch doctors in the desert kingdom who are good at using poison and treating soldiers. They also have a lot of shamans, who are good at using lightning magic and use strange spells to inspire soldiers when fighting, making them bloodthirsty and ferocious.”

Robb said with a smile, “I see. How interesting!”

The leading general of the vanguard army of the Desert Kingdom was a middle-aged man wearing light armor and two machetes around his waist. He was dressed like an ordinary soldier, but his armor’s quality looked more luxurious. There were some ornaments on his armor, gold earrings on his ears, several gold rings on his neck, several gold rings on his wrists, and gold rings on his ankles. He’s just covered with rings.

If you take off all the gold rings on this man and melt them into gold coins, you can get dozens of gold coins.

Several scouts approached the general and whispered something to him, and then he looked at Westwind Town from a distance and was lost in thought.

By this time, the new nobles and fugitives were all extremely nervous.

Seeing the invading army of the desert kingdom with one’s own eyes was even more terrifying than they had heard. As long as the general on the other side waved his hand forward and thousands of Mamluk and machete soldiers rushed forward, what was there to guard this little town of Westwind?

With this being the case, why are the townspeople of Westwind Town still looking so cheerful and excited? Are they not afraid at all?

Baron Nuolun has even begun to recite the chant of “Swift Wind.” If he recites it now, he doesn’t have to be in a hurry, so he can soon be able to cast “Swift Wind.”

Robb smiled in his wheelchair and looked at the army opposite him. He won’t move if the enemy won’t move.

He just said in a strange way, “the other side didn’t even send someone to persuade me to surrender or something?”

Bishop Elsie whispered, “there is no need to persuade us to surrender. He knows he can’t because it is common for foreign countries to go to war and slaughter the townspeople after the destruction of the city. No one would surrender but fight to the death or flee. “

“How ferocious!”

At this time, the general on the other side suddenly waved his hand and issued an order, but he was too far away to be heard.

Then a witch doctor jumped on top of a big leather drum, which was bigger than a man, and the witch doctor jumped around on the drum, and his foot became a drumstick. Each drop fell with a note. “Dong.” The sound was extremely unpleasant and disgusting and caused people to feel nauseous and a little confused.

Only the clergy of the Church of Darkness were unmoved.

“It’s demon voice! The other party wants to disturb us with this sound.” Bishop Elsie exclaimed, “Paladins, use sacred halo.”


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