After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 18

Chapter 18: This is a huge conspiracy

Lillian’s heart was surprised that her owner could also manipulate skeletons. This was really strange! Wasn’t master a priest? The messenger of the brilliant and holy God of Light. Why can he use this kind of sinister and evil magic used to manipulate skeletons?

However, her facial expressions are so amazing that her thoughts, which should obviously be kept in her heart, were all exposed on her face.

Robb winked at her and smiled, “I am the messenger of the God of Light. I only used the holy light on the skeletons, and they obeyed God’s will and went back into their graves. This is not some sinister and evil magic.”

“Ah? So that’s it.” A smile immediately formed on Lillian’s face. “I knew my master was a good man.”

“Alright! Bury it quickly.”

“Yes, master.” Lillian plucked the earth with the shovel in her hand and buried all the graves. Robb took advantage of this opportunity to look around several areas of the cemetery, and as he expected, strange magic runes were plotted in the four corners of the cemetery.

To be honest, Robb doesn’t recognize these runes. He only knew that they were used for manipulating skeletons from a distance. Although he knows the magic to control the undead, he can only use them and isn’t good at identifying them.

Because, in the game, when using magic, sparks of light flash on the screen, and then all kinds of other beautiful effects fly around the screen before a huge magic array is shown on the ground. Most players won’t study how a magic array is made or plotted. The more complex the magic array, the less likely players will look at the small symbols on it.

Anyway, even if Robb doesn’t wear equipment or is stark naked, most magic wouldn’t be able to break his basic defenses. It would be naïve to think you can draw a magic array right before him. He could stand in the middle of a clash of monsters on top of the pile of monster corpses and watch the other monsters fight for half an hour. Only then could he have had a mouthful of his own milky satisfaction.

He used four dispels on the four runes plotted on the four corners of the cemetery. Watching the runes slowly disappear, he clapped his hands and said, “Lillian, are you done?”

“Done burying, master!”

“Great, let’s go back and take a rest.”

“Huh? Master! Just returning like that? Don’t we need to keep watch?” Lillian then said, “What if the bad guy who tried to steal the bones returns? You seem to have spoiled his plans. I’m afraid he’ll get angry and come to your door look for trouble.”

“Look for trouble?” Robb used detection again with a range of 5000 yards, shook his head, and said, “He’s far from us now. He wouldn’t come. If he does come, it’ll be a good thing. I’ll just hang him from the ceiling fan and whip him…. Right, the ceiling fan has to be set to fifth gear!”

Lillian looked confused, “What’s a ceiling fan?”

Robb used his hands to gesture the rough appearance of a ceiling fan and said, “It’s an instrument of torture, usually hanging from the ceiling. The villain is made to hang on it. When all five gears are turned on, the villain will keep spinning; then we’ll beat him up with a whip. You can evenly hit every piece of meat in his body’s front and back parts.”

Lillian stuck out her tongue, “I don’t understand, but it seems amazing.”

Robb smiled, “Alright, let’s go back to bed. We’ll have to tell the townspeople what happened here tomorrow, especially the part where dozens of skeletons had already been stolen before I came. This must be made clear to them. It’s not my pot. I’m not carrying it.”

The two of them returned to their rooms. Robb didn’t sleep well at the mayor’s house last night because of Gorda’s loud snoring. So tonight, he was sleepy and fell asleep as soon as he got into his room.

Lillian didn’t sleep as well as Robb did. She went into the servant’s room and got into the warm quilt, with her little head sticking out of it. She looked at the newly bought furniture in the room and couldn’t help but feel happy; her new life had started, and it felt great!

The second day!

Early in the morning, Lillian went to inform the mayor of what happened last night, and he hurriedly issued a notice to everyone in the town.

When they heard that some bones had been stolen from the cemetery, the townspeople were all startled. This matter was deeply related to the interest of the entire town, so it was necessary to witness it for themselves. So, all the hundreds of families in Westwind town came, and soon, the cemetery was full of people.

At this moment, Robb and the mayor were standing in front of dozens of empty graves; beside them were dozens of townspeople, looking sadly at the scene in front of them.

“The bones of my father… Sure enough, it was stolen… wowa… Who is this deranged?” A middle-aged woman knelt on the ground and cried.

“My mother’s bones are gone, too! Damn it. If I find the thief, I’ll cut his head off.” A blacksmith with an axe roared angrily.

The mayor turned his head and shouted angrily, “Shut up, can’t you see I’m talking to the priest? How can we talk about it if all of you are so noisy?”

Fearing the mayor’s authority, the dozens of families and to turn down the volume of their sobs.

The mayor then turned around and saluted Robb, “Father, thank you for checking last night and saving three graves; otherwise, three more families would’ve knelt there and cried.”

“Well! Robb then said, “It was just a little effort.”

Of course, it was an easy thing to do for him, but it provided great kindness to the townspeople whose relatives’ graves were preserved. While they were constantly thanking the God of Light and their “Father,” Robb.

Robb was distraught that they thanked the God of Light first. Fuck, what relation does the God of Light have with this? It is obviously all my credit. It has nothing to do with the God of Light

“Father! Look, what do you think about this?” The mayor said, “Should I organize some townspeople to go into the mountains to look for that damned skeleton thief, or should I pay to hire adventurers….”

As soon as Robb heard the last syllable, he understood that hiring adventurers was just a justification; his real intention was to let Robb take on all the troublesome things!

Nonsense. Your great father here isn’t going to do such a troublesome thing. I’m tired of doing similar things in the game, okay? What’s the difference between this and the game’s “Investigate so-and-so and defeat the man behind him?” It’s not anything new! I am not playing that type of game again.

Robb put on a serious face and was ready to ‘fool’ someone else to deal with it. Anyway, he said solemnly and seriously, “My child, you seem to think this is simple. Did you think that the man behind this is a lowly thief? Did you think that this is something that can be solved by a group of townspeople or a party of adventurers? Naïve! The God of Light has given me an oracle. This is a huge conspiracy; soon, darkness will cover this land!”


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