After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Westwind Town Police Department Chief

Robb looked at the gold rings stripped off the poor Motra and could not help but be happy, “if we do this, won’t we look like robbers?”

Gorda laughed, “they started the war. They wanted to rob us, so they can’t blame us for the same.”

It makes sense. Robb smiled at Lillian and said, “put away all the gold rings. If you have anything you like, you can take it. If you don’t like it, it will be piled up in the warehouse as part of our material stock.”

Lillian smiled and nodded, wrapped the gold rings in cloth, and carried them on her back.

He didn’t know but was startled by the amount of gold he had. This pile of gold rings was very heavy. He’s afraid that it weighs about five or six jin, so he couldn’t help but ask, “is there a lot of gold in the desert kingdom?”

“Yes!” Xuelu smiled and said, “Kerte, the desert kingdom, is a place rich in gold.”

Hearing her say this, Robb was secretly happy, [Gold is good. Many special items need gold.]

For example, “Golden Armor” is a piece of special equipment that can be made with armorsmithing skills. It has a very strong basic magic resistance and a random enchantment which may be accompanied by more magic resistance, warriors that wear this thing basically do not have to fear magic.

The only drawback of this equipment is that it requires a large amount of gold. After all, it is full-body armor and consumes an astonishing amount of gold. If you use the gold coins of this world to make, he’ll have to spend thousands of gold coins.

Gold is also needed for all kinds of equipment, necklaces, rings, enchantments, and so on.

He couldn’t help but think that he needs to set up a caravan to earn the gold of the desert kingdom, but now that they were still at war, he had to wait until the war was over and the two sides calmed down to complete the negotiations before he could do business.

He hopes the tiring war will end early and lay down their weapons and dance together quickly.

Robb said with a smile, “Gorda, the other side will not redeem him any time soon because he only leads the vanguard army. There is another army behind him. The enemy must want to use the main army to break through Westwind Town and save their people. They probably won’t redeem him until the main army has been beaten back by us.”

Of course, Gorda understood this and said with a smile, “I understand this as well, but It doesn’t matter. Money is money, whether you earn it early or later. I’m very happy now, and I don’t need to be rich immediately.”

Robb gave him a thumbs up.

At this time, Bishop Elsie came over and reported to Robb, “Father, we have counted the captured. We have a total of 845 camels and 3120 soldiers.”

Westwind Town originally had a population of only nearly 1,000, but after several increases, it was only more than 2,000. Now, even if you add the fugitive nobles and refugees from other places driven by the army of the Desert Kingdom, there are only about 5,000 people. With the addition of 3,000 prisoners of war at once. It’ll be difficult to manage food.

Suppose there are relatively few prisoners of war. In that case, arranging several “reform-through-labor prisoners” or criminals in various industries will certainly be no problem, and handing them over to the foreman.


Three thousand prisoners of war are too many, and they are all fierce vanguard warriors. One can be equal to ten ordinary townspeople in terms of their ability to fight. If these people are scattered into various industries and let the foreman manage them, they might go for a collective rebellion and kill all the people of Westwind Town in an instant.

It will be a pain for Robb to resurrect everyone.

Robb nodded. “well, it’s a little too much. How did you get so many prisoners?”

Bishop Elsie said with tears and laughter, “you gave them a delay spell so they couldn’t run away even if they wanted to.”

Robb: “……”

This is embarrassing. In theory, they should release some of them to ease the pressure, but labor is so precious that Robb can’t spit them out.

Even if the face is swollen, you have to pretend to be fat and keep the laborers; otherwise, Westwind Town will never be able to take off.

Robb glanced at Bishop Elsie, then dragged a long voice, “it seems that we have to build a prison and leave these three thousand prisoners of war in prison for unified management. If we want to manage prisoners of war uniformly, we must set up a special management organization. If we think about it carefully, Westwind Town really needs to set up some serious administrative organizations. We can no longer half-a** everything. “

As soon as this sentence was spoken, the witty Bishop Elsie seemed to understand something, and with the look in Robb’s eyes, he was overjoyed and hurriedly stepped forward and exclaimed, “that’s right! Father, you need a military and police department that can help you maintain law and order and manage prisoners of war and criminals. My Templar Knights are the most capable group in town to do this job. Please leave it to me. “

Robb was delighted, [This man is really quick on the uptake.]

He smiled and nodded, “all right! I hereby announce that from now on, Westwind Town will officially set up a police department, and you will be the first police chief. Your first job is to turn the 300 Templar Knights into ‘prison guards’ and manage the more than 3,000 prisoners of war. Take these prisoners of war to build a ‘prison’ in the back mountain and manage them together. “

At this point, Robb paused and said, “the sentinels are also in your charge. Now that the town has a large population, it is inevitable that there will be fights, robberies, and so on. You have a lot of power, but you have to do a good job. From now on, you will have a fixed salary, which will be paid by me for the time being. When Westwind Town has a more subdivided administrative organization, it will allocate funds to you from the finances of the town.”

Bishop Elsie was overjoyed and had been fooling around in Westwind Town for several months, pretending to be a grandson and desperately licking Father Robb’s foot!

He doesn’t have to build roads to make ends meet like he used to do now and can get a formal salary.

Although his post is the police department chief, it is actually the first real armed agency in the town of Westwind to be officially recognized by Robb. It is no exaggeration to say that the first army of Westwind Town is not an exaggeration. It won’t be a problem for him to call himself “The general of the first army.”

If Westwind dominion is established in the future, he will be no better than being a small bishop in the Church of Light, under one man and above ten thousand people.


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