After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 199

Chapter 199: I can’t help you

All the fruit on the hillside was picked, and the fruit trees under Chief Elsie were carried away by rich and powerful nobles who went to their own fruit orchards.

Then Robb went to plant another batch of potatoes in the field as fast as he could.

That evening…

When Robb once again soaked in his “hot spring pool,” snow slowly fell from the sky. The snow is not heavy. It seemed like a dream, how poetic.

Robb enjoyed watching snow while soaking in hot springs, which gave him a very different kind of enjoyment.

However, as soon as the snowflakes fell, Little Yi and the two young nuns rushed out of the chapel, and the three pointed to the large number of iron swords and armor piled in the yard.

Robb saw Little Yi expressionlessly telling the two little nuns, “Quick, go to the townspeople to ask for some tarps and cover these iron swords and armor. They will rust if they are hit by snow.”

The two little nuns nodded and ran out quickly.

The two dark nuns also appeared, hurrying out of their chapel, shouting, “We’ll also ask the townspeople for tarpaulins.”

The two light nuns cried, “Bah, we don’t want the help of the dark villains.”

The dark nuns said, “We are not trying to help you. This is the equipment purchased by her Majesty, who the Church of Darkness supports. We don’t need the false fishy help of light villains.”

The light nuns said, “We are helping Godfather, not your Queen.”

While quarreling, the four little nuns ran to the nearest town house and knocked on the door to borrow a tarp.

Robb stretched his hands and feet in the water and said with a smile, “how sad it is for such a beautiful snow to be regarded as an enemy.”

Little Yi turned to face Robb but caught a glimpse of his upper body out of the water and immediately became embarrassed.

She was really afraid to look at the young man’s body. She could not talk calmly to a half-naked man like her Majesty the Queen.

Little Yi quickly turned her head away again and turned her back to Robb, and said, “Gugu and Jiji are going to take these weapons. If they rust at this time, we will not be able to afford the price. It will make you suffer a great loss, yet you’re still considering protecting the snow.”

Robb said with a smile, “it doesn’t matter. In fact, these weapons can’t be sold for much money. I don’t earn as much as I do when I rub out a few necklaces or robes. I sold these things just to increase the income of the miners in Westwind Town. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I can calmly get in and out. “

Little Yi knew he was telling the truth, so she had nothing to retort. She sighed faintly. Although the man was not a real priest, he did better for the town’s people than real priests.

Had it not been for the title of priest of the God of Light on his head, the people of Westwind Town would already convert to the Church of Darkness next door. Thanks to him sitting here, the Church of Light can compete with the Church of Darkness.

Little Yi could not help sitting down by the pool. Although her eyes did not look at Robb’s body, her face was still facing Robb to maintain proper talking etiquette, “you have such a great ability to make a town look good. Is there anything you can do to help me make the Church of Light become more influential? “

“No!” Robb rejected her without hesitation, “I refuse to help you.”

“Why?” Little Yi said, “you helped everyone in this town. You helped carpenters with jobs today, miners with jobs tomorrow, women with jobs the day after tomorrow, and masons with jobs the day after that. Why aren’t you willing to help me? Do you dislike me so much?”

Robb said with a smile, “I won’t tell you why. I’ll help everyone, but I won’t help you.”

Little Yi: “……”

The cold expression on her face slowly melted into a very aggrieved look.

“Forget it. I’ll tell you something.” Robb raised his hands, and a letter written in sheepskin flew over.

This is a letter from Pobo, a big merchant, from Norma, the kingdom of knights in the north. It turns out that Pobo has recently led his caravan through the desert kingdom and went to do business in Norma in the north.

He bought a lot of necklaces and rings from Robb, but he didn’t want to sell them to either West Gran or East Gran. Because the two sides were fighting, once he provided one of them with quality arms, he would be resented by the other.

So the clever Pobo put his business directly to Norma, which is the safest, and this letter records some news about the Kingdom of Norma.

Robb threw the letter to Little Yi, “you see, the Church of Light in Norma is making trouble again.”

The headquarters of the Church of Light is in Norma, the kingdom of knights, and its strongest combat power is there, and Little Yi knows this. She unfolded the letter and read it slowly, and after reading only a few lines, her face changed greatly.

It turned out that not long ago when the Black Dragon attacked the Leifeng Pagoda of Big Tang, killed the Master who guarded the tower and also killed thousands of rabbit soldiers, which is not a big deal. After all, there are so many people in the rabbitmen kingdom, so losing thousands isn’t a big problem.

However, when the Black Dragon knocked down the pagoda, it caused a large number of demons and ghosts suppressed under the tower to fly out and make trouble everywhere. (TL: I may be using demons and devils interchangeably because the author is using some specific terms that also interchange them.)

The strength of these demons and monsters is big, running amok, causing Big Tang great havoc and chaos.

As a result, the Church of Light took advantage of this opportunity to send an army named the Crusade, to launch an eastern expedition, trying to take advantage of the chaos within the Big Tang to redraw the border.

Of course, the Church of Light is not so arrogant as to think that a single army can subvert a kingdom as Big Tang, so they are targeting the small kingdoms between Norma and Big Tang, which rely on their political balance to maintain their independence.

Now that the Big Tang was too busy to take care of itself, the Church of Light took this opportunity to sweep these small kingdoms out with a large army, burning all the heretics in these small countries and forcing them to convert to the Church of Light.

Judging from Pobo’s letters, the cruelty and bloodshed caused by this crusade are so cruel that it is almost impossible to imagine what those citizens of those small kingdoms are experiencing under the ravages of the large army.

However, those crazy followers of the light, as if turning a blind eye to the stench of blood and murder on their hands, crazily praised, praised the crusaders, praised God, praised everything.

Little Yi’s face completely changed.


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