After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Is the 《Bible of Light》really in the right?

When Robb woke up the next morning, Lillian, who he was holding in his arms, was gone.

He doesn’t know when the little girl slipped out of bed, but it was so smooth that Robb didn’t wake up.

But it doesn’t matter. There is still the faint smell of a young girl on the quilts. Robb slowly got up, walked out of the room, and entered the church hall. He saw Little Yi sitting on a chair, holding the thick “Bible of Light” in her hands. Carefully studying word by word.

As Robb passed her, he heard her whispering, “you must have no other gods but me… This sentence is wrong. The God of Light has his father, mother, and brothers as well. Why does the Bible of Light prevent believers from believing in other gods? There must be something wrong with this sentence, right? Is it alright if I remove it?”

A few seconds later, she turned to the next page and murmured, “this is what Baldr, the God of Light, said, “Now strike those who do not believe in me, destroy all they have, do not pity them. Kill the men and women, children and adults. Their cattle, sheep, camels, and donkeys. “

“This also isn’t right. The God of Light loves all things. Why should he write the words about killing men, women, and children in the Bible of Light? No! This is by no means the will of God. It was maliciously added by the person who wrote this book. “

Robb shook his head when he heard this.

He only saw that Little Yi’s eyes were covered with blood before she suddenly picked up the Bible of Light and rushed to the back of the mountains. She probably went to Bishop Elsie again. Oh, no, the chief to discuss the teachings.

However, she was destined to gain nothing from her discussion.

Because although Bishop Elsie appeared to be a devout member of the Church of Light, in fact, when the princess was betrayed by the arbitrator of the Holy Light 16 years ago, his inner justice had been mercilessly trampled on.

He doesn’t believe in God anymore! Even if he can recite every word of the Bible of Light skillfully.

In fact, he is just a slick middle-aged man.

Discuss teachings with such a guy… the final answer will only be a bunch of self-preservation philosophy.

Robb was too lazy to get involved in all this. He went back into the yard and collapsed on his favorite stone stool.

No sooner had he sat down than Lillian brought breakfast.

Her little face was flushed. When she saw Robb, there was a flash of shyness in her eyes. Then she bowed her head to hide her mood and placed the bread and soy milk in front of Robb.

Robb began to enjoy breakfast slowly.

Just then, a tall, well-built, dark, and healthy woman came to the chapel door, covered with a veil, and only her eyes were visible. Dressed in a ragged cloak, she doesn’t look like a rich person.

There was no one who didn’t like a woman with a good figure, so Robb stared at her naturally and then recognized that the girl was one of the fifteen refugees who had fought with the treasure chest monster yesterday.

Robb smiled and waved to the woman, “good morning! You covered your face in the mountains to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays, that I understand. But you’re in my Westwind Town now. Do you still need to put on your veil?”

The woman was stunned by this question and immediately replied, “Godfather, I’m already used to the veil, so I don’t want to take it off even in Westwind Town.”

Robb said with a smile, “I heard that the women from the desert kingdom also like to cover their faces to avoid eating sand.”

This sentence said that the woman was slightly surprised, but she immediately replied calmly, “indeed, it is windy and sandy in the desert, so you have to cover your face.”

Robb smiled and said, “what are you doing in the chapel?”

The woman whispered, “I am a believer of the God of Light. I came to the chapel to pray.”

“Then make yourself at home.” Robb said with a smile, “however, there is a nameless nun in the church who is babbling about some strange words. You’d better ignore her.”

The woman said respectfully, “Thank you for your reminder.”

As she spoke, she entered the churchyard and walked briskly past Robb’s stone table.

When she was only about two meters away from Robb, she almost could not resist her impulse to pull out the ‘breaker’ hidden in her clothes and stab Robb in the face. But thinking of Robb beating the treasure chest monster yesterday, she dared not act rashly.

Forcibly putting aside the idea, as she walked, she carefully observed the layout of the chapel.

There is an artificial canal next to the chapel, a field in the courtyard, water towers, trees, stone tables and stools, and two small hills of iron swords and armor that have been covered with snow. Of course, these are not the point.

The real point is the pool. Robb bathes in the pool every evening, heats the water with fire magic, and then leans against the pool’s edge, tilting his head back, sometimes even for a while. This is a great chance to kill him.

How can we quietly approach the pool and slice his neck?

The eyes of the female assassin searched everywhere in the chapel yard. The two hills are suitable for hiding. The water tower is also viable. The trees, stone tables, and stone stool can also be used for cover. She’ll move them close enough, then use her sneaking ability to unknowingly sneak to the side of Robb, slashing her knife, picking up the knife, and spilling five meters of blood in the process.

In a mere moment, she had figured out the best way to assassinate Robb, then entered the chapel. She pretended to pray piously in the hall, and after a while, feeling that she had had enough camouflage, she stood up and turned to leave.

Unexpectedly, just then, Little Yi suddenly stood up and grabbed the arm of the female assassin.

This action frightened the female assassin. She almost reflexively pulled out a dagger. Fortunately, she felt by instinct that there was no malice in Little Yi’s actions, which forced her to resist her impulse.

She only heard Little Yi murmur, “are you a believer in the God of Light?”

The female assassin was not, but she nodded and said piously, “Yes! I love the God of Light. “

Little Yi said, “then I would like to ask, what do you think of this sentence in the Bible of Lights, “Pagans do not accept the light, so they deserve to lose their lives. Do you think it’s really right to kill someone? “

The female assassin smiled coldly, “isn’t this to be expected? Only a dead enemy is a good enemy! Instead of arguing, the enemy should shut up forever. “


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