After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 204

Chapter 204: For the desert

Robb dissolved the brine into brine water in front of the crystal ball and then carefully added a little bit to the soy milk, stirring it gently.

It was not until he stirred well that Robb stopped and said with a smile, “well, now all you have to do is wait quietly. After a while, the soy milk in this pot will condense together and become a very delicious food.”

Across the crystal ball, it seems you can hear the Queen swallowing her saliva, but in fact, her Majesty is motionless. Her demeanor, temperament, and brightness remained perfect. It’s unknown how the sound of swallowing saliva came out.

She asked faintly, “how long do we have to wait for this thing to finish?”

Robb said with a smile, “well, it’s a while, dozens of minutes. I’ll squint and sleep for a while. You go and do something else. I’ll call you when the time is up.”

“Okay!” The Queen pushed the crystal ball aside and took out a thick stack of parchment for government affairs.

Robb sat back by the pool, showing only his head, the back of his head leaning against the edge of the pool and closing his eyes.

Lillian didn’t want to disturb him seeing that he was going to rest, so she went back to the chapel silently.

The chapel yard suddenly became quiet.

The heart of the female assassin on the hillside moved slightly. What a good opportunity! This was a great chance to assassinate Robb, as he was about to close his eyes.

However, her eyes fell on the crystal ball next to the pool, thinking helplessly, [No! That thing is a crystal ball used for communication. Although it is far from clear who he is talking to, the call is not over yet, and people on the other side of the crystal ball can still see this side of the scene.]

Although she could sneak close to Robb, she had to be there to slice his neck. If the person opposite the crystal ball had shouted, Robb might wake up, and her assassination would have failed.

A qualified assassin will not take such a big risk to assassinate; he will do it when a foolproof opportunity arises.

She had to keep waiting…

Just then, someone around her suddenly smiled and said, “Hello.”

This greeting startled the female assassin. Assassins were always highly nervous when on a mission, and her nerves collapsed so tight when she was suddenly called, and the cracked nerves almost broke.

She almost drew a dagger, but luckily she had a little sense in her head and forcibly suppressed her impulse.

When she turned around, she found that they were two young nuns. In the afternoon, they took some candy to the prison in the back of the mountain to send “God of Light’s care” to the prisoners of war in prison. They didn’t come back until it was dark. When they saw a young woman on the hillside staring in the direction of the chapel, they couldn’t help saying hello.

The female assassin hastened to stop her murderous spirit and whispered, “Hello.”

The two light nuns smiled and said, “We saw you from afar. You seem to be looking at the chapel all this time.”

Afraid of arousing suspicion, the female assassin hurriedly said, “I am a devout believer of the God of Light. When I looked at the church and thought of the mercy of the God of Light, I couldn’t help looking at it.”

The two nuns smiled and said, “since you are a believer, you should go to the chapel openly. Why sit so far away? Come and go to chapel with us. Even if you don’t go to the chapel, it’s good to just sit in the chapel yard and drink a glass of water. The God of Light loves everything and will not refuse his believers to rest in his church. You’re a refugee, right? If you have no place to rest, you can stay in the chapel for the night. We still have rooms available. “

The female assassin instinctively wanted to refuse, but on second thought, it would be nice to get into the chapel like this! The captain said that the inside of the chapel was difficult to observe, but if she blended in with these two silly nuns to easily get the opportunity to spy on the interior of the chapel. Then hey!

“Then I’ll disturb you.” The female assassin whispered, “it’s an honor for me to live in a chapel.”

Two nuns came down the hillside with the female assassin.

As soon as they entered the chapel yard, the two nuns lightened their steps simultaneously and whispered, “Shh! Godfather is busy. Don’t wake him up. He’s been farming every day these days. It’s been so hard on him. “

Before, while the two little nuns did not explain, the female assassin dared not stare directly at Robb for fear of exposing her objective.

But now, as soon as the two nuns explained, the eyes of the female assassin were rightly locked on Robb’s throat. She thought, [Should I cut it from the left or from the right? There are large blood vessels on both sides of the neck, so it feels good to cut either side.]

Just as she was excited, the two little nuns pulled her, “Don’t look, Godfather is crazy, especially when a pretty girl stares at him like this. He will proudly emerge from the water and show you the other half of his body if he finds out. He’s an exhibitionist and annoying.”

Female assassin: “……”

By this time, it was getting dark, the moon had already climbed into the sky, and the stars were littered across the skies. The two nuns asked, “are you tired? We’ll prepare a room for you. “

The female assassin shook her head. “Thank you, but I’ll sit in the yard for a while and look at the stars before I go to bed.”

“Okay, then take your time, then have a rest. You’re welcome. Feel at home.” The two little nuns left the female assassin alone in the yard and went inside.

At this time, there were only Robb and the female assassin left in the yard.

It was a great opportunity for the female assassins. Unfortunately, the crystal ball was still shining. Damn it, if it hadn’t been for the damn crystal ball, she could have walked up to Robb gently and skillfully and sliced him with her knife.

Now that she is close, she can see clearly the things in the crystal ball. She was startled. Oh, my mother, the picture shown in the crystal ball is her Majesty the Queen of the Kingdom of Gran. She is sitting at the table, flipping through documents.

Her Majesty looks exactly like the previous Queen. The portrait of her mother, the most beautiful woman in the Kingdom of Gran, has already spread worldwide, so it is impossible to think otherwise. This is absolutely the Queen.

The female assassin was shocked, [This man named Robb had been using a crystal ball to keep communication with her Majesty the Queen of the Kingdom of Gran. Even when she was busy, she didn’t hang up. This… What revered status does this man have in the kingdom of Gran?]

Kill Him! We need to kill him!

Killing him would wreak havoc on the kingdom of Gran!

For the desert!


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