After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Hot baths are so comfortable

After the sweet vs. salty battle, the chapel yard finally quieted down.

The female assassin’s chest was still slightly undulating, and just now, she stood on the side of the little light nuns, fighting a life-and-death battle with the sweet party in order to defend the salty tofu pudding. She talked till her throat was parched. Now she calmed down and felt a burst of fear.

I, an assassin, should keep self-control at all times. It is really not assassin-like to fight so ungracefully over a tofu pudding.

Take it as a warning!

Take it as a warning!

Calm down…

The kitten girl Huahua ate the tofu pudding and went back to the canal to fish. Since it was night, the time for them to do their activities. There were already many cats working by the canal. The kitten girl ran over with a smile and joined them.

Lillian took the empty pot back to wash it, and the two little nuns were going to take a bath before going to bed.

Robb also wanted to climb out of the pool to take a shower, but there was only one shower installed. In line with the principle of ladies first, he made sure to let the two nuns and the female assassin wash first.

He simply continued to sit in the pool, leaned his head against the edge, and said with a smile, “I’ll take a little more time. Call me when you’re all done.”

“All right!” The two nuns turned to the female assassin and said, “Let’s take a shower first. Try the shower invented by Godfather. You’ll love it.”

“Shower?” The female assassin was a little interested in this noun. Although she is an assassin, she is also a woman. She always feels like it’s a good thing when she hears fancy words.

The two nuns led the female assassin to the bathroom, a small room with a strange disc installed on the ceiling and many small holes dug in it.

The female assassin looked up at the strange thing with a puzzled look on her face.

A little nun turned on the faucet next to her, and the disc dripped with water, and a small column of water rushed out of each hole, forming a small waterfall made up of several small jets of water in the middle of the room.

After the water reached the ground, it flowed into the gutter in the corner, then through a small hole, and into the gutter outside.

“Huh? The female assassin was stunned by this novelty, “You can play with water like this?”

The little nun smiled and said, “Yes, it’s interesting, isn’t it? It’s still cold water, so I asked Godfather to put a little fire magic on the copper pipe outside. After a while, the warm water will flow out. You can take a bath as much and as long as you like. “

With that, the two little nuns closed the bathroom door and ran out with a smile. Robb’s laughter sounded in the yard, and then there was the feeling of the fire magic flowing outside, and the cold water from the shower suddenly turned into warm water, releasing white particles.

In fact, the female assassin is not afraid to take a cold bath. When she was a child, she experienced special training. Even in the cold winter months, she could lurk in the ice water for a long time, just to unexpectedly jump out of the icy lake and assassinate her target.

However, it is still a pleasure to take a hot bath in winter.

She slowly took off the rag she used for camouflage, being careful not to let the “breaker” hidden in the rags fall out, and hung the rags on the iron hook behind the door.

Desert residents have relatively dark skin. She is no exception, but it wasn’t ugly. Coupled with her perfect figure, it let out her charm.

She stood under the shower and let the hot water drench her from head to toe. This feeling of warm water feels really good! I really want this shower. After I kill that guy named Robb, I’ll steal it back.

However, it seems useless to steal it back. How can there be so much water in the desert to take a bath?

Bang! The female assassin fell to her knees under the shower.

Because it was so comfortable taking a warm bath, the female assassin washed the wind and sand she had brought from the desert, and the voices of two little nuns sounded outside the door, “it’s very uncomfortable to wear dirty clothes after taking a bath. Here is a night dress. I’ll lend it to you first. “

The female assassin opened a little crack in the door, and a cotton nightdress was handed in. She took it and felt a trace of warmth in her heart, but she immediately dispelled it.

The enemy seems to be gentle, but it is of no use. I am acting for the desert kingdom. I am the blade of the desert. I should be as ruthless as a sandstorm with no trace of mercy.

She put on a nightdress and hid the dagger ‘Breaker’ on the inside of the nightdress before she walked out of the bathroom.

Lillian immediately picked up her dirty clothes, “I’ll wash them for you. Godfather is asleep. When he wakes up, I’ll let him dry the laundry with magic. You can get up tomorrow and wear it.”

The female assassin felt the inner self shake again, quickly grasped the dagger, and strengthened her mind, “is Godfather asleep again?”

Lillian nodded and smiled and said, “Yes, he fell asleep in the hot spring pool again. I’ll wake him up to take a bath after we all finish.”

The female assassin was so happy when she saw Lillian go to wash her clothes and saw the two little nuns preparing to take a bath, while Little Yi had already returned to her room and was in a daze with the Bible of Light in hand.

Now is the perfect opportunity to assassinate Robb.

The female assassin stepped out into the yard.

Sure enough, Robb was in the pool, his head leaning against the edge by the pool, his eyes closed, and his throat exposed, looking very easy to assassinate. The crystal ball next to him was also closed. The queen is already resting.

The female assassin pretended to enjoy the night sky and said leisurely, “Godfather, the stars are so beautiful tonight.”

Robb was sleeping…

The female assassin was still worried, fearing that he was faking it, and said leisurely, “Godfather, are you awake?”

Robb was sleeping…

The eyes of the female assassin suddenly became sharp. Her head turned slightly, and she quickly scanned her surroundings. The whole town was dark, and there was no movement except for the group of cat folk fishing by the river.

Cat folk don’t look this way. This is a great opportunity.

Step by step, she leaned silently towards Robb.

Although she can use stealth, there is no need for stealth now, as long as she moves silently.

Slowly, she walked up to Robb, squatted down slowly, lowered her head, and looked closely at Robb’s face. She couldn’t do it yet. She had to make sure that the man was really asleep.

She leaned her little face closer and closer to Robb’s until she heard his breathing…


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